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Will Americans die for Taiwan’s independence? May 19, 2018

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This article asks a simple question:

Do Americans want to die for Israel?

To me, the simple answer is: “no.”

Among all the allies of the United States, Israel is in a league of its own. Israel has the support of the Fifth Column in America: the so-called neoconservatives. The jewish State serves as an example of democracy advocated by the U.S. It is allowed to buy the most advanced weaponry from the U.S. without telling the world what it has purchased. It has enjoyed generous financial and military aids from the U.S. for decades. And last but not the least, Israel is “allowed” by the U.S. to own nuclear weapons without signing the Treaty of Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons.

With Trump moving American embassy to Jerusalem, tensions between Israel and surrounding Arab states will no doubt escalating.

What if a war breaks out between Iran and Israel, will America send U.S. soldiers to fight with the Israeli soldiers?

Most likely not.

By the same token, what if a war breaks out between China and Taiwan 10 years from now, will America send ground troops to Taiwan and shoot Chinese soldiers?

Definitely not.

When the bad news is overwhelming, change topic April 14, 2018

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That’s what Trump did with Syria missile strikes.

I believe that there will be more strikes over the weekend until Tuesday just to drawn out Comey’s interviews with the major networks.

What do you think of the timing of the strikes? Is it a coincidence or is there a hidden agenda with Trump?

Trump probably sleeps a little better tonight because, in his own mind, he thinks he just let all the air out of Comey’s interviews this weekend.

Shall I sell my stocks and short the S&P 500? April 11, 2018

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Never before in America history since the Vietnam war has a U.S. president led the country so close to war with so many countries at the same time: Russia, China, Iran, Syria and North Korea.

Source: The Guardian

Source: Business Insider

Actually, Trump had already declared trade wars with many countries with new tariffs on steel, aluminium and many other items.

May be I should just sell first and ask questions later because no one knowswhat’s coming in the next tweet: an aircraft carrier or a missile.

A crane and two clams fight to the death April 11, 2017

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The fisherman on the sideline benefits without doing a thing.

In Chinee, it means:


Pictures are worth a thousand words. 

You’ll know who is the crane and who are the clams.
You’ll have to guess who the fisherman is.

The U.S. wants Assad out. America is building another nation. It just can’t stop messing around with other nation’s business, can it?

Trump apparently wants to start two regional wars, one chemical and one nuclear, at the same time. 

Now, how many Koreans are there in the United States and how many of them are from the North of the 38th parallel?

What will North Korea do? 

What will Trump do?

What will Russia do? Back to “Cold War” again?

麻煩了! April 7, 2017

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America: paper tiger of the 21 century December 26, 2015

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Regime change has been a very important foreign policy goal for the United States.

If a foreign government becomes a friend of one of America’s enemies, it automatically becomes a target of regime change for CIA. Once the undesirable foreign government is toppled, nation’s building phase using American tax money officially starts.

The following countries have all suffered from regime changes in the hands of CIA and American soldiers in the past: Korea, Iran, Lebanon, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Kuwait, Iraq, Guatemala, Indonesia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Dominican Republic, China, South Vietnam, Philippines, Brazil, Chile, Afghanistan, Turkey, Poland, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Somalia, Syria, Haiti, Bosnian, Sudan, Albanians, Yugoslavia, Pakistan, Yemen, Colombia and Libya.

The major players were CIA, State Department, Secretary of State, ambassadors to foreign countries, foreign embassy attaché, anti government activists in the US, anti government groups in the US, opposition party leaders, weapons dealers, foreign governments, international drug dealers, money transfer units of major banks, media, organizational crime groups and cyber attack units.

The weapons of choices are: money, drugs, radio programs, TV shows, guns, cannons, anti tank rockets, helicopters, fighters jets, bombers, Tomahawk cruise missiles, special op forces, aircraft carriers and American troops.

For years, America sometimes did it overtly but most regime change operations were done covertly. America did it routinely under the auspices of American national security and national interests.

However, U.S. seldom acknowledged such operations existed let alone admitted it openly to the media.

Well, John Kerry didn’t follow the script and seemingly on 12-15-2015 admitted that regime change has always been America’s policy in Syria since the beginning.

And John said it After he had a meeting with Putin in Moscow.

Here was what Kerry said to the media:

“The United States and our partners are not seeking so-called regime change,” in Syria.

For years, Obama and other US officials have insisted that al-Assad has to go. It changed after Putin sent in Russian troops, helicopters and fighter jets.

For the most part, the regimes which have been changed in the hands of the CIA were small and weak. With a few exceptions,  America basically rolled over them with little efforts.

When Putin stepped in with his guns blazing, Obama promptly backed down and asked Kerry to say that Assad can stay. For now. Kerry did add that Assad has to step down in the future. Just not now.

So what’s happening to the ones supported by the U.S. in its effort to replace Assad?

They are being killed by Putin’s soldiers because they mean nothing to the U.S.

Is it fair to say that America is the paper tiger of the 21 century?


4 or 5 instead of 5400 October 9, 2015

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US Pentagon said that our tax dollars in the amount of $500 million has so far produced 4 or 5 Syria rebel fighters instead of 5400 rebels originally planned for 2015.


Source: BBC News

Nearly all rebels who have gone through the training program set up  by the US advisors have been rounded by and left their weapons and equipment to a group called Jabhat al-Nusra inSyria.

Now Russian fighter jets are killing them because they are a threat To Assad.

So what does Obama do? Yield to Russia and kowtow to Putin by pulling away from the rebels and leave them die in the hands of Russia and Syria.

U.S.         0           Russia     1
U.S.         0           Syria        1
Obama   0            Putin       1
US Tax Payers                    0

Prelude of a proxy war October 5, 2015

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Obama’s Middle East policy is crumbling down in front of our eyes like a house of cards.

America wants to get rid of al-Assad and build a new nation first through the hands of US trsined rebels and then ISIS. Both strategies failed miserablly. The weaken al-Assad called Putin and Russia got a perfect excuse to ‘protect Russian national interest’ and send in heavy fire power recently.


Source: Fox News

Now, Russian jets are bombing US backed rebels instead of killing ISIS.


Source: Fox News

What will Obama do: back up rebels and fire back at Russian fighter jets or let Putin does what he wants which is standing up against the U.S. and extending Russian’s influence into Mideast?

I don’t think Obama has no option but to back down unless Obama wants a proxy war with Putin.

Super power?

What super power?

All I see is a deflated Obama playing 2nd fiddle on the world stage and a once mighty nation fading into old age because of diminishing influence in the world, heavy and growing national debt, weak economy, 10% U6 unemployment rate and more and more citizens working 2 or more jobs just to get by. In the mean time, huge military spending becomes less effective and drags down the back of the nation. Obama’s foreign policy and his view on America in the world only accelerate America’s eventual dimise.

百足之蟲 死而不僵。It will take some time. The history will mark Obama’s 8 years in WH as the pivotal point which marks the beginning of an end: the end of American’s hegemony.

Nation building or destruction? September 30, 2015

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America wants Syria’s al-Assad out of power because al-Assad is a friend of Iran.

America, under Obama’s twist logic, didn’t face ISIS head on in the beginning because Obama wanted to use ISIS to get rid of al-Assad so that America can achieve its objective w/o actually commit any force on the ground.

Well, Obama’s strategy didn’t work: 1. al-Assad Is still in power,
2. ISIS got stronger because they took over American weapons left behind by the fleeing Iraqi soldiers, 3. hundreds of thousands of innocent people got killed by American drones and fighter jets,
4. Europe got more immigrants thanit can handle, and
5. Russia’s Putin got a perfect excuse To send in Russian tanks, fighter jets, ground troops and Naval vessels.
6. Even China’s air carrier got a chance to practice its war fighting plans.

What does Obama have to say at UN other than admiting defeat? Well, he said that US is no longer the super power of the past years and begged other nations in the world to help the U.S. because America can’t do everything by itself anymore.

Are you surprised? You shouldn’t be.


Kerry in Iraq. Why? June 23, 2014

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Kerry is in Iraq for talks with Maliki. He is trying to get rid of Maliki and get someone who is willing to share power with Sunni and Kurds to run the government.

America has promoted Democracy as the supreme style of governance to the world but America ignores Iraqi’s latest election in which Maliki’s party won the most seats. So, do you call America a bully messing in other country’s business or do you call America a friend of Iraq?

So what does Kerry really want by talking to Maliki’s political enemies?

He wants to prevent Iran from forming an alliance with Iraq. The undeniable fact after Iraqi’s US-engineered democratic election is that a new geopolitical power is emerging in the Middle East, Iran, Iraq and Syria, led by no other than America and Israel’s worst enemy: Iran.

Another potential problem for the world is that this Shiite blocks’ cloud on crude oil market has been elevated: Iran and Iraq holds almost 300 billion barrels of oil reserve, 10% more than that of Saudi Arabia. If Iran and Iraq is united in their crude oil policy, they, instead of Saudi Arabia, will be a force big enough to potentially call the shots in the crude oil market even with America’s shale oil upsurge noted.

The reason is simple: Saudi’s oil fields are old. Many of them started their productions some 50 years ago. It is questionable whether Saudi has enough spare capacity to act as the balancing force in the oil market. Saudi’s oil fields are off limit to foreign oil companies. In addition, Saudi hasn’t published any data and all the world can go by are Saudi’s official words.

Iraq is a different story. It has huge potential to ramp up its production to several million barrels given proper investment and security control. Iraq has seen very limited oil production since a US-led UN financial and trade sanctions against Saddam’s government a quarter of century ago. Since the embargo was lifted in 2003, foreign oil companies have been working with Iraqi’s government in the forms of JV and partnership. With a steady in flow of capital, oil production in Iraq has increased to about 4 million barrels in 2014, the highest in many decades. Currently, Iran produces about 3 million barrels of oil per day according to OPEC data and Iran can produce much more than that if the sanction is completed lifted.



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