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National Harbor MGM casino, Washington D.C. September 13, 2017

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We have been anticipating the opening of National Harbor MGM Casino for about five years. The whisper of a casino at the Gaylord Conventional Center south of Washington D.C. in Maryland started a while back but Maryland legislature didn’t pass a bill authorizing its operation until about two and half years before we moved away from Northern VA. 

When we heard that the casino has opened about nine months ago, we just had to check it out when we came down to VA from NYC.

National Harbor street scene.

This is Gaylord Conventional Center. When it first came to NH, there were only a few businesses here.

National Harbor street scene.

What a nice paint job.

Townhouses behind the commericial section of the National Harbor. They were in the high $500’s when constructions started about 3 years ago. Must be in the $600’s range now.

The MGM casino is a full service casino completed with thousands of slots, table games, roulettes and a small (10 or so tables) poker room. Restaurants (Chinese, steakhouse, seafood, etc.) generally don’t have very high ratings on Yelp and selections at foodcourt were limited to the usuals: hamburgers, pizzas, pastries, sushis, tacos and hot dogs. 

The casino is new but the interior isn’t extravegant at all. The odds on slot machines weren’t as good as those at Tropicana’s in Atlantic City. With MGM ‘s opening in Washington, D.C., Hollywood casino in West Virginia and Maryland Live! Casino in Glen Bernie, Maryland, must have seen a big drop in their gambling revenues. Even casinos in Atlantic City might see some negative impact as well.

Food Court.

Looks great but only earned 3 stars on Yelp.

The casino business is a zero-sum business. The pie won’t get bigger when a new casino opens up. Some casinos have to suffer and some may have to close. This is capitalism at work and it works very well in the gambling business.

Washington D.C. is no. 1 August 29, 2015

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Yeah, no. 1 in traffic congestion in the entire U.S. of A.

How is that for beating L.A. and San Fran to claim the dubious honor?

I have never like to drive in D.C. and bad traffic is on top of the list. Cops everywhere is the next. They will give you a ticket for any traffic violation on the book. The capital city depends on this revenue to get by.

The top ten reasons for the no. 1 title are;
1.   Gobs upon gobs of tourists in the summer, fall, winter, and spring. They take their time moving from one side of a street to the next;
2.   Very few left turn lanes even on major streets;
3.   One way traffic in the center of the city;
4.   Traffic circles;
5.   Diagonally crisscrossed streets overlapping a East-West/North-South grid;
6.   Double parked delivery trucks at any time of the day and at anywhere they like;
7.   Closed streets and detours for protestors, parades and VIPs;
8.   Slow moving taxis on the lookout for a fare;
9.   Too many traffic lights and many of them not synced;
10.   Out of state cars drop tourists off then move slowly looking for free parking spots on the street.

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