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How high will oil shoot up to? July 20, 2018

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$200 USD per barrel perhaps if a war breaks out between Iran and Israel.

And how much higher will oil company stocks be traded for if anything remotely close to an Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities happens?

Finally, what will happen to Israel if Israeli Army doesn’t clean up Iran’s nuclear facilities in the first strike?


The Divided States of America July 19, 2018

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White people in the U.S. are so emboldened by Trump since his election victory that they don’t even try to hide their hatred toward the blacks and other minorities anymore. These white men and women openly told minorities to go back to where they came from because Trump told Latinos to go home and wanted to keep Muslims from coming into the U.S. Trump also wanted to undo everything Obama did in the past eight years.

Let’s face it, everyone knows that racial discrimination has always been an ugly part of the America social fabric from the founding of this nation: against blacks, Asians, Latinos and native Indians. The white people just don’t want to admit it.

Before Trump became the president of the U.S., white Americans really didn’t like minorities any less than they do now. These white people legislated laws to guarantee equal rights to minorities, hid their true feelings under the law, pretended that they treated the minorities fairly and declaredAmerica is a fair and just nation. But, discrimination is still alive and prevalent in the U.S. All you have to see is watch how white policemen treated blacks in every inner city of America’s largest metropolitans.

Now that Trump doesn’t want minorities into the U.S., his followers naturally pick up the banter, go with the flow and act out on the street and on the buses.

Being a so called minority who have lived in the U.S. for 40+ years, it is really sad to see this happening out in the open in the U.S. What should the parent of a 2nd or 3rd generation kid of an Asian immigrant do if his or her child is confronted by a white woman on the way to school? What should the parent of a Latino kid do if his child told him that his classmate wanted the little kid to go back to his country?

America is so divided under Trump that the nation is literally split into two: white vs. non-white, conservative vs liberal, rich vs poor, 1% vs 99%, Republican vs Democrat and Trump lovers vs Trump haters.

I can tell you unequivocally that the America today is definitely not the America I came to forty years ago.

Is it time to leave this Divided States of America?

Unmitigated disaster July 18, 2018

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What did Trump and Putin do behind the closed doors?

Putin had a good time together watching a re-run of Trump’s golden shower tape.

That totally could explain why Trump acted like a clown on the world stage and looked like a poodle running around his “extremely strong and powerful” master.

Trump the dotard is nothing but a disgrace of America.

It’s Trump’s fault July 12, 2018

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Collateral damage in the U.S. from Trump’s trade war with China has already begun. How much of an impact to the U.S. job market before November election is anybody’s guess.

Source: CNBC

If you think this looks bad just wait until Trump’s upcoming tariff on $200 billion goods from China begin to bite into the U.S. economy and American consumers’ pockets. Things sold in Walmart could get more expensive thanks to Trump and his desire to get more Republicans re-elected in November.

This is the root problem of the U.S. democracy: pandering to the voters to keep politians’ jobs.

If the Republican doesn’t hold on to their majority, Maxine Waters will be the Chairwoman of a powerful committee and she’s will for sure impeach Trump.

The Pee Tape and the Fall of an Empire July 6, 2018

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Worth reading.

Anti Japanese sentiment in Australia 80 years ago July 5, 2018

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Source: Flipboard



The sentiment against Japanes influence over Australia’s economy and its natural resources 80 years ago led to iron ore export embargo to Japan in the mid 1930’s. That seemingly inconsequential decision nonetheless played a roll in the ensuing Japanese invasion of China on July 7, 1937 (盧溝橋事變) and the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 8, 1942 (偷襲珍珠港) by the Japanese navy.

That kind of sentiment is happening against in the U.S. Now, the resentment is against China.

The transfer of world power from the U.S. to China is inevitable as America’s hegemony is crumbling in front of our eyes. The gradual demise of the United States of the America has been set in motion long before Trump occupied the White House. The conservative white people in the U.S. is making their last stand against this tsunami under Trump.

Unfortunately, Trump and his supportors are not just fighting against China’s growing influence in the world. They are fighting the liberals, the blacks, Latinos and the Muslims in the U.S. and Russia, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Yemen, Germany, France, European Union, Japan, Canada, Mexico, the Taliban, Hamas, Hezbollah and the Houthis in the world.

America saw the decline and became worried. It started to wage an all-out trade wars it has no chance of winning because this war can’t be won by guns, missiles and aircraft carriers. Tanks are useless in this war so are the F-35s. On the contrary, the trade wars will damage American’s economy and kill American jobs.

When the layoffs begin to surface and growth rate starts to take a hit, Americans will wake up to the devastating outcome Trump is leading them to. If they decide to show Republican legislators out of the door, it will be the end of Trump if Cohen and Mueller didn’t get him before November.

Thanks a lot, Vladimir. July 4, 2018

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Thank you very much for getting rid of Hillary for me in 2016. I couldn’t do it without your help.

Source: The Flipboard

As a token of my deepest appreciation, keep Crimea because you deserve it. Well, everyone speaks Russian there anyway.

Last I heard, everyone in Alberta, Canada speak English.

Trump wanted to invade Venezuela. He should invade this country too July 4, 2018

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America invaded Panama and Grenada in the 1980’s because it could. Few countries objected because they didn’t know about the invasions until they were over.

Trump wanted to invade Venezuela in August, 2017 because Venezuela’s president was a corrupt dictator and a very bad guy, according to Trump’s conversations with his aids published in an AP report.

Well, Venezuela has a lot of oil just like another country which was invaded by the U.S. in 2003, Iraq. Lo and behold, Iraq was ruled by a rich and corrupt dictator: Saddam Hussein, before he was captured and later executed.

Let me see: Russia’s president, Mr. Putin, has probably amassed a lot of money. He is viewed by many as a man who ruled Russia with a strong hand. Many reports have presented evidences that Mr. Putin has ordered his guys to carry out assassinations against his political opponents both in and out of Russia.

Shall we draw the parallel one step further and point out that Russia is one of the top crude oil producers in the world with daily oil production well over ten million barrels every day.

By now, you must have noticed a pattern here: a rich male dictator who rules a country with a lot of oil in the ground.

Trump should invade Russia too.

Flying American foreign policy by the seat of Trump’s pants June 29, 2018

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Trump, the so-called THE greatest negotiator ever, flexed his negotiation muscles on the dictator of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, over a period of more than a year. It went down the history of the mankind more or less like this:

Trump; This guy is a bad dude. But, I would speak to him, I would have no problem speaking to him.

Kim: See my missiles fly.

Source: The Vox


Trump: This guy is a bad dude, and don’t underestimate him.

Kim: Check out my missiles.

Source: The Vox


Trump: Kim Jong Un is a little rocket man.

Kim: Trump is a dotard.


Trump: my nuclear bottom is bigger than yours.

Source: The New Daily

Kim: Watch my nuclear test goes off.


Trump: “North Korea best not make any more threats to the United States. They will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen.”

Kim: “I will surely and definitely tame the mentally deranged US dotard with fire.” Trump didn’t know what dotard was. His guys Googled and they laughed.


Trump: I am not a dotard and to provide that I’m willing to talk to Kim.

Kim: Let’s meet on 6/12 for tea.


Trump: Kim was dragging his feet. Kim was no good and I didn’t want to talk to him anymore. He couldn’t be trusted. Let’s just calledl that damn meeting off.

Kim: I’m very serious, dotard. See, I’ve completely dismantled our nuclear testing site. No one couldn’t get in now.

Source: NPR


Trump: I am very sorry, Jong Un. Please forgive me. It’s my bad but it’s Kelly and Tillerson’s fault. Please be patient. I’ll make it happen.

Kim: I’m not paying for my trip.

Source: Stuff.co.nz


Trump: Kim’s country does love him and he’s got a great personality. He’s a funny guy, he’s very smart, he’s a great negotiator. He loves his people, not that I’m surprised by that. I am going to stop the joint military exercise with S. Korea and Japan.

Kim: That’s about right. Trump, you are forgiven and you are a good dotard. I will check in with my boss in Beijing later and get back to you. You know that I’ve made too many nuclear bombs and missiles.


Lately, Kim has been reported to have laughed his socks (actually his a%&) off.

Moon and Abe were stunned.

Trump remained to be a dotard.

American navy got a few days off.

Korean and Japanese navies got lost in the Pacific Oceanlooking for American aircraft carriers.

American tax payers saved a few bucks.

The dotard Trump waked up and realized that he had been out smarted by the rocket man.

Kim promptly executed

by firing squad

a s

enior military officer who said that “they no longer needed to suffer and tighten our belts to make rockets and nuclear weapons.”

Trump won’t talk to the rocket man and no one in the White House is allowed to mention Jong Un’s name or Jong Un’s nickname in front of Trump anymore.

Trump 腦筋有問題 June 19, 2018

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你說 Trump 是腦筋裏有漿糊,頭腦太簡單,說話不經大腦,還是老的糊里糊塗了?

Trump 在 G7 時說過這些話:

1。他跟日本的 Abe 說:”Shinzo,你沒有歐洲難民潮的問題。不過,我可以送兩千五百萬個墨西哥人去日本,這樣你沒多久就會下台了”。

你說 Abe 是笑好,是哭好還是打哈哈好?Abe 有沒有回答,我們不知道,不過,話說回來,日本還真需要一些移民。君不見日本有些村莊都是老人,因為他們太寂寞了,所有做了一些跟人一樣的布娃娃擺在椅子上,讓他們覺得不會那麽孤單。

2。當話題轉到伊朗後,Trump 跟法國的馬空總統說:”你一定知道這件事,艾曼紐,因為所有的恐怖分子都在巴黎。”

Hmmm….,所有的恐怖分子都在巴黎?我艾曼紐怎麼不知道呢?不知道 Trump 從那裏得來的馬路消息。要不然就是 Trump 信口開河,吹牛不打草稿,不知道自己說什麽話?

在場的其他幾位國家領袖,部長和隨從個個都皺著眉頭,低頭不語。其實,他們都知道,老 Trump 又犯糊塗了。可是大家都不能說什麽,也不好意思把這個醜事揭開,只有嘆口氣,自認倒霉。

除此之外,你看看 Trump 的表現像個君子呢還是跟一個地痞流氓差不多。

  • 堂堂的美國總統來加拿大參加 G7 會議,竟自以為了不起,故意晚到,讓別人等他。
  • 第二天下午要討論世界氣候變化和巴黎氣候合約,Trump 怕被其他國家的領袖攻擊,腳底抹油,先溜了。
  • 他在開溜之前同意要簽G7的共同宣告,上了飛機以後又反悔。
  • Trump 要從加拿大進口的鋼鐵和鋁增加進口關稅。加拿大的 PM Trudeau 宣佈加拿大要予以報復。Trump 聽了不爽,居然罵 Trudeau 懦弱無能,還叫他的兩個下屬出來罵 Trudeau ,說他背叛美國,還說地獄裏已經留了一個特別位置給 Trudeau。實在是不成體統。
  • Trump 出賣美國的盟友,可是對美國的敵人,北韓的金正恩,卻讚賞有加。在幾個禮拜以前,Trump 說了金正恩許多壞話,還用核子武器威脅他,要他去死。誰知道,Trump 跟他見了一面以後,竟然改口說金正恩深受北韓人民的愛戴。還大拍金正恩的馬屁說金正恩聰明,是一個非常好的人,更是一個好的談判家。

你說 Trump 是不是老來痴呆發了病,犯了糊塗。不但搞不懂基本的禮節,還分不清是非,弄不懂對錯?


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