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China quietly reshapes the world order October 29, 2017

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China Is Quietly Reshaping the World


Source: Flipboard, The Atlantic

China is bringing hope and prosperity to millions of people who have been sadly left behind by America’s world order over the past seven decades.

China’s Xi Jinping is working on One Belt One Road while America’s Trump tweets petty insults to others.

A new world order is emerging and the Middle Kingdom has returned.


Definitely May 14, 2017

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The more trouble America has, the better it is for the world and China.

The U.S. opposed One Belt One Road and the BRICS Bank (now the New Development Bank) when Xi Jinping first proposed this strategic alliance in 2013 and later threatened its allies not to joint this initiative. None of them except Japan took American advice.


Because the United States realized that it threatened America’s leadership in the world. 

So what America did to counter this threat? Pivot to the East.

Now the U.S. and Japan want in. 恬不知恥是也。

Just make them second or third tier observers with no right to vote.

BRI vs PE.

I for one like to see BRI took the lead not only on world trade but also on making friends in the world for decades and cennturies. What America leadership gave the world was one firthy rich and powerful bully, a few so-called allies, a poppy, a pawn and many enemies.

Putin slaps Trump on his wrist February 7, 2017

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Putin has shown his trump card (殺手鐧) which puts Iran under Russia’s protection. All the tweets Trump has posted lavishing Putin with words like “leader”, “very smart” and “admire” went for nothing.

Trump have been cozing up to Putin despite Putin’s “killer” label by some people in the news media. Trump sees China as America’s biggest adversary and he wants to recruit Putin to block China from accessing Russia’s natural resources. Trump also want to prevent China’s “One Belt One Road” initiative from expanding into central Asian and European countries.
What Putin did with Iran effectively put Trump on notice that U.S. – Russia alliance isn’t a free ride like Trump wants it to be.

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