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美國保守派白人的最後掙扎 August 17, 2017

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I can’t stop blaming you 

By Donald Trump


(I can’t stop blaming you)

I’ve made up my mind

To live in memory of my stupid times

    (I can’t stop pissing you)

    I have more foolish things to say

    So I’ll just tell my lies in dreams of yesterday

    (Dreams of yesterday)

    Those obama days that we once loathed
    Tho’ long ago, they still make me fume

    They say that I broke many laws 

    But laws mean nothing since I took the dump

    (I can’t stop blaming you)

    I’ve more foolish things to say

    To live in memories of my stupid times

    (I can’t stop pissing you)

    I’ve more foolish things to say

    So I’ll just tell my lies in dreams of yesterday






    川普除了放火燒自己的屁股,就沒有做幾件對美國有好處的事。他競選的支票沒有幾張兌現的。他兒子和蘇俄外交官與律師接頭以及川普修改他們會議的原因,遲早會帶給川普一大堆麻煩。還有 Mueller 的 grand jury 更是川普的剋星。川普就像一個火爐上鍋子裏的青蛙。水溫一點一點的增加,川普想跳也跳不出去,只有在裏面等水開了被美國最厲害的律師剝皮。




    You have to love this! August 12, 2017

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    Source: Yahoo News, Popsugae


    川普是君子還是小人? August 12, 2017

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    • 君子的定義:





    1. 君子,
    2. 小人,
    3. 兩個都不是,
    4. 自戀狂。


      1. 自以為是,自視甚高。誇大自己的成就。
      2. 對自己的成功,權力,榮譽有非分的幻想。
      3. 相信自己獨一無二。看不起其他人。
      4. 喜歡別人讚美他,恭維他,巴結他。
      5. 認為自己享有特殊的權力。
      6. 獵取他人的利益,以達到自己的目的。
      7. 不在乎他人的感受以及需求。
      8. 嫉妒他人。還相信別人嫉妒他的成就。
      9. 高傲自大,粗鲁,謾罵他人。
      10. 隨意批評他人也非常在乎他人對他的批評。


      He just doesn’t care August 12, 2017

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      To save money on the payroll, Trump has to fire all 755 state dept employees expelled by Putin.

      Source: Yahoo News

      Being a business man, Trump should know this at least. Apparently he doesn’t. Maybe he want to let them go.

      Well, the State Department budget will be cut by 25% anyway. The layoff of 755 in one fell swoop will help to speed up the process a lot.

      Let’s get the pink slips flying. American’s State Department has done a lot of bad things to other countries in the world for 70 years already. A 25% cut across the board in that department is a good start.

      The next target: DoD?

      禍不單行:WH Paralyzed, Trump terrified August 9, 2017

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      A completely paralyzed White House:

      1.WH Chief of Staff Reince Priebus sacked.

      2. US AG Sessions publically huminiated by Trump. 

      3. Obamacare repeal failed at U.S. Senate after many tries by the Republicans.

      4. Mooch fired as WH communication director after 10 days of becoming one.

      5. A bipartisan vote of a tougher sanction against Russia was overwhelmingly passed by the Congresd and Trump had to sign it into law. It drastically reduces Trump’s ability to lift sanctions against Russia: a huminiation to Trump presidency.

      6. Mueller empaneled a brand new grand jury in DC looking into Trump campaign’s colusion with Russia.

      7. Republican and Democratic Senators draft bills to protect Mueller from Trump.

      8. Details of Trump’s January calls with leaders of Mexico and Australia leaked. Trump asked Enrique Peña Nieto stop publicly saying not to pay for the border wall because it made Trump looked bad. Trump said to Turnbull: “I hate taking these people (refugees from mostly Muslim countries.) I guarantee you they are bad.” 

      Mueller impaneled a grand jury to investigate Russia’s interference in the US presidential election. The grand jury sits in secret, subpoenas witnesses,demands documents, evaluates the case and issues indictments if it deems it appropriate. 

      Trump has to be scared by Mueller’s grand jury which has ttemendous power to look into Trump’s past dealing with Russia. Worse for Trump, the grand jury was impaneled in Washington D.C., which Hillary won easily in 2016 with 95% of the vote. Trump’s chance of a fair trail isn’t very good. 

      Can Trump sleep well tonight knowing that Mueller’s lawyers are checking his financial records and NSA are checking his and his family’s emails and phone calls?

      Probably not.

      Mueller and Grand Jury August 2, 2017

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      It takes many lies to cover up the first lie.

      We all knew how it got started; an innocent email promising dirt on Hillary:

      This was how the first lie got started from the very top:

      Then there was the 2nd lie to cover the first one:

      Then the third:

      There will be more lies later. Just wait and see. Some lies have already said behind closed doors but we don’t know what they were. More lies from Trumps will come and the situation isn’t pretty for Trump or the Jr.

      We all know they lied. Trumps all know that we know they lied. Mueller knows that Trumps lied. Trump and Junior are betting that the Mueller can’t proof anything.

      If he can, Trump has to step down and Jr. may have to spend some quality time behind bars.

      Trump and Jr. are scared because they have too many skeletons behind closed doors and some Republican Senators are doing their best to protect Sessions from being axed by Trump.

      Don’t believe for a moment that there won’t be any more leaks from the WH despite Kelly’s appointment.

      2nd Korean war July 31, 2017

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      Source: BBC News

      Is it a S. Korean problem?

      No doubt about it. 

      Instead of raining cats and dogs, DMZ, Seoul and a big chunk of S. Korea will see bombs of all sorts raining down from the sky before the U.S. can surgically nuetralize threats from N. Korea missile sites. There might be nuclear, bio and chemical varieties.

      S. Koreans won’t like Trump’s call for actions either because millions of S. Koreans have relatives in the north. They don’t want to see them die from American bombs. 
      Will S. Korea invade the North without U. S. participation? 


      Will S. Korean soldiers kill N. Korean soldiers and vice versa?

      No, if they have a say. They are all Koreans after all.

      So, let me get this straight:

      After Trump tweets out the order to bomb the hell out of N. Korea, it is the Koreans who will suffer the most and it is the Koreas which will endure the most damages. 

      It isn’t a good picture and it doesn’t make any sense for Mr. Moon at all.

      Is it a problem for Japan?

      Definitely. Japan had twice occupied Korea in the past, slaughtered many Koreans and ruled Korean people for centuries. For that, Koreans hate Japan and that’s why N. Korea wants nothing less than total revenge against Japan if a war breaks out between the U.S. and N. Korea. 

      Then there is the issue of Japan denying the roles of comfort women during WWII. 

      Once war breaks out, N. Korea will try to do all it can to inflict damages to Japan and its people one way or the other. 

      Is it a problen for Russia?

      Nope. There might be nuclear fall outs in Russia if nukes start to fly. Russia will contunue to supply all the weapons N. Korea wants and provide intelligence data which N. Korea needs to fight the war.

      Putin should benefit the most from the war between the U.S.A. and N. Korea.

      Is it a problem for China?

      To some degree. China may see thousands of N. Korean migrants crossing over the Yalu River if Trump decides to bomb N. Korea. Nuclear fall outs in China can’t be dismissed either. 

      But, N. Korea will not invade China and it will not send missiles to the direction of China either. It is annoying to China because of all the tweets from Trump but the war isn’t a problem for China per se.

      In the end, China will stand behind N. Korea in spirit but will not fight for the country like it did in the first Korean war. If N. Korea requests weapons, China will provide them so that Kim’s regime can defend itself.

      After the war, China will offer N. Korea interest free loans and help N. Korea re-build. China’s excess capacity gets new orders and N. Korea gets new factories, new roads and new railroads. It’s a win win situation.

      Is it a problem for the U.S.?

      Yes. 50+K American soldiers in DMZ and Camp Humphreys will be in harms way. Nukes, bio and chemical bombs could come down on them. Andrews AFB will become a busy place. Body bag makers will see a rush of new orders. Bomb makers will work overtime to re-stock the pile. U.S. economy gets a small boost. 

      American ship and carriers in the vicinity of Korea and Japan and other regions in the Pacific Ocean may face threats from N. Korean subs even though these subs are old and out dated. 

      American soil will be spared just like all world wars in the past. But, N. Korean spies will try to cause damages to American assets in the world. 

      Can America do a surgical attack on N. Korean targets just to give Kim a warning?


      The U.S. won’t. It has to do a “shock and awe” job in the beginning to eliminate major threats from the N. Korea. 

      To do that, America has to amass a large number of fighter planes before bombing starts. If America wants to invade N. Korea either with S. Korean troops (preferred by America, of course,) or American soldiers, they need to move soldiers to the DMZ. That will give N. Korea ample chance to strike the first blow to American soldiers and South Korean urban centers. It can get pretty ugly very fast.
      Is it a problem for North Korea?

      Certainly. Millions of N. Korean soldiers and civilians will die if the 2nd Korean War drags on. Infrastructure in N. Korea will for sure be damaged.

      Will Kim die? Probably not. He’ll be hidding in the bunker which can stand direct hits from Mother of all bombs. 

      Will Kim be captured? Not likely unless America sends in foot soldiers into Pyongyang to mop up the floor clean after devastating N. Korea.

      Whose war is it anyway?

      So, is Kim more of a problem for S. Korean people or is it a problem for Trump and America?

      The answer is clearly the latter. Koreans don’t want a war. Moon want a dialog with Kim and it is Trump and American generals who are more eager to start a war between two Koreas. 

      So, why is Trump so eager to stir up the pot? Because Trump is in trouble at home with low voters approval ratings and Mueller. The real reason for Trump’s N. Korea tweets is that by kicking the N. Korea conflict up a notch it might divert media’s attention away from Russian investigation. 

      A bigger question

      Shouldn’t S. Koreans have more to say about a war between the two Koreas instead of Trump?

      Moon should make it very clear to Trump on this important point unless Trump is sending American soldiers into the North too.

      A Black Swam from the Korean peninsula?

      So, is the 2nd Korean war a “black swan” event for the world financial markets to worry about?

      Not by the action of three major indices. All three are either at or near all time highs. 

      The only logical conclusion one can make is that despite all the tweets from Trump, the 2nd Korean war won’t happen.

      Democracy = 搞不定了 July 21, 2017

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      美國三權分立,相互監視就真的那麽有效率嗎?共和黨要幹掉 Obamacare,在Obama在位時就搞了好多次,結果一次都沒有成功。好了,現在共和黨有了白宮,有了國會,有了最高法院,可是這個政府又爲人民做了些什麼呢?







      Anti-Trump sentiments, THAAD and Moon May 12, 2017

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      Trump believes that being the president of the most powerful nation in the world entitles him to demand other nations to do whatever he wants. 

      It doesn’t work that way.

      Trump wanted South Korea to pay $1 billion for the deployment of THAAD which angered South Koreans because THAAD wasn’t really designed to protect South Korea against missiles from the North. America forces THAAD on SK because it needs to monitor China and Russia as America “pivoting to the East.” In the end, the State Department quietly announced that America tax payers will pay for the deploytment. Trump ate his own words again.

      In fact, 56.5% of South Koreans, according to a recent poll, want the deployment of THAAD suspended and leave the decision to the new government. 

      But, after SK and the U.S. agreed in July 2016 to deploy one THAAD battery in SK, U.S. sent two mobile launchers to a U.S. military base in SK in March 2017 because America wanted to speed up the installation before a new government comes into power in May 2017. 

      However, THAAD deployment has been under fire from the get-go because it was made without parliamentary approval and discussions by the public. The heavy-handed approach by the U.S. government against the will of majority of the South Korean people angered the opposition party which swept Moon Jae-in (文在寅) to the office. Of course, Park’s indictment decimated her party which also helped Moon won the election.

      Trump’s bullying personality and his unorthodox foreign policy maneuvers destablized the balance of power in many countries and upset other nations’ politics because Trump’s ascent to power emboldened the populist movements worldwide.
      This isn’t good for the U.S. because the strategic alliances cultivated by the U.S. over the past five decades are in danger of breaking apart. Many new governments, e.g., Phillippine and South Korea, may adapt anti-U.S. foreign policies and several pro-America royal family rulers in the Middle East might face renewed oppositions at home. 

      None of that is good for the United States. America is threading dangerous water now. It will get worse and the end isn’t near at all.

      Trump is scared  May 12, 2017

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      May be it was the only reason he fired Comey.

      I guess that since Comey won’t pledge loyalty to Trump, Trump has no other choice but to get rid of this no use grandstander and showboat.

      Well, at least he was honest about how he felt about Comey. Maybe Trump has something to hide and Comey knew it.

      But, please, will someone in the WH tell Trump to shut up because everything he said will one day, if necessary, be used to against him in the court of law?

      The Trump saga just won’t end. When will Trump start acting like a president? He can’t run the WH like he has been doing since 1/20/2017, can he?

      May be Trump is having a good time. You’ll never know.