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Who is that guy in cowboy hat? September 28, 2017

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Trump asked.

Is he from Texas?


Is he from Wyoming?


Is he a movie star from an old western movie?


Is he…….

Stop guessing, please.


Well, he’s Roy Moore from Alabama. And he could become a U.S. senator if you, Mr. Trump, decides to campaign for him in a special November election. 

But, wait. Didn’t you, Trumpm support this guy’s opponent, Luther Strange, in a run off election with powerful tweets and personal appearance right before the vote? 

Yes. We all know how powerful Trump’s tweets can be, don’t we? Personal apperance means 100% gauranteed.

Yeah, Luther will never let you down! Great line. Trump really has ways with powerful words.

Shooting up in polls. Of course. With my tweets, loser has no where to go but up.

So, what’d happened on the election day? Did Trump’s tweets put loser, sorry, Luther, over the top?

Let’s see what Trump had to say the day after the special election:

Did Trump actually back a loser? Yes, he sure did.


But, what kind of guy Roy is? Where does Roy stand on social issues? Here are just some of Roy’s convictionsare are:

Yeah! Hallelujah! Praise the lord!

Did science make a mistake? Obviously accirding to Roy of Alamaba.

I am sure he is 100% for the travel ban.

Whose god? Shall I ask?

Roy has to take off his shirt first. Whete is the horse? A AK-47 would help.

Trump said that too.

So, what now?

These ill-informed tweets (it wasn’t me, goddam it, blame McConnell for that) are misleading. They should be destroyed.

Now that Luther is packing, we’ll get Roy does his magic in November. We need all the votes in the Senate for that great tax bill ever later this yearbecause we can’t count on that pseudo hero from Arizona. Maine and Alaska aren’t safe either. There are a few tea party nuts which we have to deal with too.

I’ll get my tweet storm cooking.

Trump’s red line turned to green August 30, 2017

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Trump’s big and scary “Red Line” has been drawn by his tweets and words:

  • We are sending an armada, very powerful.
  • U.S. military “Fully in place”
  • “Locked and loaded”
  • “Fire and fury.”
  • “Power like the world has never seen before”

But, Kim Jong Un’s huge “eraser” has been fortified with missiles, more missiles, ICBM’s and nuclear tests. Kim hasn’t sent out any tweets, which is a good thing, but Kim had TV announcers did the bashing against the U.S. for him.

Then Trump had a change of heart and took the tine off to praise Kim in another tweet:

“Kim Jong Un of North Korea made a very wise and well seasoned decision.”

With that, the color of Trump’s red line magically changed color turned “green.”

So. What did Kim do to response for Trump’s grsture?? 

He promptly shot another missile over Japan to tell Trump that he didn’t give a damn of what Trump thought.

Then, predictalbly, came Trump’s tweet:

  • All options are on the table.

Apparently Trump wanted to change the color of his “line in the sand” back to red againt. 

Words without action to follow through are just words. 

To North Korean’s Kim, they mean nothing at all.

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