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Cold Wars with China and Russia July 16, 2014

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Snowden told us that America’s NSA has been checking on everyone who is somebody for decades.

Now Russia will do the same to America with their long-forgotten spy bsse in Cuba. Hmmm…, the 2nd chapter of the US-Russia Cold War is about to begin.


Sourceb The Guardian.

Don’t forget that the US started a Cold War with China with America’s ‘Asia Pivot’ when Hillary was working for Obama.

Obama, look what you have done th the United States, the one your wife hasn’t been proud of for 40+ years.

You now have two enemies. Wait, Al Qeada isn’t fond of you. Israel isn’t exactly your friend either. Iran, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Egypt and a few ithers probably don’t consider you a friend either.

Hmmm…., Obama, where are you going to send your next new air carrier fleet to?

Obama, look what a mess you have gotten America trapped in.

US not trustworthy October 25, 2013

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Foreign countries will no longer trust America no matter how many times Obama calls Merkel. It’s like an egg on American’s face which can’t be washed off easily.

Obama’s order to force Bolivia president’s private airplane to land in Austria has already caused serious consequences in its relationship with many South America countries. These countries will think twice before doing business with the U.S. again.

NSA’s monitoring of domestic and international communication has stirred up hatred towards American’s policy. This kind of action is simply not acceptable according to international laws. No amount of denying from Obama will ease other countries’ concerns. Even France and Germany are leery of American’s action and they will not be satisfied with whatever Obama or American ambassadors told them for a long time.

US federal government shutdown and debt ceiling impasse has became a joke among financial markets and other countries in the world. America’s credibility has been seriously damaged too. QEs by US Federal Reserve has other countries worried and countries like China, Russia, Korea and Germany will re-evaluate their foreign reserve policies. They will likely diverting some of their foreign currency holdings to other currencies such as Euro because Europe has started to emerge from financial ruins created by America five years ago. It appears that Euro as the single currency for EU countries is no longer in question and there is even some talk of creating a de facto central bank for EU countries. 

China will speed up its move to create more direct currency swaps with other countries, especially in South America,  in an effort to increase their acceptance of Renminbi in bilateral trades. As such,  the status of American dollar being the world reserve currency will be in question.

The high drama of currency war has just started. America, being the bully of the world, will continue to enjoy the privilege of being able to print the world reserve currency whenever it feels like it.

With American’s national debt at 100+% of US GDP and with America government borrowing 40 cents of every dollar it spends, the day of reckoning for the imperial empire is just around the corner.

世界日报奉承美国还为美国杨威打气 September 30, 2013

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世界日報在它二零一三年七月五號的社論 ”史諾登案印證強權政治和國威“ 里竭盡其能的標榜美國的強權政治,美國的霸气和美國不顾国际公法公开欺負小國的行為。

World Journal editorial, July 5, 2013.

World Journal editorial, July 5, 2013.


全文没有一句指责美国恃强凌弱的行为也没有提到美国如此乱用强权是否违犯了国际公法。社论中一再的提到美国用它外交,经济,贸易,以及强大的军事力量作后盾而做到美国 “意志无处不在,屈服他国和他人” 的效果。

世界日报還神气活现的说 “这就是国家实力。”



America‘s Pivot to Asia August 17, 2013

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The first country习近平 “Xi Jinping” visited after he was appointed the General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party. 中国共产党中央委员会总书记,  was Russia. And judging from Putin’s facial expression, I believe he had a great time playing host to 习近平 too.



Well, why Russia? Why Putin? Why not America? Why not Obama?

Isn’t America wildly recognized as the most powerful country in the world? How come Obama wasn’t showing Xi Jinping around the White House at that time? Are Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin trying to send a not-too-subtle message to Obama and the United States?

And who prompted Xi’s visit to Russia to begin his international tour anyway?

Well, just for the fun of it, before I talk about the “因果” of America’s pivot to Asia, let’s take a look of Putin and Obama when they had a chance to work together recently. You’ll find out whether they were having fun time together.


Source REUTERS/Kevin Lamarqu

Well, enough of this fun stuff. Let’s talk about the topic on hand, i.e.: 言归正传。

There is no doubt that the ones who started the whole thing; or “始作俑者; shǐ zuò yǒng zhě,” were none other than Hillary and Obama.

Hillary and Obama were responsible for China’s pivot to Russia and Russia’s pivot to China. Hillary and Obama were the ones who made Xi and Putin friends at the expense of the United States. The 21 century version of the Cold War has officially started but this time America has two enemies: China and Russia.

Obama has a bigger problem though: he has made Vladimir Putin his enemy (Remember the picture?) and made half a friend in Xi Jinping.

Ever since the beginning of Arab Spring, Obama has in essence walked away from Middle East and has ceded the world leadership position to whoever came forward to fill the void. Obama instead focused on ruining more American people’s life with more liberal agendas.

Of course, that didn’t mean Hillary was sitting on her butt and enjoyed the perks afforded to her paid by us; the other 53% of American people.

In fact, she tried very hard to mask her ineffectiveness in foreign policies by flying in and out of JFK and IAD and pretending she was busy with diplomatic matters. One of the areas Hillary visited a lot was Asia.

For more than a decade, America ignored Asia because it had its hands tied with al Qaeda, Iraq wars and war in Afghanistan. Ever since Osama was killed by navy seals, not Obama because he was merely carrying out pre-existing orders passed down from Bush, Obama has been telling American people that al Qaeda has been defeated. He said that al Qaeda has been on the run and was on the brink of total collapse.

With Obama’s “mission accomplished against al Qaeda” narrative, American’s military machine needs another adversary and China’s rapid buildup of its military made it an obvious target. Of course, the fact that China is destined to overtake America as the largest economy in the world also made US policy makers, including Hillary, uneasy. The threat of U.S. dollar losing its reserve currency status made the matter that much more urgent.

With liberal think tanks’ urging and Obama’s approval, Hillary pivot America back to Asia. The dagger is aimed squarely at China.

Of course, China knew Hillary’s intention because when something quacks like a duck and walks like a duck, it is a 如假包换的鸭子, real duck.

In other words, the seeds of the 21st Century version of cold war have been sowed.

This was the “因.”

Of course, seeds need constant attention and continuous cultivation to prosper. Hillary knew that. She flew in and out of Asia, visited many Asian countries and attended several meeting in Asia too. In the end she was able to recruit a few willing participants including Japan and a couple of 小角色 (small potato): Philippine and Vietnam. Her visit to India didn’t produce anything concrete for the US and nothing has come out of her visit to Myanmar either.

Of course, Japan has never ever considered China a friend. To Japan’s hard right, China has been a takeover target since Japan first started invading China’s coastal villages and shipping ports since the 1300’s. It culminated into Japan’s invasion of China in 1937 and its ultimate defeat and unconditional surrender in 1945. Hillary’s invitation to Japan was a god-send and Japan accepted it without any reservation whatsoever. Japan was glad that US decided to take on China because ever since Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan has been a loyal servant to the imperialist America.

Philippines and Vietnam were recruited because of their territorial disputes with China. They were two pawns or two 摇旗呐喊跑龙套的小角色 if you like.  They are inconsequential in the great scheme of things but may offer some minor headaches for China here and there. Let’s face it, at the end of the day, America will not send American soldiers to defender Philippine or Vietnam if China threatens military actions against these two nations. However, I will not be surprised if Philippine allows the US to build a port for one of American’s air carrier fleets if the price is right. Vietnam will stay more or less neutral because of its ties with Soviet Union in the past.

All this being said China and Russia are glad to see this development because China needs Russia and Russia needs China.

China needs Russia because of its vast amount of crude oil and natural gas. Russia’s military technology and weaponry are a good source for China’s technological development in years to come. There are a number of things that China will be glad to receive Russia’s assistance.

Russia needs China too. This is because Russia’s largest economic customer, Europe, is mired in several years of recession. China is a natural replacement for Russia’s European markets. In addition, China’s deep pocket can help Russia maintain its economic growth and China can be a good source of capital if Russia wants to develop its Siberia resources.

This is probably why Xi Jinping paid Putin a visit right after he was appointed the new leader of China. He wanted to tell Putin that China valued Russia’s friendship and China considers Russia the most important ally in the world. The message was loud and clear and it also looked like a slap on Obama’s face. But since Obama didn’t think he is the leader of the free world, the slap on his face didn’t matter at all.

With the stage of Cold War set, both sides continued their empty threats by conducting military exercises: US with Japan, US with Philippine, US with Vietnam verses China and Russia having several of their own too. For instance, China and Russia had their largest-ever joint naval exercises in the Sea of Japan and Russia held its largest military exercise ever about a month ago: 160,000 troops, 5,000 tanks, dozens of ships and 130 combat aircrafts. I believe that the show of force was aimed at Obama and the message was:”Step aside, Obama. Russia, under Putin, will take part and be recognized as an important player on the world stage.” Since then, Russia was on the opposite end to Obama on many international issues: Iran, Syria, G20, Japan, nuclear arms talk and finally Snowden.

This is one of the “果” from Hillary and Obama’s pivot to Asia: Obama gained an enemy in Putin.

Now, China, being the cool head and a smart guy in the room, quietly secured multi-decade contracts on crude oil and natural gas supplies from Russia via newly completed pipelines, worked with Iraq to developed its vast petroleum resources, continued working on China’s ambition of sending a team of astronauts to and back from the moon, set up a space station for military and scientific researches, built up its air force and navy include several air carriers and advanced fighter jets, tightened the noose around马英九and 民进党’s necks, and secured numerous natural resources in Canada, Africa, Central Asia, U.S. and Europe. On Snowden, China got what it wants from him and let Snowden go to Russia so that it won’t openly upset America that much.  

This is what has been called”韬光养晦,” or staying out of the lime light and constantly improving yourself: militarily, technologically, scientifically, and economically.

This is also the other “果” from Obama and Hillary’s pivot to Asia.

The new, 21 century version of the “新三国演义” has officially started. The first chapter has been written even though one of the three players, Europe, was missing in action.


Before the second chapter can officially begin, America has to take care of this not too small problem that will stay with American people for decades if not centuries to come: al Qaeda.

Obama lied to American people on al Qaeda and on Benghazi. America had to close 21 of its embassies and told American people to stay away from certain parts of the world. This messy side show will continue because al Qaeda will not let it die; not when drones keep killing innocent Arabs and Muslims.

Europe Union will not be a major player for a long time because it has to take care of its mounting sovereign debt problem first. After that, the issues of economic and political union will keep them occupied for decades.

Several other things to pay attention to:

1) The US national debt clock. The arm race will bankrupt America first.

2) The status of U.S. dollar.

3) Oil price.

4) China’s gold reserve.

So stay tuned. The show just started. And it is getting much more interesting with Putin in the middle.



Will Putin care? I think not. July 26, 2013

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Obama is openly talking about canceling an upcoming meeting with Putin in Russia as a protest to Putin’s miss-treatment to Obama, protecting Snowden and repeatedly voting against American’s interests aboard. 

A trial bloom on the part of WH, of course.

Will Putin yield? I think not. Now let’s see what Obama is going to do to save face.

Oh, saving face isn’t very important to Obama on the world stage. He is used to appease to the others anyway.

He’ll probably show up for the meeting as if nothing has happened. He’ll ask Putin to release Snowden. The worst it can happen is Putin will say no. No big deal.

Schumer has said that Putin was pulling Obama’s leg when Snowden first showed up in Russia. I bet Putin will be glad to do it again when the opportunity presents itself. You can bet your last nickel on it.

I’ve talked about “新三国演义” with the U.S., EU, China+Russia a few days ago. A new world order if you will. We are actually watching the prelude now.

BTW, the Great Britain doesn’t really count. They are too busy reminesening with Kings, Queens, Princes, Princesses and their royal babies. A has been, if you ask me.

Really, 真正的好戏还没上场呢!

This is really an exciting time indeed. And the best part is it is free for all of us. The intermission is three years away.

Enjoy it because it is “百年难见的好戏”。

Obama, what now? June 23, 2013

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Schumer, when refering to Snowden’s flight from Hong Kong to Moscow, said the following on CNN:

“Putin always seems almost eager to stick a finger in the eye of the United States – whether it is Syria, Iran and now of course with Snowden.”

Source: http://news.yahoo.com/u-warns-countries-against-snowden-travel-014740817.html?.b=index&.cf3=World+News&.cf4=1&.cf5=Reuters&.cf6=%2F

This of course happened after U.S. told countries in the Western Hemisphere that:

Snowden “should not be allowed to proceed in any further international travel, other than is necessary to return him to the United States.

This is just another example that the once all mighty America is no more:

1.    Of course, Putin approved the flight and, after he snubbed Obama on Syria just days ago at G8, is not afraid to take on him again.

2.    China knew full well that Obama “丢够了臉”  or has been thoroughly embarrassed at G8 in the hands of Putin. As such Obama will suck it up and hide behind his teleprompter if he is challenged on the world stage again. This was the reason why Hong Kong, by extension China, let Snowden leave. In other words, there won’t be any consequence from the U.S.

3.  Both countries were able to shame Obama publically and they did it without having to deal with the extradition mess. There are plenty of South American countries who will take Snowden in. Is there another international flight being planned for Snowden?

4.    Schumer wasn’t talking to his TV audience or Putin for that matter when he made the comment on CNN’s State of the Union program. Schumer was addressing Obama and he is telling Obama that you better make the consequence to US-Russia relation “serious.” Schumer is watching but he probably will be disappointed.

5.     The United States’s pivot to Asia has pushed China and Russia closer together than ever before. This last episode on Snowden was just a small example of how these two countries will work together to fend off America’s influence.

I bet Obama has no time for this small matter. He is busy with his family’s $50 million vacation to Africa. Better enjoy it on someone else’s money when he still can.

I wonder what my share of that tax money is? Do not forget that almost 50% of Americans do not pay any federal income tax.

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