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China’s Moon Landing December 14, 2013

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Associated Press just reported that China has successfully “soft” landed a probe on the moon. The probe is called Chang E, No. 3 “嫦娥三号.”


My first thought was “长江后浪推前浪 一代新人换旧人” which literally means that “Waves of the Long River, Yangtze Riverare pushed by waves from behind signaling the old generation is replaced by new one.”

America did it almost 40 years ago but it has moved on to other things partly because it saw limited benefits from this expensive program going forward. Budgetary constraint also was an important factor for its ultimate demise.

When a country spends more than it takes in years in and years out, something has to give. Federal budget is rising at an alarming rate and the “national debt can” has just been kicked down the road one more time with the Ryan-Murry budget agreement. America is simply broke and that’s why NASA became expandable. Space research takes a back seat from food stamps and 99-week unemployment benefits. Sadly the mighty America is starting to pay for its extravagant spending habit. The slow march to decline is inevitable.

Same goes for Soviet Union because it couldn’t afford to compete with the wealth America in the 70’s and 80’s. Finally, Reagan‘s military buildup bankrupted Soviet Union and the once mighty Soviet was crushed not by bullets but by economic reality.

Sounded familiar?

Chinese has this saying that has been demonstrated in many situations:


which means “family wealth seldom passes beyond three generations. Look at all past empires and it seems that history has a funny way to repeat itself, doesn’t it?

My only wish is that the members of the collective leadership in China have the benefits of China and Chinese people in their hearts when they decide on domestic regulations, military expansions and foreign policies.

A new China is emerging and the road to prosperity is a long one. Simply getting there is only the beginning.

Remember: “创业维艰 守成不易

By the way, in case you are wondering, Chang’e, 嫦娥, is the Chines goddess of the Moon. Here is the link and a couple of painting of her:

Chang'e Flying to the Moon (Ren Shuai Ying).jpg

                              Chang’e    嫦娥

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chang%27e

                            Chang’e    嫦娥

Source: google image


Bill Clinton Lied. Hillary is no different. January 15, 2011

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A pre-requisite of a politician is be able to lie.

Be able to lie in front of cameras.

Be able to lie with a straight face.

As such, the higher the office, the greater a liar she or she has to be.

Bill Clinton lied. He lied under oath. He lied in front of cameras. He knew he lied.

And he got caught, humiliated and impeached. He got what he deserved unless he liked jail better.

Hillary lied as well. Her lies before the visit of China’s President next Monday are strictly for domestic consumption because China does not believe her or the Obama Administration. She said that the US is not trying to contain China. The US is merely cultivating allies in Asia to help it manage Beijing’s increasingly bold projection of military and economic power.

She is either 睁着眼说瞎话 “zheng1 zhe1 yen3 shui1 xia1 hua4” or, shall we say,  放狗屁 “fang4 gou3 pi4”:


The United States is no question the most powerful nation in the world with influences felt every corner of the world: Mid-East, Europe, Americas and Asia.

Except China.

The US treats China as its enemy and a threat to its super power position. It is uniting China’s neighbors; South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam and India; to contain China’s expansion both militarily and economically.

The US is hoping a repeat of the outcome of the Cold War with Russia where a military race with America bankrupted the former Soviet Union.

The United States has lost the economical war to China. In less than 20 years, from 1993 to 2000, the US  has become the biggest debtor nation in the world. The only thing the US has going for it is the US dollar which is used as the reserve currency of the world. That position is slowly being chipped away. When, not if, it happens, all hell breaks lose and the US will be in shit hole so deep that it has no way of getting out ever.

Now, let’s go back to the Cold War between the US and China.

The US wants a Cold War with China. I say:”Let them have it.”


Because that’s a sure way of bankrupting a nation, especially a nation like the United States.

Yeah, $600 billion per year! $700 billion per year! Why not $800 billion per year?

Let’s the US Congress approves all the weapons the military wants while green back is the king in the world. We are only talking about tax dollars from its citizens.Who cares about the national debt?

The thing is that the $700 billion or $800 billion won’t stimulate the US economy like it used to after the Great Depression. That $700 billion or $800 billion buys a lot of pork, supports a lot of waste and stimulates the economies of other countries where US stations its troops at.

Let the US borrow more money from China and Japan to fund its ambition of being the superpower in the world. It adds no real value to its economy. You can’t eat bullets. You can’t eat air carriers. You can’t eat cruise missiles either. And all that inventories require a lot of money to keep them functioning at all times while the roads, water pipes and infrastructures are crumbling down. They only serve one purpose and one purpose only: maintaining an image of the most powerful nation in the world. Other than that it has no real value except hastens America’s road to bankruptcy.

With all the lies from Clinton, China will not be easily intimidated. And China will do what it plans to do: 5 years at a time.



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