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牛肉麪,滷肉飯,Pizza 還是 Burger? April 27, 2018

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我們前幾天到紐約已經三個多禮拜了。沒有牛肉麪吃,看不到滷肉飯,燙青菜更是無影無蹤。不過我們兩個最懷念的卻是 juicy hamburger with bacon 和 wood fired pizza。

在紐約 East Village 有一家 pizza 店。它在 St. Marks St. 上, 算起來是曼哈頓的八街,在二大道和三大道之間。這裏遊客很多,一直到晚上十二點都忙的不得了。門口看起來髒髒的,一點都不起眼,整個店只有十二尺寬,大概四,五十尺深,裏面有一個長長的櫃檯,一個一人高的大烤箱和一個做 pizza 的檯子。再後面有一個十二尺見方的空間,靠牆擺了幾個板凳,沒有桌子。牆壁烏漆麻黑的,燈也不怎麼亮。最後面是一個辦公室,它在一個小黑門的後面,看不到裏面有什麽。

店子的前面一大半被櫃檯和廚房佔去了,進出的通道只有三尺寬。只要有人在排隊,你就必須側著身子才能擠出去。櫃檯後面通常有兩個胖胖的 amigo 做事。做 pizza,烤 pizza,切 pizza,接單,收錢,給飲料這兩個人全都包了。老闆在辦公室裏,平常不出來,只有在吃飯的時候,出來烤自己吃的 pasta。

這家 pizza 店門庭若市,座無虛席,每次去都要排隊。並不是他的 pizza 有多好吃,cheese 有多厚,topping 有多新鮮,crust 有多特別。它的生意這麽好是因為它的 pizza 便宜,便宜到比臺灣的滷肉飯或牛肉麪都要便宜:

每片 pizza 只要 99¢。

這種價錢在美國最貴的紐約曼哈頓簡直是不敢相信。這不是那個鄉下的路邊小攤,也不是巴掌大的小 pizza,更不是 cheese 已經硬了,面皮已經乾了的隔夜 pizza。

它是剛剛出爐,新鮮,燙手,好吃的 cheese pizza。十六寸大的 pizza。 許多年輕的美國人和四海為家的白人流浪漢和流浪女都喜歡在這裏鬼混。我們偶爾也來這裏吃又便宜,又好吃的 pizza,過過乾癮。

至於 Burger 嗎,我們選的是曼哈頓三大道和十四街交口的 Five Napkin Burger。


pickles 有點甜。不酸。好吃。

吃 Burger 當然要喝啤酒。

spinach and artichoke dip with lots of cheese, endive and garlic bread。good comnination。

Onion rings are our favorite。spicy honey mustard dip is.better。

沒有生菜,沒有番茄,沒有 bacon,只有 caramelized onion ,swiss cheese 和它們自己的 sauce。

店裏面是1960 年代,工人吃飯的裝飾。有很多秤。大概是以前用來秤牛肉的。

中午的 burger 便宜可能只要三張 napkins就夠了。

五張紙巾漢堡的 Burger 確實不錯,肉很 juicy,肉質細膩,沒有筋,有沒有怪味道,不過 buns 小了點。

如果你吃 Burger 必須要 ketchup ,那你最好不要來。

Pokespot, Manhattan, NYC September 22, 2017

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We came to New York City to see our first grand child: 浩梅, who was born on 8/12/2017. We have been to New York more than a dozen times since 2000 and have enjoyed a diverse collections of food from different regions of the world every time we were here. 

This time we had “poke” for the first time and we liked it a lot. It was health, refreshing, appertizing, flavorful and simple to make. After we had it, we found out that New York has probably hundreds of poke restaurants in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn. Prices varied from $9 in Queens to $13 in Manhattan.

Poke is a bowl of warm rice topped with cold raw fish, fruits, vegetables, nuts and toppings such as seaweed salad, sesame seeds, dry fish flakes, Japanese spices and/or aioli. Chicken and tofu are other options if you don’t like seafood. Crab meat and ells are more expansive versions of poke.

So, take your picks and enjoy. You miggt want to open one at places frequented by young men and women. A small glass of cold sake or Korean rice wine goes very well with any poke. You don’t need big space to ooen one: 800 sq ft should be big enough to start with. Keep it clean, bright, colorful, and pleasant. Hire high school kids and pay them 10% higher than minimum wage will get you started. Sell ice cream in a cone for 50 ¢ each will not only pay for the rental of the ice cream machine but also add enough revenue to help pay for the overhead too. No need of expensive kitchen equipment or exhaust fan for woks. Keep the initial investment low so that it is easier to survive the start up period.

Cool bikes, NYC July 30, 2017

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New York City, Manhattan, lower east side. Near Houston St. and Eldridge St. On Sunday afternoon about 3:30 pm.

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