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Freedom of Speech September 9, 2010

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No one gives it a damn  if someone burns an American flag or a bible. That’s freedom of speech, according to the high court.

If someone try to burn a Koran or a bunch of Korans, according to Obama, Hillary, Petraeus and a bunch of others, it becomes a national security issue.

Now Imam Rauf has said that unless the mosque is built at the site in the Lower Manhattan, “The headlines in the Muslim world will be that Islam is under attack.” And, if you read between the lines, American heads here in the US and abroad will roll.

Hmm.., Is that a threat to the American people?

Let’s raise the national security threat level to orange then, Obama.

What does this have to say about the religion of Islam? And more importantly what does this have to say about the mood of American people who have had it up to their eyes with the threats from the so-called religion of the peace.

What I do not understand is:

  • How come the leaders of Arab countries didn’t come out and ask Muslims in the world to tone it down?
  • How come the so-called moderate Imams all over the world  in the world didn’t ask their followers to respect majority of American people’s will?
  • How come the so-called moderate Imams all over the world or Muslim leaders didn’t ask Imam Rauf to move the Cordoba House to a different location?
  • How come Obama didn’t call the leaders of the Muslim countries and tell them that Freedom of Speech is the Law of the land here and is protected by the constitution of the United States?
  • How come Hillary Clinton and Ambassadors to the Muslim countries didn’t call these Muslim nations and educate these Muslim leaders of the American way of life and ask them to come out and ask the radicals, as Imam Rauf has put it, to put their saif, or suicide bombs, down for a change?

Now you see how big a mess Obama did with his”right ot build”  iftar speech in front of many Muslims in the White House. He really kicked it up a notch, didn’t he?

I say Obama is a Muslim in front of other Muslims. At least he acted as a Muslim and seek approval from his fellow Muslim brothers at the White House iftar dinner.
The next day when asked of his comment he tried to have it both ways and said that he didn’t question the “wisdom” of building a mosque so close to ground zero. May I ask you Obama, whose wisdom did you refer to? Surely you didn’t question the wisdom of Muslims, did you?

Are there anyone out there looking for world peace?

Islam, the United States and Peace November 3, 2009

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Islam and the United States


The current administration has announced that the U.S. will leave Iraq by the end of 2011. It is dragging its feet on the request for 40,000 more troops to Afghanistan by General McChrystal. Pakistan is practicing democracy but the region is powder cake and the situation there could erupt into chaos anytime.


So let’s take a look of this map and see what’s happening over there in recent days?

Map of Middle East and Central Asia


  • Six UN staff members at a UN guesthouse in Kabul were killed by Taliban militant on Oct. 28.
  • On Oct. 25, two car bombs on October 25 killed more than 150 people and injured nearly 1,000 in Baghdad. The bombs heavily damaged Iraq’s Justice Ministry building.
  • The Peshawar region in northwestern Pakistan suffered great damage from a car bomb on October 28. More than 90 people died. Two weeks earlier, Taliban insurgents launched an attack against the headquarters of the Pakistani army. The militant kidnapped 33 hostages; killing three, before Pakistani soldiers stormed the place, shot the militant dead and freed the other 30 people.
  • Then there is Iran which openly ridicules the U.S., secretly develops nuclear weapon capabilities and vows to wipe Israel from the map of the world. Iran has agreed to open its facilities for UN inspection. But do you believe for one minute that Iran will ever abandon its research and development of a nuclear weapon? No way!

What’s going on over there? Why are there so many killings and so much violence? Are the insurgents or freedom fighters from their perspective targeting the US soldiers? Are Muslims killing other Muslims? Should the U.S. stay the course set by Bush and take fighting away from the homeland to where anti-America sentiment originates from? Or should the U.S. leave the volatile region to minimize short term suffering but face the long term threat of enemies taking their fight to the U.S. soil?

There are about 1.6 to 1.8 billion Muslims in every country of the world. Even if only 0.1% of them take Qur’an’s scripture literally, we are talking about 1.6 million people who rather like to see the entire world under the rule of Islam, or a religion of the sword, either by peaceful means or by force. Of course the possibility of this ever comes true is nil at best, the process will create instabilities all over the world for generations.

The current president has a Muslim middle name and may have a deeper understanding of the true meaning of Qur’an. He has, on behalf on every Americans, apologized to the world for past U.S. presidents’ unilateral actions against other nations. He has obviously sided with his Arabic friends and isolated Israel into a corner. He has opened his arms to Iran, arguably the only enemy of the U.S., with a peaceful gesture. What is he trying to achieve by asking for forgiveness? Is this the basis of his foreign policy with respect to Muslim countries?

A more important question is: will the submissive gesture work with Muslims? Does who still remember the Battle in Mogadishu of 1993 where many U.S. soldiers were killed by Somalia militias? Following the defeat, instead of regroup and reengage the enemy, Clinton decided to withdraw U.S. soldiers from Somalia. This submissive action energized Muslim militant groups and was disparaged by Al-Qaeda and bin Laden. Will the insurgents see this as an opportunity to expand their reach and increase their infiltration into the US soil as evident by the recent arrest of several groups of Muslim youths by FBI? I bet that not very many people pay attention to what the current threat level is. Homeland Security becomes synonymous to inconvenience at the airport. It has been peaceful since 9-11 in the U.S., hasn’t it? The FBI and CIA are working together and they will do their jobs to snatch up bad guys, won’t they? And most people have largely forgotten about the horrific images of 9-11 other than a short ceremony at Ground Zero and a few speeches by politicians on its anniversary. Why would anyone want to remember that horrible moment?

Americans have a short memory. Americans also has a tendency to pay more attention to what will happen in the near future; be it in the business world or national security. The insurgents however are the patient people. They have a very long term perspective. They plan when the U.S. is nervous and cautious. They attack when the U.S. is complacent. They are learning from their mistakes and they are regrouping to plan their next move. They will avoid their previous mistakes and they will have more than one group studying what is the best way to achieve their goals.


We better watch out for 9-11 may happen soon.

Is World Peace ever Possible? October 11, 2009

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Is World Peace ever Possible?

In light of Oslo’s ridiculous decision to award Nobel Peace prize to a president with no accomplishments, I couldn’t help but to ponder the ultimate question:

Is World Peace ever Possible?

And my answer is “NO.” Not in a thousand years!

My rationales are as follows:

  • No world peace is ever possible unless conflicts between husband and wife are first eliminated. If devoices are things of the past and every couple live happily after, I may admit that world peace may have a chance.
  • Human beings are selfish by default. Countries are no exception. Just look at how nations protecting itself when times are bad. Protectionism is rampant all over the world and China has to face countless anti-dumping duties from EU countries and US. When everything was honky dory and many countries were making money hand over fist from free trade, many countries were willing to look the other way. Now that the entire world is in the midst of a great recession, every country is trying its hardest to protect its own industries and jobs. China was an easy target and peace is not likely under situation like this.
  • 25% of world’s crude oil reserves are in Saudi Arabia. Iran has the third largest crude oil reserve in the world. US relies foreign countries to supply 70% of its daily crude oil demands. Many countries with huge oil reserves do not like US.
  • Iran has signed a couple of contracts to jointly develop Iran’s South Azadegan Oil Field and South Pars gas field. South Azadegan oil field is one of the largest oil field in Iran and in the world based on its reserves. The gas field in South Pars is the largest gas field in the world. The relationship between two countries prevents China to go along with US’s intention to open Iran’s nuclear facility to UN inspections. The conflict of interest eliminates any hope of lasting peace between US and Iran.
  • The nuclear arm races are a serious threat to world peace. North Korea has nuclear weapons. Iran is close to have its own WMD. Venezuela is making some noices and may start its nuclear weapon development because the country is enjoying a windfall profit from high oil prices.
  • Conflicts between ethnical groups all over the world pit one group against another with wars and fighting. It doesn’t look like the situation will change to the better any time soon.
  • The gaps between the haves and have-nots are widening which sow the seeds of inequality. The class wars are the roots of conflicts.
  • Religion has been the root of hatred for more than a thousand years. The Israel-Palestine and Israel-Arabic countries conflicts will continue for another thousand years well beyond you and I are dead many times over. I just don’t see it diminishing at all. Need more proof? Please call Osama bin Laden.
  • The largest arms dealer nation in the world is none other than the United States. The US is making huge amount of money, some $40 billion from government to government sales, about 2/3 of all foreign weapon sales based on 2008 data. With country like this, who needs peace?
  • If there is no war, what does each country do with the retired soldiers?
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