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Obama handed nuclear weapons to Iran August 27, 2015

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A few years later, American people will wake up to the fact that Obama allowed Iran’s Revolutionary Guard to investigate Iran’s compliance with the nuclear deal he engineered as the over riding factor which will make Iran a country with nuclear weapons.

This was one of the four secret deals that Obama and Kerry didn’t tell American people about when the deal was signed. It was the reason Iran agreed to the deal because America will never find out the truth. 

When it does, which will not take 15 years, it will be too late.

Yes, the path for military confrontation has been set. The seeds for a war has been planted.

Israel will carry out the targeted attack unilaterally. America will have no option but to join the fight because Iran has vowed repeatedly to wipe Israel from the world map and defeat the worst infidel in the world, the United States.

Yet, Obama chose to talk to Iran and appeased the country with a deal Iran couldn’t refuse. He and other democrats called it diplomacy but it was acturally selling American people short and handed America to Iran on a siliver plate.

Americans are naive and complacent.

This time it will be no different. But the negative consequence of Obama’s action will be incalculable. It will definitely accelerate America’s downfall.

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