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He used to be a boss April 28, 2017

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Now Trump works for American people. 

Actually he is a confused, incompetent, highly paid and eat-his-words-for-lunch public servant.

People who don’t see him eye to eye protest his policies on the street. Latinos want him gone yesterday. Blacks mock him. Muslims loathe him. Conservatives have second thoughts on his resolve. The twitter world attacks him viciously. Artists use his face and his big mouth to create urinary bowls. Hunters use his face for target practices.

Liberals hate his gut. The press is on his back everyday, watchs his every move and asks him pointed questions whenever he does something or says something in public. Democrats are his meanest adversaries. They say bad things about him on Sunday talk shows and on prime time TV. The Freedom Caucus disagrees with him and he can’t do anything about it. Federal judges block his executive orders. FBI investigates him. Senate and House committees probe his ties with Russia. NFL players don’t want to meet him in the White House. Some on the left even doubt the legitimacy of his presidency.

Foreign leaders in private treat him like a joke. Kim of North Korea dares him to send aircraft carrier Vinson to his country. Abe asks him for permission to do this and that without paying for any of them. Putin doesn’t give a damn to what he wants to do. Merkel doesn’t respect him. Xijinping makes sure he’ll behave in public before agreeing to meet him in Florida.

His foreign policies change from “America First” to “Trump Follows.” His first military invasion into Yemen got off track from the start and he end up with an egg on his face.

Funding for his beautiful wall is off the table this year because Democrat threatened to shut down the government. His vow to repeal Obamacare died in the House. His budget appears to be DOA. His hand-picked advisor was removed from important positions. His team is in disarray.

When he was a boss, he could walk away from people he didn’t care for and from deals he didn’t like. 

Now he is the top public servant of the nation, the buck stops at his office. He has no one else to pass the s*** to anyone else.

Poor Donald has no place to hide.

He can quit. 

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