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You just wait. It’ll go higher April 18, 2016

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The cost to you and I will go up and it will go up even more later. There is simply no other way.


I am not surprised. Are you?

Obama and Democrats lied to the Americans with faulty math but the low information voterstook the bait and this is what we get.

Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid promised Americans that ACA will be budget neutral in the first 10 years and achieve savings longer term.

They said that ACA will:

Lower Insurance premium,
Allow you to keep your doctor,
Let you keep your Insurance company,
Be more efficiency,
Be more competitive in the market place, and
Provide better care.

Unfortunately, none of this is true.

When you are paying more for your health insurance, can you sue Obama, Pelosi and Reid for compensation because they lied to Americans?


Can you sue Republican leaders for damage because they were incompetent to defend tax payers’ rights?


You just have to eat it and watch national debt go up and up with no end in sight.

Obama is asking “Where have all the young ones gone?” January 2, 2014

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White House claimed that 2.1 million have signed up Obamacare by the end of 2013. It was also reported that roughly 4.7 million people’s existing insurance policies got cancelled because of Obamacare.


I believe that the problem facing Obama, Pelosi Reid and all Democrats can be summarized by one simple question:

Where have all the young ones gone?

Remember the song: “Where have all the flowers gone” by Peter, Paul and Mary?

Where have all the flowers gone?
Long time passing
Where have all the flowers gone?
Long time ago
Where have all the flowers gone?
Girls have picked them every one
When will they ever learn?
When will they ever learn?

I came up with this on Obamacare:

Where have all the young ones gone?
Three years passing
Where have all the young ones gone?
Just three years ago
Where have all the young ones gone?
Obama has scared them away
When will they ever learn?
When will they ever learn?

Obama shamelessly lied during the campaign. He lied when he was in the office while promoting the potential of the legislature. He lied while the House and Senate debated the merit the the law as if there is any. He lied when OBM came up with the phony balanced budget deal. He lied after the law was shoved down Americans throats. He lied when doing the victory lap in the White House.

i said before that the young ones, the ones who don’t know better, put Obama in the office and I predicted that they will suffer the consequences.

The young ones who are in good health are desperately needed by Obama. By design, they have to sign up to Obamacare because their insurance premiums are required to support the sick, the ones with pre-existing conditions, and the poor who can not afford health insurance on their own.

With only 2.1 million people signing up so far, Obama couldn’t help but kept asking himself

“Where have all the young ones gone?”

Will they ever learn from their mistakes?

The higher insurance premium now or penalties, a form of tax according to Roberts, a year later is what they will get in the mean time. They will definitely foot the majority of the new taxes associated with the Obamacare and will suffer a reduction of health care services when they need it the most: when they get older a few decades down the road.

Cause and consequence is playing out in front of our eyes for everyone to see!





Young Americans and Republicans “Eat what they sowed” December 8, 2013

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You already knew what’s going on with Obamacare, the software.

It’s a mess.


You already knew what’s going on with Obamacare, the policy.

The worst is yet to come.

You already knew how Obamacare makes people losing their full time jobs.

You already knew that Obamacare drags down the US economy.

And, finally you already knew that Obama was forced to admit that he had lied.

Yet, Obama is still in the White House and Obamacare is still the law of the land. 

If you voted for the liar and have to pay for your mistakes by way of higher insurance premium and fewer work hours, you have no one but yourselves to blame.

We call this: “自食其果.” “Eat what they sowed.”

The others got the shaft because of a failed political system: Democracy. Obama, Pelosi, Reid and Democrats worked hard for their party. They were supposed to look after the benefits of the majority of the American people. They didn’t when they have the White House, the Senate and the House.

They blatantly abused their power to benefit their own party.

This is wrong and this is the inherent flaw of this failing political system.

Republicans have no one else to blame but themselves too. Chief Justice Roberts defected to the Democrat Party. As a result, the Republican Party lost everything. With overwhelming majority of Latinos voting for Democrats, the Republican Party will be marginalized for years if not decades.

We call this  自食其果” for the Republican Party as well.

Democracy, like human nature, is fundamentally flawed and the flaws are showing up in many democratic countries in the world.

In the long run, democracy equals socialism and is doomed to fail.


Wake Up, Krugman September 27, 2010

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Krugman’s Op-Ed  piece on NY Times on 9-27-2010 debunked the myth of structural nature of the massive unemployment rate in the United States.


He said that Minneapolis Fed president Narayana Kocherlakota and Bill Clinton’s claim that  “people don’t have the job skills for the jobs that are open” is simply not true and not supported by employment data in the nation.

He argued that the problem is not structural and the real reason is

Well, there you go again, Krugman.

You are right that the structural problem is not the reason for the high unemployment rate. I give you credit for that because I agree with you on this point.

You are wrong to claim that the real problem is a “lack of policy resolve” from the US government. You said that because you are preaching the government solution again to solve the problem as a faithful liberal would do.

Well, what is so shocking to me from reading Krugman’s piece is this:

How come a Noble prize winner on economics doesn’t have any common sense?

The real reason for the high unemployment rate in the US is people are simply running out of money to spend in the first place. It actually happened in the Fall of 2005 when the housing bubble started to burst.

The academia called this “deleveraging.” It was a fancy word to say that Americans are having a debt up to their eyebrows. They didn’t have money in their savings account. They barely have enough to pay the bills on any giving month. They didn’t have any money to speak off in their 401(k) and, worse off, they may even have a loan on their accounts. They did save any money for their retirement. And they didn’t have money saved for their children’s education. What they do have are boats on the drive way. Huge flat panel TV in their living room. Fancy kitchen upgrades and a home theater in the basement or near the den. Plus a huge house that’s under water for the past three or four years.

Adding more salt to the the wound, the Three Stooges of the 21 century: Obama, Pelosi and Reid ran the federal government to the ground with lies and deceits and passed policies against people’s will with more government spending, unfunded liabilities, record-breaking deficits and extremely high national debt.

Of course, massive direct foreign investments to China and other markets in Asia and South America from US so many companies since 1993 have resulted in wholesale export of manufacturing jobs to these countries. And this was the root cause for the “structural” change of the industry and the labor market in the United States.Well, the United States has no other to blame but themselves and the capitalism because money flows to where it is treated the best.

American people who still have a job will save more at the expense of a crawling economy and a stubbornly high unemployment rate for at least two more years.

Now that the US government, like many Americans, is broke, the massive spending has to stop which American people are concisely doing right now. Let the market takes care of itself. Once people saved enough money and feel secure with their future,  they will spend again and the unemployment rate will come down structural or not.

Wake up, Krugman. Forget about arguing with other academia and the likes of Bill Clinton. You need to get out of your office and talk to people on the main street from time to time. It is no more complicated than this.

US Economy will languish until Obama is gone August 26, 2010

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In the chips sector, new regulations and higher taxes adapted by Obama administration with the help of Reid and Pelosi have added $1 billion to the construction cost of a new chip plant in the United States.

This is not my estimate. It was reported by Intel CEO Paul Otellini on Monday evening at Technology Policy Institute’s Aspen Forum.


As a result, new inventions will be developed in China or India. New jobs will be created in China and India. Wealth transfer from the United States to the rest of the world will continue and may even pick up the pace. Let’s not forget that we  pay foreign countries $280 to $300 billion every year for the privileged of using their crude oil and petroleum products. The deepwater drilling ban issued by Obama administration despite court injunctions, will exacerbate the situation.

Obama doesn’t like the fact that United States is the strongest country in the world and his policy and Democrats’ action has already pulled the U.S. down from within.

The downhill of the United States continues.

Where Obama stand on Ground Zero Mosque? August 17, 2010

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Where exactly did Obama stand on the Cordoba House near ground zero? Is he trying to please people on both sides of the issue?

He was for it on Friday with a spirited declaration of religious freedom in front of Muslim audiences but after criticisms on the news came back Saturday with a yes or no denial.

At least Reid has the guts to say that he is against it.

Obama the politician showed his true color! Again.

Repeal ObamaCare July 28, 2010

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Britain is looking into moving away from centralized national health services (N. H. S.) system after 62 years because it was a failed system: expensive, inefficient and filled with federal bureaucracy.

Britain’s N.H.S. system is a failed system because currently “how and where patients are treated, and by whom, is largely determined by decisions made by 150 entities known as primary care trusts,” and the system also uses “current government-set targets, like limits on how long patients have to wait for treatment, to treat patients.”

The new government said in a paper that “Liberating the N.H.S., and putting power in the hands of patients and clinicians, means we will be able to effect a radical simplification, and remove layers of management.”


Obama, Pelosi and Reid used lies, bribery and arm twisting tactics to passed the health care reform.

I suggested that each of the trio should give Britain’s Cameron a call. I am sure  they will realize that they have made a terrible mistake and ask for a repeal of the ObamaCare before the new Congress is elected.

If they do that, they may have a chance to stay in the office a little longer.

Besides, it is the right thing to do.

A big win for Democrat Party April 25, 2010

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Although I do not agree with any of Obama’s policy, I have to give him, along with Pelosi and Reid, credit for doing every tricks on the book to pass the health reform bill. Democrats should be proud of one of the most liberal presidents in American history.

The three lied about the costs to American people. They hid the details of the bill to Republicans and us. They used our tax money to trade favors with politicians to win their votes. Some of them or their wives will have important posts in the government. Some will likely become ambassadors. The trio used their power to threaten congressmen and congresswomen to comply. They told them that this was the beginning of a long process and things that they didn’t like, such as public funded abortion, in this bill could be amended later. They told the representatives that they have to sacrifice for the greater goods of the Democrat Party and Obama’s legacy.

To me, the most amazing aspect of this whole thing was that they had the audacity to push through this unpopular bill in the midst of rising unemployment rate and deteriorating economy. For the Democrat party and their legacy, they put aside everything else, gambled and won. And they won big. No doubt about it! They were shrewd and  tough. Hey, what else did you expect from the first black liberal president of the United states? He takes care of his base and he did it well. To hell with the Republicans! They lost the election and they lost the majority. They were totally marginalized.

The America that I knew was forever gone with the pass of this bill and I am very sad for my children even though they may not think like I do. They will be the ones who pay for this over the next 40 to 60 years. Their living standard will suffer and their taxes at every level will have to go up to support this bill.

The trio have told the American people that they will target the wealthy people because it is only fair for them to pay more. But they failed to tell the two-income earners, especially the ones who lived in the North-East and California, that they will also shoulder some of the burdens too. People who live in Northern Virginia, NY, NJ, Boston and California make more because living standards there are much higher than that at other parts of the country. As such, they push themselves into a higher tax bracket and will have to pay more taxes and take fewer deductions.

Some doctors will leave this field to do something less regulated and more profitable. Some new doctors will not know the difference because they will be under government control when they get out of the medical school. They may not have too much problem with government treatment standards because they don’t know what was done before. But I bet that they will for sure notice that money wasn’t as good as before because the big brother is having the final say.

Slowly, smart people will have less incentives to get in this field and, in 20 or 30 years, the United States may have to import doctors from foreign countries because everyone will take advantages of this free service but few doctors will be available. We’ll also need more nurses too if we want to maintain the level of the medical services. But my bet is that level of the medical service will drop over time and American people will have to do with less whether we like it or not.

And the evil insurance companies demonized by the trio will for sure making even more money because there are more people paying insurance premiums to them. They will use the new Medicare regulation as their basis to pay out benefits and limit patients’ services. If all these still fail to achieve their minimum profitability, they will just layoff some people and carry out their business as usual until the government takes over the insurance business too.

More immigrants will come in from Central and South Americas because the service will be free to them even though the law now says differently. You’ll insist that this is not the case. Need I remind you the upcoming Immigration Reform bill? Some illegal immigrants will be granted legal status simply because the Republicans have no means to stop this in the Congress. Already the largest minority in U.S., the Democrats need their votes in November and in the foreseeable future to remain in power. Some Republicans will probably do the same and the immigrant organizations will do everything they can to see this bill through. In the end, more immigrants will cross the border, they will have more kids in the United States and will get their relatives over here too. Who do not like something that’s free? Free education, free lunch at school and free medicines now; why not?

I am also sad and worried for my parents who will need more medical cares in the coming years. Medicare benefits will be cut by $500+ billion over the next ten years and they will face the blunt of the cut back for sure. What if the doctor tell me that this drug is not covered by Medicare and they have to use a less effective and cheaper drug? What if the doctor say that this procedure is not covered by Medicare and they have to go with an alternative? What if their supplemental insurance refuses to cover the difference?

Of course, I am sad and worried for me and Bao who will need more medical care over the next several decades. By then, the new health insurance policy will be in force. Medicare will provide less benefits for sure. But what will ExxonMobil do in light of this change?

I am also worried about our business and our staff. What’s going to happen with operating margin which is already small as is. What will government say and do in three or four years? I am sure that there will be a lot regulation to follow, papers to sign, fees to pay and fines to pay. I guess the 2,000 new IRS agents will spread out of the country and writing citations to individuals and businesses like traffic cops writing tickets to speeders. How can a once free and growing country end up like this? I wonder whether they have a daily minimum like some cities to supplement United States Treasury?

The question now is what’s next for the Republican Party and people who do not like this jammed down our throats. The challenges put up by many states such, as Virginia, may not hold in court. The law will be difficult to repeal even with a big win by the Republicans this November. The pendulum has swung too far to the left and the country was out of balance. Unfortunately the difference this time is that the imbalance will not be reversed.

Well, not everything is lost. The Democrats led by Obama have told us that the new health care reform will save the America billions of dollars citing the CBO March 2010 report:

“CBO and the staff of the Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT) estimate that enacting both pieces of legislation will produce a net reduction in federal deficits of $143 billion over the 2010-2019 period. About $124 billion of that savings stems from provisions dealing with health care and federal revenues; the other $19 billion results from the education provisions. Those figures do not include potential costs that would be funded through future appropriations (those are discussed on pages 10-11 of the cost estimate).”

Make sure you do not forget the $143 billion saving over ten years.

Make sure you also remember that the $143 billion saving came from collecting 10 years of taxes and offering 6 or 7 years of reduced medical services.

Make sure you do not forget this dirty trick Obama, Pelosi and Reid used to fool the America people.Only government can do something like this and actually get away from it.

Make sure in ten years that you come back to compare the $143 billion saving to the actual costs of this program.

And make sure that you find out at the end of 2014 what the actual losses will be when the program is evaluated on a yearly basis.

And make sure you find out who will be paying for this?

And make sure you find out who are supporting all these debts! Could it be China? Shall I add a few oil producing countries such as Russia, Saudi, Venezuela and Iraq?

However, one thing is for sure that the ones who had lied to us will not be there in ten years to take the punishment they so deserve.

I hate politicians!

Democrats are killing Grandmas and Grandpas March 8, 2010

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Where is AARP when the seniors need it?

The current health insurance bill, if past, will take $500+ billion away from Medicare.

Do seniors know that medical rationing is coming thanks to the gang of three: BHO, Pelosi and Reid?

BHO’s failed trip to Asia and China November 21, 2009

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The Washington Post on BHO’s Asian trip

The second most liberal newspaper in the nation, The Washington Post, has this to say in its editorial on Saturday November 21, 2009 about BHO’s trip to China:

“BHO was elected in part because he promised a more cooperative and pragmatic leadership in world affairs, but he should also be willing to stand up to Beijing.”

Are you surprised? I am because The Post has been in the pocket of BHO from .the early days of his presidential campaign. I was particularly shocked to see this kind of language from The Post:

“He was too deferential; he didn’t speak out enough on human rights; he failed to press Beijing firmly on revaluing its currency; he achieved no concrete results.”

Let me also remind you that he also

  • Didn’t get any help in Iran’s nuclear weapon matter,
  • Didn’t get any cooperation on Copenhagen conference,
  • Didn’t achieve his goal of asking China to limit North Korea’s nuclear weapon program and
  • Didn’t press hard enough to have China raising the value of RMB.

His speech and town hall meeting weren’t broadcast live. Questions weren’t allowed at his press conference. Knowing all this, he went along with China’s decision which showed his beta male and appealer characteristics.

The Post also said in it Editorial:

“He was too deferential; he didn’t speak out enough on human rights; he failed to press Beijing firmly on revaluing its currency; he achieved no concrete results.”

Other words in the editorial were: “especially disappointed”, “dispiriting” and “acquiescence.”

The Post concluded its editorial with this:

“But the American president must always be willing to stand up to Beijing in defense of core American interests and values.”

In other words, The Post finally realized that this was the worst performance ever for an American President in the world stage.

Oh yes, I forgot about his other accomplishments from his vacation in Asia:

He agreed with South Korea not to engaging in endless talks with North Korea but didn’t offer any proposal to bring this matter to a satisfied conclusion. He also said that The U.S. and its allies will send a “clear message” to Iran on its nuclear weapon program.

He also bowed to Japan’s emperor. He remembered having an ice cream in Japan. He reminded the world his tie with Indonesia. He couldn’t give up the chance to tell Asian people that he came from Hawaii. He even told Chinese about his Kenya father, Kansan mother and his sister who is ½ Indonesian and married to a Chinese-Canadian. He even said that “So when you see family gatherings in the BHO household, it looks like the United Nations. As if these personal issues matter to Chinese people.

Well, in the words of a common Chinese saying” ”他丟盡了美國的臉! ta1 diu1 jin4 le1 mei3 guo2 de1 lian3“ or lost face on behalf of all Americans.

Well, what else can you expect from a beta male?

I also can not ignore his accomplishment in the U.S.:

He will raise our taxes, our children’s taxes and our grandchildren’s taxes. He has quadrupled nation’s deficits. He will pile on record deficits for as long as our eyes can see. He is on the verge of drastically increase the size of the federal government. He may take over our health care. He will greatly push America into socialism. He has raised nation’s unemployment rate to 10.2%. He hasn’t created any jobs with his $787 billion stimulus plan.

Americans should be ashamed to have such a spineless president. Chinese should be proud of China’s firm stand against the strongest nation is the world.This is in far starker contrast to China in 1842 at the end of opium war. The signing of Treaty of Nanking “南京條約 nan2 jing1 tiao2 yue1” marked the beginning of more than 60 years of the darkest history of China’s 5,000 years of history.

China has come out of that dark shadow and every Chinese should be proud of this moment in our history.

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