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Lower skill level – Lower productivity July 24, 2014

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This inevirtablly translates into slower growth in the United States. The data don’t lie and the trend is obvious.



Source: The Economist

The reason: fewer smart people come to the U.S. to work.

Decades ago, many highly educated people from abroad came to the U.S. for advanced degrees. They then stayed here and worked for the U.S. in pursuit of their American Dreams.

Nowadays, their dreams are in China, Korea, Singapore, India, Russia, Brazil and a few other nations. The highly educated people still come to the U.S. for advanced degrees but they go back to their home countries because prospects are brighter there.

With Obama and Democrats encourage illegal immigrants come to and stay in the US, there are millions of less educated people from Mexico and central America countries flooding the border states. These people stayed here with little chance to get deported back to where they came from. They drain public resources and add considerable burden to American tax system. For years, they’ll take and they have little to contribute.

The result: slower growth for years to come and perpetual mediocrity; the hallmark of the Democratic Party.

Simple as that.

Do you need a PhD in Economics to figure this out?


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