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Islam and America September 23, 2018

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About 16 years ago when I was still in Virginia, I met a customer of mine who gave me a book discussing the very same thing this article is addressing. He was the author of that book.
I read the 400+ page book and was intrigued by the facts presented by him after considerable research. We became friends and he would come to talk to me, sometimes more than an hour, while I was still working. I still have that book but he died a few years later due to cancer.
What this article and that book were talking about, imposing Sharia law on American society and American people, I think, was the primary reason why Trump and his neoconservative advisors wanted to impose travel bans on people from seven muslim countries. That matter is still being bogged down in the court.
Europe‘s problem, particularly France and Germany, has started with its acceptance of millions of muslim refugees displaced by America’s war against Syria’s president, Bashar al-Assad, and America’s intention to impose a new and pro-America government in Syria.
Leaders in Europe took these refugees because of PC and it is the people in Europe will pay for that decision.
I have no doubt that America is their primary target and they will do their best to infiltrate American schools, civil organizations and local governments.

Islam 1: Christianity 0 September 14, 2010

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In the first run of the 21st century version of the religious war, Christianity lost to Islam in the battle ground in Florida.

Under the cloak of “protecting the troops,” Obama once again showed his appeasing to Muslims instinct and kowtow to Islam one more time.

One step at the time, the Sharia law is gaining ground on the soil of the United States as American value is pushing aside by Obama.

The president  of the United States threw the US Constitution on the ground and gave in to the threat of Muslims.

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