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Racial divide will never end in the US December 2, 2014

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Some people will never let racial warfare die in the U.S. because:

1.   Democrats depend on it to get votes;
2.   Some so-called community leaders depend on it to make a decent living,
3.   Some people get paid and receive free food to demonstrate in these events,
4.   Some people enjoy free stuff from stores when racial conflicts break out, and
5.   The news media depends on these events to improve ratings.






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Source: Fox News mobile website

Racial warfare in the U.S. will NEVER die July 19, 2013

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DOJ trolling for email tips in Zimmerman probe


Source: Fox News

It is guys like Eric Holder, the attorney General of the United States, who will NEVER let racial tension between whites and blacks die. Other people belonging to this group include Al Sharpton,Jesse Jackson and Maxine Waters, among others. We can lump the left leaning news media in this group too.

They do it for political gains and to appease to Obama‘s base. They do it because they are looking for their next positions in the public office. They do it because they grab attention in public and keep them well funded. Racial tension in the United States is the easiest class warfare to stir up and is the most effective way to garner votes.

Double jeopardy? Who cares! Civil right violation against Zimmerman? Not in their books. These zealous lawyers can always find something to charge Zimmerman with even though FBI spent more than a year looking for racial bias on the part of Zimmerman but couldn’t find any.

It is events like this which will keep the United States forever divided along the racial line. It will drag the nation down one event at a time because too much energy is wasted on unproductive activities like this.

If Zimmerman is a black or hispanic guy, we will never hear his name mentioned on national TV. In case that you haven’t heard, the majority of  black murder victims were killed by other blacks. It is actually a bigger social problem but no one is paying attention to news like that. By default, it doesn’t qualify as news in our twisted society.

This is 阶级斗争 American style! 

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