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Restaurant news January 27, 2010

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Do you know that Uno Chicago Pizzeria has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection today? The company closed 16 under-performing restaurants which left them with 179 restaurants in the U. S.

Up to 9/30/2009, the company had $286.9 million in sales which translates into an average monthly sales of  $1.47 million per store, or about $120,000 per store per month. That’s not a lot considering their size and operation. The company will continue to operate but two private companies will hold a majority stake of the company once it emerges out of bankruptcy in Sprig, 2010.

喜相逢 on Gallows has closed. The site has been converted into a Pollo restaurant. It has roasted chicken and deep-fried plantains. I didn’t like the smell of the spacious restaurant and we didn’t try their food.

A Vietnamese restaurant in the same shopping center has been converted into a Chinese restaurant a while back. Business has been lousy though. It then changed into a buffet place which helped its business. Not sure about their profitability though.

A new Cantonese restaurant in the new Lotte Shopping Center in Chantilly has  opened for 5 months now. Their business has been slow. They do open until after 12 midnight though when we visited them a while back.

The Tysons One Shopping Center opened a sushi place called Wasabi Sushi. It converted an area between two escalators into a restaurant featuring moving sushi bar. Sushi dishes are color-coded and the prices range from $3 to $6.Haven’t tried it yet.

My first impression was that it has very little kitchen space. May be it doesn’t need that much storage space and work area for sushi.The concept was good though but have they thought about what happens if the conveyor belt stops working during rush hour.

I am not going to try it just yet. For one thing, I don’t want to try anything that just sits there going around and around. If it doesn’t sell now, they’ll just took it down, put it in the under counter fridge and bring it back out after 2 hours. None will know.

They do have good businesses though and the guy who dressed like a boss was very busy taking care of credit card machine.

Hmm, with hundreds of people up and down on the escalators watching you eat is an experience I can do without.

I am not sure what else they have other than sushi and miso soups.

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