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Democrats aren’t much better October 13, 2018

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Most Americans are screwed no matter which party is in power.

Republican’s tax cuts are extremely good for the top 1%. The other 99% won’t get much. The U.S. is saddled with a bigger deficit and a accelerating national debt it has no way of paying it off.

Democrats like to tax and spend. Higher taxes reduce Americans’ take home pay. It’s bad. Bigger government spending increases deficit and national debt. It’s insane.

Yes, I agree that without doing something on the entitlements, America is screwed. Reducing welfare benefits, seniors and poor Americans are doomed. Letting welfare benefits grow like they have been in the past, the middle class will see a bigger portion of their income goes to others who can’t support themselves. The top 1% won’t feel a thing.

Either way you look, America is doomed.

No matter which party is in charge, poor Americans will be poorer.

The middle class will continue to pay.

But, the top 1% are untouchable. They’ve been laughing to the banks. They will keep donating to the Democrats and Republicans and claim tax deductions to lower their income taxes. Life is peachy for them thanks to the Democrats and Republicans.

What is a government? December 9, 2014

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The United States federal government means different things to different people:

Obama &            Power and control
Politicians          Re-election

Government      Iron rice bowl 鐵飯碗 &
employees         fat pensions

Government      Revolving door to
officials and      private jobs
managers          after retirement

Political              Access to government
donors                contracts and grants.      .                           ambassador to Togo

47%                   Entitlements, handouts
Middle class      Pay taxes all your life

US citizens        Big brother is watching

Illegal                 Amnesty, green cards
Immigrants       Medicare for parents
.                          Food stamps for kids

America, the land of the free; freebies September 19, 2014

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Yes, you guested it, America is  a  country of freebies.

Shall we count them?

1.  50 million Americans on Medicare. That number is to go up as more boomers retire in the next 15 years.

2.  65 million Americans on Medicaid. Yes, more than the number on Medicare now.

3.  9 million Americans on VA Program.

4.  47  million Americans on food stamps.

5.  23 million Americans on some forms of unemployment benefits.

6.  8.8 million Americans on disability.

7.  50 million Americans on some forms of social security benefits.

8.  109.6 million Americans received some forms of  benefits from some forms of “means-tested ” programs which are funded by Uncle Sam.

9.  Untold millions Americans received energy credits whether they needed them or not: cars, windows, water heaters, EVs, solar panels on roofs or any kind of energy saving measures.

10.  Untold millions Americans received federal, state or local assistance to get educated after work or whle on unemployment line.

11. Untold million Americans receive free lunches, child tax credit and earned income tax credit.

12. Untold million Americans received mortgage interest deductions and assistance on selling their primary residences.

Wow! Unbelievable!

Wait, there are some percentages of 11 to 13 million illegal immigrants, your guess is as good as government’s, who are receiving free education, free city and county services, free lunches and free health care services.

Last but not the least, thousands or millions of silicon valley employees are getting free food at work and free transportation to and from work.

Amazing! Where do America get all this money from to pay for these freebies?

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