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Naive and simply wrong March 20, 2018

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The U.S. can reduce its trade deficit with the world very easily if Americans just stop buying things made in foreign countries and start living within their means.


We all know that they won’t because they like their 15 credit cards, 0% interest rate on balance transferred, minimum monthly payments and 65 inch TV for the holidays and Super Bowl.

America’s mounting national debt, growing deficits, insatiable personal debts and low savings rates will one day come back to bite them hard. That day is coming fast with a reckless Trump in the White House.

The global trade relationship has indeed been an unfair one for the foreign countries because Americans have enjoyed cheap goods for decades while keeping the destruction to the environment in other countries.

Worse, many of these goods are made by American companies operating in foreign countries. These products are then shipped back to the U.S. of A for maximum profits. They benefited from foreign government incentives, municipal tax holidays, plenty of cheap local labors, very affordable land, lax regulations, minimum environmental oversight and lower income taxes.

Their operating profits enriched company officials, made millions for their shareholders, created jobs in foreign countries, left uneducated Americans with low pay jobs and contributed to inequality in the U.S.

The facts on U.S. labor market suggests this has indeed been the case: according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), jobs in manufacturing sector have decreased from 39% of all jobs in the U.S. in 1943 to just 8.5% in 2017.

Selectively raising tariff on imports punishes countries which are less able to defend themselves or those deemed unfriendly to the U.S. of A.

The unilateral action by Trump will definitely provoke other countries to take defensive actions against U.S. imports.

Tariff is a double edge sword. It hurts both ways with no clear winner from the trade war at all.

By instituting tariff on imports, America is asking for a trade war and a trade war is inevitable no matter how Navarro spins it. Higher tariff will not work out fine and the world will not be a better place because of what Trump has done.


吃撐了,睡不著,發牢騷 March 3, 2018

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大學的同學提到 823 炮戰,台灣的存亡,為國捐軀的軍人和現在政府的對比,慷慨激昂,感慨萬分。我有感而發,牢騷一大堆,自己看了都有點不好意思。








一個對貧富不均,四人之中就有一個拿 22 K,卻不聞不問的政府是一個沒有良心的政府。





可是,台北的旅遊展卻擠的水洩不通,大排長龍。台北的高級餐館卻家家客滿,不定位就沒有飯吃。三井 outlet 的一些商店卻要排隊才進的去。去國外的旅遊班機卻座無虛席。台灣的房價卻高的叫人咋舌吃驚。


我對美國的兩黨政治鬥爭非常失望。對美國稅法不公非常失望。對美國貧富不均非常失望。對美國外交政策非常失望。對美國資本主義非常失望。對美國金融體系非常失望。對美國華爾街的貪得無厭非常失望。對美國不負責任的 Monetary policy 非常失望。對美國的官官相互非常失望。對美國的霸權,一意孤行,欺負弱小國家非常失望。這些都是我搬回台灣主要的原因之一。




內戚掌權,白宮裏面雞飛狗跳 February 26, 2018

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Source: Yahoo News


Source: NYT


不知道德國的 Merkel 怎麽看這一齣美國鬧劇?

Democracy American style: a joke? February 26, 2018

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Panic-stricken Trump awaits more bad news


Reading an article like this from Flipboard makes one wonder how could someone like Trump could ever be elected to the highest office in the United States of America.

The answer: a flawed democratic system like American’s can.

To make the matter worse, the herd mentality, disregarding candidates’ disqualifications for the job, ignorant of candidates’ lack of moral fiber and low turnouts on the part of American voters make American presidential election a laughing stock for the entire world.

And the collective gullibility of American voters make them easily fooled by unrealistic campaign promises time and time again. It appears that American voters have grown numb to candidates’ lies that they take the lying for granted because every politicians lie.

Consider these embarrassing facts of American elections:

  • Impeachment of Clinton,
  • The infamous hanging chads,
  • Supreme Court intervention,
  • Lies told by candidates,
  • Flaws in voter registration system,
  • Meandering of U.S. Congressional districts,
  • Influence of rich donors and PACs’ money,
  • Manipulation of issues by lobbyists,
  • Being able to vote without an ID,
  • Lack of recourse of the voters,
  • Low voter turnouts,
  • Utterly embarrassing fact of lack of qualification of Obama for the WH job,
  • No vetting of allegations of sexual harassment by Trump on as many as 20 women,
  • No vetting of hush money paid to a hooker on behalf of Trump,
  • Trump’s likely collusion with Russia,
  • Russia’s meddling of American’s 2016 presidential election, and
  • Fill the swamp while in the office.

Maybe America needs a formal vetting process by an election committee to weed out and disqualify unfit presidential candidates so that jokers won’t occupy 1600 Pennsylvania in Washington D.C. anymore.

Same old lip service. February 18, 2018

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The same old tired show in the Congress after Florida high school massacre. Fire arms ban will never happen in the United States.

The right to bear arms, even a machine gun, is protected by the U.S. Constitution. Background checks are useless because if you want to buy a gun, you can get one legally a few days later or through illegal means right away.

Source: Yahoo News

Gun debates among the politicians are public stage shows for their respective bases.

On the right: owning guns are our rights and, let’s face it, guns don’t kill people, people do.

On the left: why people want to own machine guns and automatic weapons? The only thing they are designed for is to kill people. If you really want to protect your family, buy a revolver or a .44 Magnum revolver like the one Harry Callahan used in the film Sudden Impact.

Source: Goigle image

But, honestly, have you ever thought about this: why have so many mass shootings happened in the United States?

Does America have more its shares of wackos than all other nations in the world?

The only conclusion one can draw based on gun shooting statistics is:

Yes, America has too many wackos and guns and bullets are readily available too.

The more difficult question to get an answer on is: Why?


Lies, lies & more lies. Cuts, cuts & more cuts. February 17, 2018

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The big cuts are coming!The big cuts are coming! And Trump and the Congress don’t give it a damn of what you think or feel. Campaign promises? They are meant to be broken after the election.

Source: Flipboard

Americans are the most gullible ones when it comes to their politicians.

They hate the Congress but keep sending the same representatives and senators back to DC. They filled the White House with liars after liars because they believe all the lies presidential candidates told them on the campaign trail, just to break all of them once in the office.

When Trump was asking your votes, he promised to“save Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security without cuts.”

Trump’s 2018 budget calls for cuts on all three programs and the congressional GOP also tried to cut $1 trillion from Medicare and about half a trillion from Medicaid. Here are the proposed cuts from Trump’s “An American Budget: Major Savings and Reforms”:

  1. Cutting Medicare by $266 billion.
  2. Cutting Medicaid by $1.1 trillion.
  3. Cutting Social Security by $72 billion.

So, all sinile and age challenged Americans, brace yourself for what is coming to you. Hospitals will get reduced payments from the Medicare too. Medicaid will see the biggest cut totaling $1.1 trillion over 10 years.

Additionally, Supplemental Security Income programs and Social Security Disability Insurance programs will see $72 billion cuts too.

You see, there is no place for you to hide no matter where you are in the system. Your medical benefits will be cut. Your doctor’s visits will be

美國白老頭吵架,全世界看他們丟臉 January 16, 2018

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華盛頓 DC 腰帶公路裏面的幾個白老頭吵了起來,美國又內戰了。









川普在討論美國移民法案的會議上說:所有非洲國家,海地和薩爾瓦多都是 “shithole“.

那 “shithole” 是什麼呢?Shit 是糞便的意思。 Hole 是洞的意思 簡單來說,”shit” 加上 “hole” 就是一個”大糞坑“的意思。

你應該記得,1970 年代,尼克森做美國總統的時候,有個”水門事件”吧。後來鬧來鬧去,尼克森被迫辭職,下台鞠躬了。

我們姑且叫 Trump 的 “shitholegate” 爲”川普大糞坑門“吧。這個名詞即生動,又好記,相當切實,更讓人忘不了。






那川普有沒有說非洲國家,薩爾瓦多和海地是 shithole 呢?


當然,有些人不同意。把川普在白宮附近擁有的一間旅館變成 shithole.






20 promises but none kept by Trump December 30, 2017

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Robert Reich: Trump Voters, He’s Taking You For Suckers


For a more detailed account of Trump’s campaign promises and an update of their progresses, check out the link below.


The swamp in Washington D.C. just got quite a bit deeper and bigger as we are approaching one year anniversary after Trump moved in the WH.

Yet, America still thinks that democracy and broken promises from elected officials are the right way to manage this broken country.

Go figure.

We the people have absolutely no say on this December 17, 2017

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Just like when Democrats were in charge after Obama was in the WH, the Republicans own all four branches of the government.

Democrates’s Reid and Pelosi used their majority positions and fuzzy math to pass the Obamacare with no input from the Republicans or the people.

Now, McConnell and Ryan take a page from Democrats’ playbook and fuzzy math to push the tax reform through the Congress without consultation from the Democrats and the people.

Sound familiar? 


And were the people informed on the deficits the bill will generate in the future?

Not just the next decade. 

I want to know what’s going to happen in the next 20, 30 or 50 years.

The US calls this democracy but it can’t even convince American people to trust the products coming out of the failed process.

Republican’s Moore justification December 5, 2017

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Two seat majority in the Senate is everything to Trump and the Republican Party at this point in the current election cycle. The stain on the Senate, thus the nation, that comes with Moore’s winning next Tuesday just isn’t that big a deal to Trump, McConnell of Kentucky, Hatch of Utah and Republican National Committee any more. 

From the righteous moral highground of ‘No Moore in the Senate’ a few weeks ago to ‘we’ll take him comes next Tuesday’ now is simple shameful. 

As for Trump, he and Moore are one of a kind, the kind of ‘He didn’t admit the crime’ in Sander’s book. Since they two are such a good match, what’s not to like of each other. Once in Washington, Moore and Trump can compare notes more easily in their spare time.

Republicans, get your red carpet out! Moore may show up next Tuesday night. Americans, have your heavy duty scouring pads and soaps ready. You will need them to wash off the stains Moore brings to the nation next week.

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