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‘Lock HIM Up! December 9, 2019

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Crowd Shouts ‘Lock Him Up!’ As Cops Arrest Trump Supporter For Punching Protester



You should read this December 31, 2017

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What Tillerson Won’t Admit: The U.S. Has No Leverage https://www.bloomberg.com/view/articles/2017-12-28/what-tillerson-won-t-admit-the-u-s-has-no-leverage

It goes to show how little Tillerson and Trump can do in a world where the U.S. has already lost its influence.

With Russia and China forming an economic and military alliance, with Europe firmly against Trumo’s policies, the glory days of American supremacy are over.

A new world order with China in the dominant position has emerged.

Care to count how many friends America still have these days?

Fewer than 10?

And who is at fault? September 28, 2017

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Who is responsible for the world going to hell in a handbasket? 

Who do you think is the culprit?

There can be no doubt that Trump, his advisors and his supportors are largely responsible for the current mess in the world. So, go ahead, Trump, keeps stirring up the pot with your tweets and makes America the enemy of the world.

But, China is doing fine, thank you very much. 

The U.S. was solely responsible for the Great Recession because America, including the Wall Street bankers, the Fed, the regulators, the Congress, the banks and thousands of greedy investors, created the subprime mortgage loan crisis and the subsequent financial crisis.

Now, Trump is dividing the country up into multiple classes and makes people from different classes hate each other. 

Trump didn’t stop there. Here is a list of things Trump has done and wanted to do since 1/20/2017:

  • got out of TPP, 
  • got out of the Paris Accord,
  • weakened NATO, 
  • re-negotiated NAFTA, 
  • wanted to get rid of Iran nuclear deal, 
  • asked American allies, such as Japan, Korea, Germany, France, just to name a few, to pay for protections they have received from the U.S., 
  • threatened fire and fury on Kim Jong En and total destruction to North Korea and its people,
  • sent more U.S. troops to Afghanistan, 
  • put more sanctions on Russia and Venezuela,
  • wanted to keep muslims out of the U.S. with a travel ban,
  • wanted to build a wall to keep Mexicans and latinos from entering the America, and,
  • get rid of Dreamers. 

It is obvious that Trump is distructive, un-trustworthy and is a person no one, e.g., Mercel of Germany, can do business with.

The political mess in Washington and the stalemate on Britexit in England make one wonder that democracy is probably at the end of its usefulness. I certainly do not think democracy promoted by the U.S. is a viable option to govern. It created disfranchised classes and made national policies the hostages of special interest groups, lobbyists and wealthy donators. 

So, is Trump’s government good for American people? 

I say that it is not. 

What do you think?

Is it possible that America is starring at the onset of a culture revolution American style which is instigated by Trump and encouraged by Trump’s supportors?

You tell me.

The following is some of my thoughts on the divisiveness of Trump the person and his policies. I am trying to draw parallels between the political landscapes in the U.S. and that in Taiwan. I finished my thoughts on the U.S. and I am still working on my viewpoints on Taiwan. 

It was written in Chinese.




兩百多年以來,美國一直是一個種族分裂的社會。南北戰爭以後,黑人不再為奴。雖然馬丁路德金在20世紀中爲黑人爭取了法律上平等的地位,可是黑人仍然被白人歧視,壓迫,而白人和黑人之間的直接衝突也一直沒有間斷過。這種種族分裂已經持續兩個世紀了。 雖然美國有法律保障黑人和少數民族(拉丁美洲人和東方人)的福利,可是這只是政客的表面文章。私底下,白人還是看不起黑人和其他人種,這也是黑人和少數民族繼續被歧視的主要原因。


不過,美國這種白人至上的情況從 2001 年以來已經受到根本的威脅,因為除了黑白衝突以外,美國還經過許多內外夾擊的改變:

。2001 的 911 事件,


。2005 年的房地產泡沫,

。2009 年由美國引起的世界經濟財務危機,





1。財富不均的分裂;1% 和 99% 的對立,







BBC News: The end of the Anglo-American order? July 6, 2017

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I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it:

The end of the Anglo-American order? – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-40227270

With China being the largest crude oil importer in the world, with Renminbi being accepted by central banks as a reserve currency and with Saudi Arabia and some OPEC countries don’t like what America is doing in the Middle East, is it likely that we will soon see crude oil being traded at Renminbi instead of the U.S. dollar? 

Of course I am not talking about all oil trades will be settled on Renminbi but what about bi-lateral oil trades between Saudi and China and Nigeria and China. You know which side Rusdia stands on this. 

The Renminbi bilateral swap lines between China and 33 (wiki data) other countries will be replaced with a new trading platform next year. In the past, these swaps were cleared by SWIFT which is under America’s influence. The new platform will be under China’s control and will be located in Shanghai away from SWIFT.

The world order is fast changing in front of our eyes if you care to look.

The “World Order” is America’s to lose March 6, 2017

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A few years ago, the term “World Order” was something I didn’t hear much about on any major news media except on neo conservativism websites or in arcane foreign affair articles. 

Nowadays, American politicians and military personnel openly talked about it all the time because they are tired of denying its existence. 

Source: AP

More importantly, they are scared because they may see it disintegrating right in front of their eyes. The “World Order” is extremely important to the U.S. and the American’s way of life, i.e., living beyond their means, depends on it.

Considering the reserve currency status of the U.S. dollar which allows the U.S. continuously runs huge deficits on foreign trades and federal budget. If the U.S. has to buy another currency to pay for everything they import, e.g., crude oil, U.S. dollar will lose its value like a rock falling off a cliff. American will lose its purchasing power and they will forever live in a poor house simply because it can not afford the huge national debt it owes to foreign credictors.

That’s why America has to defend the “World Order.” 

When people in America’s conservative circle talk about “World Order,” they are not talking about peace in the Middle East because no one in the upper echelon of the U.S. government will lose any sleep if a few people die in the middle of the desert. If the supply of Middle East oil is in jeopardy, America has at least 100 days worth of foreign oil import stored in the strategy petroleum reserve in Louisiana. In addition, America’s aircraft carrier is nearby if a quick and precise military action is called for. 

When people in America’s conservative circle talk about “World Order,” they are not talking about the safety of Israel because Israel can take care of itself using missiles and defensive system they bought or received as gifts from the U.S. over the past 30 years.

When people in America’s conservative circle talk about “World Order,” they are not talking about keeping Iran’s nuclear weapons in check because those missiles along with their launching facilities are aimed at Israel, not at the U.S. Besides, Israel took care of the nuclear facility in the past and it certainly has the capability to take care of them now. And Israel doesn’t need America’s permission either.

Feminine in Africa? Not America’s problem. 

Missile tests by North Korea? They may be a threat to South Korea but it gives America a perfect excuse to station U.S. soldiers in South Korea. 

Monetary crisis in South America countries? Doesn’t care. The worse situation these countries are in, the less of a threat they are to the U.S.

As for Europe, the financial crisis, which originated in the U.S., sank the European countries in a shit hole so deep that they have little hope of crawling out from for decades.

Then there are China and Putin’s Russia. Soviet Union was thoroughly humiliated by the U.S. in the late 1980’s. Now Russia has come back from the dead under Putin’s reign. It is threatening American’s dominance in Europe after it annexed Crimea.

China is a clear and present danger to America’s hegemony. Although, China is no where close to challenge America’s leadership position and China is still mired in many internal problems, what China is doing, e.g., One Belt One Road, can not be tolerated by the U.S. 

What’s even more troublesome to America’s policy makers is the Russia-China alliance which has the potential to topple America’s dominance in the world. It is a matter of national security to America with deadly consequence.

But, giving America’s huge national debt, unstoppable federal deficits and a rapidly aging population, America’s decline is inevitable and a new empire is emerging no matter how many aircraft carriers America has. 

It is just a matter of time.

The Post-War Order is in danger of collapse February 6, 2017

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So said General Petraeus on 2/1/2017 to the House Armed Services Committee.

He said that the world order “did not will itself into existence. (The U.S.) created it. Likewise, it is not naturally self-sustaining. (The U.S.) have sustained it. If (The U.S.) stop doing so, it will fray and, eventually, collapse.”

What America did was “establishing a system of global alliances and security commitments underwritten by US military power” which was accomplished by deploying arm forces in Europe and Asia. America also adopted a foreign policy to “protect and, where possible, promote freedom abroad along with human rights and rule of law.”

What Petraeus actually meant was America has “destablized the government of an unfriendly country, invaded it if necessary, established a new government, picked a pro-U.S. leader to head the government and built the nation using American tax dollar.”

That’s what post-war order Gen. Petraeus was telling the committee about.

Unfortunately, the World Order or hegemony enjoyed by the U.S. has hit a snag because nations’ building in the Middle East has been a total disaster since 9-11. What Obama did over the past eight years has emboldened Putin, given Iran a new life, made a mess in the Middle East and destablized Europe Union with millions of Muslim immigrants. Financial crisis in 2009 epitomize the failure of capitalism heavily promoted by America. Finally, China’s rise has begun to threaten America’s hegemony since WWII.

No wonder Gen. Petraeus was so nervous.

The ‘World Order’ is no more July 29, 2016

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DC think tank(s.) The White House. The Department of Defense. The Department of State. The CIA. The FBI. The HSA. The Federal Reserve and its regional banks. The Wall Street. The liberal media. And, last but not the least, the Hollywood.

These are the major players in the United States which have established ‘The World Order‘ as we have known for the past 70 years.

Their sidekicks are IMF, The World Bank. The Asian Development Bank. Saudi Arabia. The EU. And the United Nation.

For a while, about 4 years, give or tske a few months, the American independent shale frackers tried to wrestle the control of crude oil market away from the major Middle East oil producers and Russia. They had their moments. But, they failed miserablly. 

The ‘World Order’ that every countries in the world have suffered for so long is no more. The ‘World Order’ which has carefully cultivated by the U.S. has begun to crumble from its root: the enormous U.S. national debt, the ever increasing personal debt, the hatred towards America from some people in the world, the safety of its people, the wealth gap, the great revession and the slow death of its industrial and manufacture sectors. The booming sectors, such as high tech, are great for some and for the GDP. But they only benefit a few. And many of them come from foreign countries.

Slowly, America is losing its long term allies. Egypt, Saudi, Turkey and many South American countries come to mind. Even England moved against the U.S. olicy in some areas of the world afair. American foreign policies are not producing what it were indended to achieve. ‘Nations Building’ efforts have become sink holes of American tax money with disastrous outcomes. The American military machine has wasted trillion of tax money with nothing to show for, except 10 aircraft carriers saling around the world for the sack of projecting the mighty American power to its enemies. Terror attacks have wrecked havoc to the stability of Americans’ daily lives. . The discremination against blacks and Muslims are threatening to tear the society from the inside out. Entitlement and welfare benefits have become a financial burden to people who pay into the federal income tax system.

America is, nonetheless, picking up new fights first against Russia and then China; dubbed the ‘New Cold War’ (by me) which forces these two nations to become economical and military allies against a common enemy, namely the U.S.

Now this (South China Sea arbitration) came along on July 12, 2016 but it didn’t produce the desired outcome for Phillippines. It made Phillippines realized that it has been played by the American foreign policy machine all along.

Source: 多維新聞網頁

America’s decline has begun. The ‘World Order’ established by America and its benefits, such as U.S. dollar being the world’s reserve currency, are slowly fading away.

No one knows the outcome and no one knows the timing of existing ‘World Order’s’ demise.

Many people are watching. I am too.

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