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To China, Trump is a product of a failed political system May 24, 2018

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All American politicians, starting from Trump, can’t look pass beyond their next elections.

China plans for decade and longer.

China views Trump as a disease of democracy which needs to be taken care of at this juncture.

Read this article and you’ll understand the mindset of China’s leaders when they confront Trump’s shifting tactics.

China knows what it wants and will not back down on this demand. China also knows its weakness, e.g..ZTE, and is willing to yield to some of Trump’s demands. It will make Trump looks good while fulfil China’s objectives.

No one knows what Trump’s trade policy is but China is willing to deal with him and use it to make the necessary changes to the structure of China’s economy which China urgently needs.

Every crisis is an opportunity.

Currently, the unpredictable Trump is a crisis. ZTE is a crisis.

The opportunity is the transformation of the Chinese economy. The opportunity is an urgent push to be able to make most of the semiconductors China needs in China.


Finally, something good from the Trump WH May 21, 2017

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Remember these tweets and statements from Trump on China: 

“currency manipulator,” 

“unfair trade partner,” 

“raping our nation,” 

“we have a lot of power with China,” 

“theft of American jobs,” 

“lost 60,000 factories,” 

“Did China ask us if it was OK to devalue their currency?” 

“when Donald J. Trump is president, China will be on notice that America is back in the global leadership business and that their days of currency manipulation and cheating are over,” 

“I would do a tax. And the tax, let me tell you what the tax should be … the tax should be 45%,”  

And we all know what kind of person Trumo is: “he (Trump) is someone going to carry through on what he says.” 

Then of course we had these words from China:

“We hope President-elect Donald Trump, who will very soon go into (the) White House, will handle himself with respect, accountability and responsibility and become a force of peace and stability rather than making whimsical and capricious remarks aimed at surprising the world.” 

So, after a war of words, what do we have recently? A trade agreement between China and the U.S of A.

So, did Trump lie? Maybe Trump simply didn’t know what he was talking about. Well, on the other hand, maybe Trump was a smart cookie by talking tough before doing a deal.

We’ll find out what kind of person Trump is: a born liar or a smart business man.

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