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Are you on the “Quiet Skies” black list? July 29, 2018

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If you are, you will be monitored by a federal marshall on an airplane while you travel in the United States.

Source: Flipboard

My question is, other than the obvious ones such as “why me?”, “is the federal marshall sitting next to me on my flight to the JFK?”

America used to be the land of the free. It isn’t now. It is the land of the siege by NSA.

Fees, fees and more fees July 3, 2014

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TSA and airports in the US are raising fees we pay to fly in the US:

1. The 9-11 security fees will rise to $11.20 from $5. We might want to change this fee to Bin Laden fees instead.

2. The $10 cap on 9-11 security fees has been dropped. If you fly to multiple cities your fee may go up much higher.

3. The airport facility fees will go up to $8 from $4.5 per boarding.

4. Immigration fees for the privilege of going through US custom might go up to $9 from $7.

5. There are as many as 11 taxes and fees for every airplane ticket depending on the type of ticket you have.

6. Taxes and government fees have already accounted for 20% of the ticket price we pay. These new fees are extra burden for air travelers.

Well, these fees are taxes and as far as US government is concern, air travelers are better off than most, have money, can’t say no to new fees and have no other options. In other words, they should pay more.

Basically, the US government sees air travelers as ATMs and the best part is that these ATMs do not charge fees.

It starts on 7-21-2014. Air travelers, prepare to suck it up and smile.

Do you feel safer in flight? November 19, 2010

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The number of TSA employees have increased from 16,000 to roughly 65,000. But do you feel safer with them shuffling trays back and forth at airports?

Should you feel even safer with the enhanced pad-downs by them TSA employees?

Why can they use little common sense and pay a little more attention to Muslims instead of 80 year old grandma and little kids?

Political correctness, of course. TSA cares more about political correctness than efficiency or our safety in the not-too-friendly sky.

One question to you all TSA employees: what percentage of the enhanced pad-downs actually improve flight safety?

Well, this is our tax money at work.



Muslim Terrorists have won November 19, 2010

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Don’t believe me?

Try not to take off your shoes as you go through security check manned by “qualified” TSA employees.

Try sneak in a bottle of water or coke through the check point.

Try come to the airport 30 minutes before your flight.

Try to hide a box cutter through a TSA employee at any airport.

Try to refuse to go through the detailed pad-down procedure by any “qualified” TSA employee.

Try to refuse a scan by the “see-it-all-including-your-tampon” scanner if ordered to do so by a TSA employee. Well, according to the head of TSA, you have the right NOT to fly if you refuse.

Try to guess how many “qualified” TSA employees are needed to move those plastic trays around a check point.

Do “qualified” TSA employees contribute to the long term growth of the United States?

How much tax money we have to pay to keep them moving those plastic trays around? Do not forget their pension and health care insurance benefits. I don;t think they have to take the ObamaCare like the rest of us have to.

How much tax we have to give to TSA in order to buy those blue nylon gloves every “qualified” TSA employee wear while pad you down?

Well, someone is making off nicely from TSA: I wonder who made a lot of money by selling TSA all those plastic trays?

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