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Sex, cheat, lies, hush money and Impeachment? March 12, 2018

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As far as American scandal is concern, it just can’t get any intriguing and hilarious than what’s being played out in the White House and on national TV day in and day out these days.

Thanks to the current president of the United States of America, a beautiful, real life, professional porn star, an enthusiastic liberal news media, a defensive Fox News, a White House press secretary and a host of conservative radio talk show hosts.

Trump had sex with a professional porn star while married to his third wife. The relationship last almost a year according to a court proceeding filed by the lawyer for the porn star.

So, should this pnow famous porn star be called Trump’s “xiao san 小三” or “xiao si 小四”? A formal debate on Tweeter seems appropriate at this time. Trump should lead the discussions and his adult family members should participate too despite their busy foreign policy affair duties.

Trump cheated on his children’s mother and step-mother but no one cared about his wife’s and his youngest son’s feelings. I guess that this isn’t important in the grand scheme of things for them and for Americans.

Trump lied about the relationship in public and called his almost year-long relationship and other similar allegations from 20 other women fake news. White House also publically denied that the close encounter of the intamate kind has never happened between the two. Lately, mounting evidence has forced the White House to eat their own words and admitted the affair.

Trump must have instructed his lawyer to pay the porn star hush money, $130,000 to be exact, to keep her mouth shut right before the presidential election in November 2017. Trump’s lawyer said that he paid her out of his own pocket without telling Trump about it. 鬼才相信這種鬼話。Trump didn’t sign the NDA which I think could give him “Plausible Deniability” of the payment. However, since Trump didn’t sign the NDA, the NDA is invalid, so said the porn star’s lawyer. In other words, she isn’t bounded by the NDA and can talk freely about the affair. Looks like Trump and his lawyer are in a shithole.

Trump is being sued by the porn star because she wants to shed some light of their relationship for big money. Who knows, she is so famous that she’ll probably be a presidential candidate of the United States of America one day.

As far as Trump being impeached sometime down the road, it will be predicated on winning more than 25 seats in the House by the Democrats in the upcoming mid-term election. Republicans impeached Clinton because he lied about his relationship with Lewinsky. Democrats are itching to return the favor and Trump is by far the perfect candidate to cheer the liberal base up.

So much for the background info which you already know of. But have you noticed that somethings are missing in this real life realty TV drama?

Yes, a lot of things are missing:

The Republican Party is missing because it is hiding behind a wall of silence. It should have called for an investigation into the payment of the hush money but they won’t even though many in the Republican Party are fed up by Trump’s reckless behavior and denigration of the presidency and America.

The Women’s rights organization is missing. Who else can speak for women’s rights and rally against sexual harassment by men than Women’s right organization?

The Christian right groups are missing. They are supposed to represent family values and should take this opportunity to speak out against extra marital affairs in public.

The FEC commissioners are missing. They should investigate the payment of the hush money paid by the Republican candidate and its effect on 2017 presidential election.

The outcries by American parents against Trump’s extramarital affair are missing. Presidents of the United States should be held by the highest standard of society values. They should represent a country’s ethic standards and serve as role models for millions of kids too.

I guess I am too naive.

The Trump-Stormy saga continues.

Sarah, one more booboo you’re fired. March 9, 2018

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The peril of working for Trump.

Source: Yahoo News

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