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Discrimination in the U.S. December 3, 2017

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The fact that Trump openly made fun of Asian leaders tells everyone in the world how deep-rooted discrimination against Asians is in the U.S. 

Trump didn’t even bother to hide it. Shame on him.

All the laws against discrimination mean nothing to many white Americans. They crack jokes without censor just like Trump did openly.

MLB suspended Astro’s Yuli Gurriel 5 games for making fun of Dedger’s pitcher, Yu Darvish, a Japanese.

Maybe American people should suspend Trump 5 days for disrespecting Asian leaders too. While they are at it, keep Trump from being the president 5 days for each lie Trump has uttered.

Hello, president Mike Pence. Do you have a tweeter account too?


A liar in the WH November 29, 2017

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Source: WP


Totally absurd.

What else can you say? Blame democracy. Trump is a very bad and unfortunate product of American democracy. 

Still better than having BJC & HRC in the WH though. Trump has money. He just lies because he can’t help it. BJ&HR remember their Little Rock days well. They are greedy. They would auction out every night of the Lincoln bedroom to the highest bidders.

W/o Trump, there is less entertainment and fewer dramas for the world to see. It also goes a long way to show the world just how bad American democracy can be.

A side benefit of Trump WH is that Trump and his tweets drag the U.S. down the drain which is good for the world. Best of all, there is absolutely not a damn thing American people can do before 2020.



BBC观点:奋发有为Vs保守孤立—中美关系会进入对抗期吗? November 6, 2017

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  • 絕大部分的中國內部團結一致;絕大部分的美國有無數的派系鬥爭,社會混亂,國家分崩離析。
  • 中國除了台灣在一邊夜郎自大,坐井觀天之外並沒有其他特別嚴重的內憂;美國不但有內憂,還有 clear and present danger:1) 白人警察和黑人敵對之勢越演越烈,2) 黑人公開反對政府但是政府沒有任何作為,3) 國外和國內的穆斯林激進份子打擊美國,伺機而動,防不勝防,4) 一千多萬非法移民(墨西哥人等等)東躲西藏,怨聲載道5) 白人至上主義圖謀不軌和自由派鬥爭不停,6) 槍殺案層出不窮,大規模殺人事件隨時可能發生,警察窮於應付。
  • 習近平打貪防腐頗有成效,治理國家也中規中矩,一帶一路乃跨世紀的計劃,對提高中國在世界上的地位不遺餘力,習近平高瞻遠矚和跨時代的思想被寫入黨章;川普,川普兒子,他的女婿和幾位親信被聯邦特別檢察官調查,一路追殺,猶如喪家之犬,非常可憐。川普親信已經被聯邦特別檢察官起訴,一位外交政策助理已經認罪。
  • 習近平在十九大之前清除異己,鞏固自己的權力;川普仰賴沒有經驗的家屬和華爾街億萬富翁治理國事,如今一事無成。
  • 中國致力於基礎科學研究,國力日漸強大,欣欣向榮;美國欠債磊磊,赤字飇漲,苦苦掙扎。
  • 中國國富民安;美國險像叢生。
  • 中國一黨專政,高瞻遠矚,為國為民,勵精圖治;美國兩黨奪權,爲了四年連任無所不用其極,如今一事無成,實乃民主危機。
  • 中國做事效率顯著;美國民主礙手礙腳。
  • 中國有大國風範;美國卻閉關自守。
  • 中國金援外邦,協助他國基礎建設;美國對外用兵,發射飛彈轟炸他人。


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      And I’m not lying. I swear! November 2, 2017

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      Well, may be HW leakers have been lying all along.

      Trump has no where to hide November 2, 2017

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      “He is f***ed,” according to a former Trump campaign aide, Sam Nunberg. 

      That’s pretty hard language.

      Trump is f***ed because: 

      • His approval rating is at 33%, 
      • One of his former foreign policy advisors, a nobody based on WH’s narrative, has pleaded guilty for lying to FBI, 
      • This advisor has been a “proactive cooperator” for Mueller which is very bad for the WH,
      • Mueller is going to check the books of Jared Kushner and Trump,
      • Jared Kushner gave the worst political advises in the WH and Trumo agreed,
      • Trump’s friends and advisors are looking over their shoulders for fear of Mueller’s requests for an interview,
      • Trump has surrounded himself with family members and Wall Street billionaires instead of heavyweight prosecutors who knew how to steer Trump away from illegal activities,
      • Trump can’t fire Mueller because it will for sure face impeachment,
      • Mueller has a free hand and endless resources to hunt down his primary target, Trump,
      • Trump’s option is very limited except his tweets,
      • Bannon told Trump to stop fooling around and stop tweeting and this is very serious and very bad for Trump,
      • Trump has made the Republican establishment his “drain the swamp” target which makes Trump the enemy no. 1 for the swamp,
      • Trump has publically made many Republican senators and representatives his enemies instead of friends,
      • The 25 Amendment could be a real threat to Trump according to Bannon,
      • Democrats are eager to impeach Trump and Republicans want to do the same but are afraid of backlash from the 33%,
      • Trump has publically offended many foreign leaders and they despised him immensely,
      • As the primary target of Mueller’s investigation, Trump will see his friends distancing themselves from Trump as far away as they can,
      • Trump has praised Putin before but he turned out to be the worst nightmare for Trump,
      • All liberal media outlets use Trump as a Piñatas and they enjoyed every minutes of it.

      In short, Trump is screwed. Royally.

      Trump vs black women October 26, 2017

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      What’s Trump’s Problem With Black Women?


      The answer is very simple: Trump despises black women, I might add, black man and colored people.

      Source: Flipboard

      Source: Flipboard

      American dirty politics October 19, 2017

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      All out in the open for everyone to see. 

      Conservatives: The Fox News

      It’s intetesting to see two completely different view points spun by conservatives and liberals.

      The liberal: The New York Times.

      Trump said he had proof. White House later said that there was no tape.

      Let it rip and see where the chip falls. This is democracy Americans are proud of.

      Party of Lincoln in turmoil October 15, 2017

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      Trump is the president of the United States and is considered to be the leader of the Republican Party. However, he is actively making enemies both inside and outside of the Republican Oarty. He isn’t on good terms with Russia’s Putin, E.U.’s Merkel and Macron, Iran, North Korea, Mexico, Cuba, Philippine and Australia. 

      Furthermore, many voters who pushed Trump into the White House are now sorry that they chose the wrong man.

      Mitch McConnell is the majority leader of the Senate and is facing calls from members of his own party, yes, the Republican Party, to step down. It isn’t very encouraging for McConnell because he is also being scolded by Trump for being weak, ineffective and not doing his job.

      Paul Ryan is the Speaker of the House and the leader of the Republican Party in the House. He is being questioned by members of his own party and Trump because he failed to repeal and replace Obamacare.

      The tax reform proposal, currently being worked on in the Republican Party without any input from the Democrats, faces backlash because it disporpotionally benefits the wealthy, such as Trump. It also has problem making the tax reform policy revenue neutral.

      Last but not the least, a trove of Republican senator and representatives are not seeking another term in the 2018 mid-term election. At current count, nine Republican represenratives and one senator have announced that they won’t seek re-election next year.

      It appears that the Republican Party is facing a huge enemy who happens to be the oresident of the United States.

      We’ll see whether Republican Party will be toppled over from inside and lose the majority in the Senate and possibly in the Representative too.

      Trump is not the leader of the Republican Party. He is the enemy.

      Democrats are laughing.

      Trump, Congress and the USA October 7, 2017

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      A telltale sign of a country in trouble is the approval rating of its officials.

      Trump’s approval rating is 32% based on a survey conducted by Associated Press and the NORC Centre for Public Affairs Research.

      Source: Yahoo News

      Trump sees himself as the Santa Claus with gifts to people of Puerto Rico ravaged by Hurricane Maria.

      Source: Yahoo News

      The United State’s Congress is doing even worse, as it always does, according to the same survey: only 18% approve, 81% actively disappove and 51% strongly disapprove.

      So, is the United States of America heading in the right direction? The survey said: 24%.

      Very very bad.

      But, don’t tell Trump, he still thinks everything is peachy.

      What’s the benefit to U.S? October 6, 2017

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      Other than tearing apart yet another work done by Obama, “de-certify” Iran nuclear deal, known as JCPOA, Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, will not bring any discernible benefit to the U.S. 

      It will make Trump the odd man out on the world stage. Again. It will make American economic sanctions less effective this time around without the backing of other five countries which signed the JCPOA. It will not bring Iran any closer to comply with the regulations of the JCPOA either. And it will further isolate America from the rest of the world.

      It will, however, fulfill one of Trump’s campaign promises though. 

      But, what can Trump or Congress do to prevent Iran from eventually becoming a nation with nuclear weapons?

      Not much.

      Inspections slowed down the progress of Iran’s nuclearization. American sanctions choked off Iran’s economic development, made Iranians suffer over the years but didn’t stop Iran from gaining necessary hardware and know-how to develop nuclear weapons since Iran’s Islamic revoluion in 1979.

      So, what drives Trump do it and push the hot potato to the arms of the Congress? There are several possible reasons:

      1. Trump can wash his hands clean and check it off from the list of things he had promised to do before taking the WH? 
      2. Trump believes Iran will fall in line and negotiate a new deal with the U.S. when threatened by Trump.
      3. America wants to punish Iran because Iran has been accepting Renminbi, instead of U.S. dollar, for millions of barrels of Iranian crudes it has exported to China. This is a “big no-no” because it threatens one of the pillars of American hegemony in the world.
      4. Trump intends to take on China indirectly using Iran as a promixy. By imposing new sanctions on Iran, America can impose restrictions on Chinese banks and Chinese companies if they continue to do business with Iran thus slowing down the transformation from petro-dollar to petro-renminbi.
      5. Trump is the kind of person who “唯恐天下不亂”。He wants all the attentions in the world so that he medses up things in the world as much as he can.

      What a “怪胎”!

      Can you think of a better term to describe Trump the person?

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