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Deplorable March 13, 2018

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America’s twitter president, a f*****g moron according to Tillerson, was at it again. This time Trump fired Tillerson on a tweet without telling Tillerson first.

Source: Fox News

Having a boss like Trump who kept pulling Tillerson’s leg in public, is the worst nightmare anyone can ask for. Tillerson doesn’t deserve this deplorable treatment and America doesn’t deserve a president like Trump.

Hmmm…, maybe it does for all the bad things it has done to other countries since the end of WWII.

Well, the more chaotic the White House is, the happier America’s enemies are.

Keep tweeting and keep making a mockery of the White House and yourself. The world is watching and laughing.

I know Putin is so happy that he can’t stop laughing.

You should read this December 31, 2017

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What Tillerson Won’t Admit: The U.S. Has No Leverage https://www.bloomberg.com/view/articles/2017-12-28/what-tillerson-won-t-admit-the-u-s-has-no-leverage

It goes to show how little Tillerson and Trump can do in a world where the U.S. has already lost its influence.

With Russia and China forming an economic and military alliance, with Europe firmly against Trumo’s policies, the glory days of American supremacy are over.

A new world order with China in the dominant position has emerged.

Care to count how many friends America still have these days?

Fewer than 10?

Tilletson to get fired soon? August 31, 2017

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The primary reason Tillerson was selected by Trump to be the Secretary of State is Tillerson’s personal tie with Putin. His dealing with oil producing countries in the Middle East is certainly a big plus too.

However, with potential Trump/Putin collusion investigated by multiple parties in the U.S., Tillerson’s usefulness to Trump diminishes by the day.

Tillerson has now openly distanced himself from Trump on Charlottesville tradegy. Is Tillerson looking for a way out? Is Tillerson a few tweets away from being fired by Trump soon?

I think it will be wise for Tillerson to step away from the Trump administration because Trump is a boss who knows very little about how government works and how foreign policy should be conducted. 

Trump wants to cut the State Department by 25% and it is up to its new boss, Tillerson, to do the chopping. It puts Tillerson in such an impossible position to conduct his business. Tillerson should have told Trump that this level of cutting can’t be done in one fell swoop. 

It is Trump who doesn’t get it. It’s not Tillerson.

Trump’s real message August 27, 2017

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Tillerson, the former CEO of the ExxonMobil oil company, said Sunday that Trump spoke for himself on the hate crime committed by White Supremaciests in Chalottesville, Virginia.

Well, what Tillerson didn’t say was that Trump actually spoke for that roughly 35% of American voters who sent their last savior, Trump, into the White House. 

Will Tillerson the target of Trump’s attacking tweets?

Is Tillerson the next one to get fired or be forced out?

Trump vs Kim: A pictorial primer August 3, 2017

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First of all, take your pick to put the contest into context.

  1. 30 somthing vs. Grandpa.
  2. Happy face vs. sad face.
  3. 80後 vs. 歐吉桑


Trump to Kim: 

We’ll take you out by force. 


Trump to Graham: 

Tell Kim that I an dead serious about what I intend to do to Kim.


Kim to Trump: Take this and shove it.

Self explanatory. No further explanation is needed.


Trump to China:

It’s China’s fault because you are not doing your job and I, the president of the most powerful nation in the milky way galaxy and the leader of the world won’t allow it. Go talk to Kim and tell him to behave.


China to Trump: 

It’s not my problem. You started it and it’s up to you to solve it. 

Btw, China has a saying about you: 解鈴還需系鈴人. Use Google translation to figure out what we mean. You might learn something.

Well, China declares that North Korea is not a Chinese problem. It is a U.S. problem. China also points out that it was Trump who started the conflict in the first place. Trump can solve the North Korea problem himself and China will step aside and watch with amusement.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Trump to Tillerson

Damn it, Rex. It appears our show of force isn’t working. Tillerson, do something! Let’s fly you to Pyongyang to talk to Kim instead. Rex, it is up to you now. Go do your job or I’ll fire you.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Tillerson to Kim:

I am going to use the good cop/bad cop routine to deal with you.
First of all, Trump was just kidding when he said that he’ll kill Kim. Actually, he didn’t mean it. He want to be friends with Kim. He said a lot of stupid things like dreaming up phone calls from Boy Scout and president of Mexico. Don’t take Trump too seriously. He has a big mouth and lousy memory. He dreams a lot too.

Trump has a change of heart because Trump has all the fire power at his disposal but can’t fire a single shot. It’s all because of you (Kim). You doesn’t give a damn about Trump’s empty threats and keeps firing missiles to the sky. Can’t you just take a break and stop firing misdiles for a week or two. Trump needs some quiet time and peace of mind. Leaders around the world see him as a joke. Just ask France’s pretty face. He won’t let Trump’s hand go.

My job here is to find a ladder for Trump to climb down from without losing too much face? Can you just do that for old Rex. We can talk about having ExxomMobil do some work for you in private after dust settles. You know I have great 關係 at XOM.


So what now, Trump? 

What are you going to do with Carl Vinson, Ronald Reagon and 20+ warships currently carrying out drills around Korean Peninsula? Was it 60+ warships instead of 20+? Isn’t there is a third aircraft carrier coming to Korean water to form an “armada”? 

What will happen to your “ironclad commitment” to protect South Korea and Japan since North Korea keeps sending missiles into the sky? You know that “IC” phrase is very catchy. It has that powerful ring to it when you say it so forcefully.



Wait for my tweets. That’s when I tell the truth. I have a country to run.



Busy working on another ICBM test.


Working on 一帶一路


Hacking into U.S. 2018 election headquarters and dig more dirt on Hillary and Bill. They deserve to go to jail. Chinese call this: 吃幾天牢飯。


America the hyprocrite June 5, 2017

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It’s about time that America stops being a hypricote and a snob of the world.

The reason is simple: America hasn’t followed the ‘America value’ when dealing with its own citizens and other nations in the world.

Let’s face it, America for years has violated human rights at home and at many areas in the world. It has never earned the respect from other nations for being the holder of the standard of justice. But America continues to claim moral highground and self-rightousness while criticize other nations, almost 200 nations in 2013, for human rights violations without uttering a word of its own transgressions.

Over the years America was pround of itself for having laws and hiring quotas to prevent social injustice against minorities. But what actaully happens in everyday life in the United States tells a vastly different story. Racial discriminations and mis-treatments against blacks, Latinos, Muslims and Asians at work and in public in the U.S. are everyday occurances. Police brutalities against blacks are sometimes deliberate, always troublesome and widely seen on TV by millions of people around the world. 

Source: BBC News

Source: BBC News

When appearing in front of a mic or a video camera, many white American politicians (and talk show hosts and entertainers) are die hard human right defenders. In private, they often show their true colors as racists and look down on other races. 
Remembered what B. Clinton said to T. Kennedy and what H. Reid said in private about Obama? If you don’t or choose to ignor them, let me remind you for the sake of human rights in America. Their comments sadly illustrate ‘white supremacy’ mentality ingrained in the American culture. 

First, this shows what B. Clinton said about Obama to T. Kennedy:

Source: the Gateway Pundit

This shows what H. Reid thought of Obama:

To further illustrate this point, one can clearly see ‘white supremacy’ in the following picture which shows the confirmed members of Trump’s cabinets: 13 white males (72%), 4 women (22%) and one black (6%.)

Source: Alternet.

Other actions by the U.S. government against its own citizens and other people of the world include massive cyber survaliance on emails and cellphones of common U.S. citizens and many if not all world leaders and the use of torture at Abu Ghraib.

Trump’s executive order on travel bans to the U.S. from several muslim countries and building a physical wall along the U.S. and Mexico border were blatant violations of human rights against muslims and Latinos. The real sad truth about Trump’s action was that the same sentiments are shared by millions of Americans who helped elect Trump to become the 45th preident of the U.S. in the first place.

And what has America done to secure its national interests in the world in the past? With its massive military machines, of course. The purpose of U.S. military in any conflict is to secure dominance in air, sea, land and space. To support this objective, America has deployed in more than 150 countries and has at least 662 overseas bases in 38 foreign countries plus many others in Iraq and Afghanistan.  

While banishing other countries for their poor human right records, oppressed actions against their own citizens by autocratic monarchy governments in the Middle East were conviniently and unabashedly brushed aside by the U.S. government because many of these Islamic countries are strategic partners of the U.S. in the Middle East. America often criticizes its enemies for their poor records on human right violations but dismisses equally bad actions by their friends.

Many military actions and missile and drone attacks taken by the U.S. military against other nations aren’t viewed as legitimate or morally defensible because they were carried out for American’s self interests. Most noticeable were America’s covert, but sometimes public, frequent, forceful and always deadly interventions in the Middle East over the past decades. Civilian deaths caused by American military machines have been ignored by the U.S. government because they were viewed as colleteral damages of American’s war on terror. In fact, US military forces have been responsible for thousands, possibly millions, of civilian deaths in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Pakistan, Yemen and other regions around the world in the past decade. One might want to ask: ‘Has any of these countries invaded or attacked the United States?’

Over the past six or seven decades, America has done enough bad things around the world. Finally, it knew that the status quo can not continue. Obama’s leading from behind and Mr. Tillerson’s comments are proofs that America has finally realized that America’s glamour of self-righteousness is fast contracting. Its aggressive military and political interventions against many under-developed nations have created enough enemies for the most powerful nation in the world. For that, America is now paying for the consequences. 

America’s march to the bottom continues.

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