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Tilletson to get fired soon? August 31, 2017

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The primary reason Tillerson was selected by Trump to be the Secretary of State is Tillerson’s personal tie with Putin. His dealing with oil producing countries in the Middle East is certainly a big plus too.

However, with potential Trump/Putin collusion investigated by multiple parties in the U.S., Tillerson’s usefulness to Trump diminishes by the day.

Tillerson has now openly distanced himself from Trump on Charlottesville tradegy. Is Tillerson looking for a way out? Is Tillerson a few tweets away from being fired by Trump soon?

I think it will be wise for Tillerson to step away from the Trump administration because Trump is a boss who knows very little about how government works and how foreign policy should be conducted. 

Trump wants to cut the State Department by 25% and it is up to its new boss, Tillerson, to do the chopping. It puts Tillerson in such an impossible position to conduct his business. Tillerson should have told Trump that this level of cutting can’t be done in one fell swoop. 

It is Trump who doesn’t get it. It’s not Tillerson.


He just doesn’t care August 12, 2017

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To save money on the payroll, Trump has to fire all 755 state dept employees expelled by Putin.

Source: Yahoo News

Being a business man, Trump should know this at least. Apparently he doesn’t. Maybe he want to let them go.

Well, the State Department budget will be cut by 25% anyway. The layoff of 755 in one fell swoop will help to speed up the process a lot.

Let’s get the pink slips flying. American’s State Department has done a lot of bad things to other countries in the world for 70 years already. A 25% cut across the board in that department is a good start.

The next target: DoD?

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