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Equinox was so over-rated. Do not go. September 2, 2010

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Do not go because I guarantee you that you will be disappointed. Food was slightly better than mediocre and the service was slow and not adequate. Our waitress was quick to greet us but it took almost 5 minutes for us to get some bread. It was apparent that there was a break-down of service between the waitress and the guy who past the bread along. And we were not talking about 6 or 7 PM on a Saturday night. It was after 9 PM on a Friday about 10 days ago.

If you have to go, park your car on the street and there is no need to pay the $10 valet.

Take a look of these dishes and you tell me what’s so special about this place:

1. The dish for Chicken Liver Mousse ($10) was way too big and there wasn’t enough Garlic Crostini to go around either. Even though the mousse was creamy and nice, it wasn’t enough to let me forget the awful presentation.

2. Pan seared Halibut fillet with crab meat ($34) in a golden sauce lacked creativity and its presentation was definitely second-rated. And it tasted like any number of fish dishes one can find in many restaurants in the metro area.

3. Breast of Muscovy Duck ($30) with Slow Cooked Confit with Parsnip Puree, Broccoli-Rabe in Champagne Grape Jus. The description of this dish on the dinner menu made me so wanted to try it. But I guessed the head chef was probably on a break after a busy night and the line cook needed some lesson on presentation when he was not supervised.

4. Crispy Silver Queen Okra ($7) and the sauces were something to write home about. Try something else if you have too.

5. Broken Pistachio ($10) with Pistachio Macaroon, Lemon Verbena Ice Cream, Pistachio Puree. This was a good dessert with intensive favor and creamy home-made ice cream. However, I preferred a smaller rectangular plate though.

Peach Parfait ($10) with white chocolate mousse, lemon thyme ice cream and Earl Grey meringue. I have to admit that this dessert sounded better than it tasted. A sprig of mint will add some needed color to this dessert too.

Here is what I recommend you to do:

Equinox is way over-rated. Do not go if you have to spend your own money. By all means ordering the most expensive dishes on the menu if you are on an expense account.

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