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US sanction pushed Russia into China’s arms June 9, 2014

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Russia’s large corporations are interested in doing business using Renminbi, Hong Kong dollars and Singapore dollars according to the top guy of Deutsche Bank Russia.

Well, China wanted this to happen and to China, Russia’s 投坏入抱 正中其下怀. And China has no one but Obama to thank for. This is because that Russian’s Central Bank will have to establish a fair amount of reserve positions in renminbi to handle bilateral trades which will in time help making renminbi a major currency in the world. With enemies America (many of them in South America too) has in the world, one of this days US dollar will be in danger of losing its reserve currency status in the world.

Putin already have Crimea no matter what the new president of Ukraine or Obama say or do. Obama continues to push for more sanctions against Russia because Obama doesn’t want to be seen as a midget next to Putin.

Go ahead Obama, Xi Jinping says: “I’m Lovin’ It.”

October 16, 2013 – Point of No Return October 16, 2013

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The war against big government in the United States was lost today. Conservatives are defeated. They are out-numbered. America will collectively pick up its steps toward a big and socialist government for decades to come. Obamacare will be even more difficult to repeal, Democrats will rule the Congress and national debt will pile up year after year until the entire nation is crushed under its weight with no means to ever pay for it.

The fundamental problem is this:

Democrats are like Santa Claus; they pass out free gifts to Americans every month of every year. The majority of Americans like handouts and they will keep Democrats in power. They do not care whether the nation can afford it or not. Everyone wants to have a piece of the pie and they will leave someone else to pay for it.

The surge of shale oil and shale gas productions will delay the day of reckoning because the way America goes about it is like someone is spending his or her inheritance money. The domestic productions will reduce trade deficits, stimulate the economy and help with taxes. Once the inheritance money starts to run out in 10 to 15 years as shale oil productions peak, the rapid build up of national debt will continue and the United States will forever pay a larger share of its taxes to service the debt.

If the status of the reserve currency of the green back is in doubt, which will come someday as other nations lost confidence in US’s ability to pay back its debt, the death knell will sound and the empire will fade away along with its 10 air carriers floating in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

The drama has begun. It can not be stopped. It has reached to the point of no return.

The date is October 16, 2013. This is the day the Conservatives are marginalized.

Obama and big government win.


Bill Clinton Lied. Hillary is no different. January 15, 2011

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A pre-requisite of a politician is be able to lie.

Be able to lie in front of cameras.

Be able to lie with a straight face.

As such, the higher the office, the greater a liar she or she has to be.

Bill Clinton lied. He lied under oath. He lied in front of cameras. He knew he lied.

And he got caught, humiliated and impeached. He got what he deserved unless he liked jail better.

Hillary lied as well. Her lies before the visit of China’s President next Monday are strictly for domestic consumption because China does not believe her or the Obama Administration. She said that the US is not trying to contain China. The US is merely cultivating allies in Asia to help it manage Beijing’s increasingly bold projection of military and economic power.

She is either 睁着眼说瞎话 “zheng1 zhe1 yen3 shui1 xia1 hua4” or, shall we say,  放狗屁 “fang4 gou3 pi4”:


The United States is no question the most powerful nation in the world with influences felt every corner of the world: Mid-East, Europe, Americas and Asia.

Except China.

The US treats China as its enemy and a threat to its super power position. It is uniting China’s neighbors; South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam and India; to contain China’s expansion both militarily and economically.

The US is hoping a repeat of the outcome of the Cold War with Russia where a military race with America bankrupted the former Soviet Union.

The United States has lost the economical war to China. In less than 20 years, from 1993 to 2000, the US  has become the biggest debtor nation in the world. The only thing the US has going for it is the US dollar which is used as the reserve currency of the world. That position is slowly being chipped away. When, not if, it happens, all hell breaks lose and the US will be in shit hole so deep that it has no way of getting out ever.

Now, let’s go back to the Cold War between the US and China.

The US wants a Cold War with China. I say:”Let them have it.”


Because that’s a sure way of bankrupting a nation, especially a nation like the United States.

Yeah, $600 billion per year! $700 billion per year! Why not $800 billion per year?

Let’s the US Congress approves all the weapons the military wants while green back is the king in the world. We are only talking about tax dollars from its citizens.Who cares about the national debt?

The thing is that the $700 billion or $800 billion won’t stimulate the US economy like it used to after the Great Depression. That $700 billion or $800 billion buys a lot of pork, supports a lot of waste and stimulates the economies of other countries where US stations its troops at.

Let the US borrow more money from China and Japan to fund its ambition of being the superpower in the world. It adds no real value to its economy. You can’t eat bullets. You can’t eat air carriers. You can’t eat cruise missiles either. And all that inventories require a lot of money to keep them functioning at all times while the roads, water pipes and infrastructures are crumbling down. They only serve one purpose and one purpose only: maintaining an image of the most powerful nation in the world. Other than that it has no real value except hastens America’s road to bankruptcy.

With all the lies from Clinton, China will not be easily intimidated. And China will do what it plans to do: 5 years at a time.



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