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Lie after lie October 16, 2018

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If the U.S. government officials are accountable for what they said to the American people, Kudlow should resign immediately.

Source: CNBC

Democrats aren’t much better October 13, 2018

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Most Americans are screwed no matter which party is in power.

Republican’s tax cuts are extremely good for the top 1%. The other 99% won’t get much. The U.S. is saddled with a bigger deficit and a accelerating national debt it has no way of paying it off.

Democrats like to tax and spend. Higher taxes reduce Americans’ take home pay. It’s bad. Bigger government spending increases deficit and national debt. It’s insane.

Yes, I agree that without doing something on the entitlements, America is screwed. Reducing welfare benefits, seniors and poor Americans are doomed. Letting welfare benefits grow like they have been in the past, the middle class will see a bigger portion of their income goes to others who can’t support themselves. The top 1% won’t feel a thing.

Either way you look, America is doomed.

No matter which party is in charge, poor Americans will be poorer.

The middle class will continue to pay.

But, the top 1% are untouchable. They’ve been laughing to the banks. They will keep donating to the Democrats and Republicans and claim tax deductions to lower their income taxes. Life is peachy for them thanks to the Democrats and Republicans.

Deepwater Drilling Technology Review July 11, 2010

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None of Obama’s appointees on deepwater drilling review team knows anything about drilling, let alone deepwater drilling.

They are nothing more than a bunch of militant environmentalists.

This is like asking Gore to review the hoax surrounding the global warming and the faulty hockey stick curve.

Or asking gay activists to review gay ban in the military.

Or asking Charles Schumer to review tax cut proposals.

Or ask Democrats to review spending  cuts and elimination of pork.

Or asking Bill Clinton to review a draft on how one should not cheat on his wife.


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