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Trump got buried in Hanoi March 1, 2019

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Trump was out of his depth in Hanoi. This failure is his greatest flop yet




Appeasing Putin, abandoning Europe, withdrawing from Syria, getting out of Afghanistan, threatening Iran, betraying Palestinians, kowtowing to Kim and imposing regime change on Venezuela are signs of a chaotic foreign policy under an incompetent Trump.

Just another example of America falling by the wayside as the world marches on without the U.S.

How pitty the president of the United States.


No doubt about it June 12, 2018

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Sourc; CNBC https://www.cnbc.com/2018/06/12/china-is-having-a-big-day-after-trump-kim-summit-ex-diplomats.html

It will be a wonderful day for China and Koreas when American troops are completely out of the Korean peninsula. America’s defense budget will probably shrink by about $1.5 billion per year too.

Of course, America has about 50,000 troops and an aircraft carrier fleet stationed in Japan which probably cost the U.S. tax payers $5.5 billion each year. Well, has any American asked just what kind of return has America received from that kind of investment for the past 50 years? Of course, Japanese economy got an unwanted boost from American tax payers and local bars saw a bunch of drunken American soldiers over the weekends.

But, what did American taxpayers get other than some jobs in defense related companies such as Honeywell, Raytheon, LM and GD? Not much more!

Trump:講話不算話 March 11, 2018

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美國的皇帝 Trump :



















別相信 Trump 說的話。

David Roche is missing the point January 9, 2018

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Roche’s analysis is predicated on one of two scenarios playing out in the Korean peninsula:

  1. The U.S. moves to contain North Korea and, by default, China with missiles from the east,
  2.  Trump takes out Kim Jong Un through a strategic attack. 

Rocheconcluded that both options would signal China’s ineffectiveness at handling the situation and would result in an “almost inevitable cold war” between the U.S. and China.

I believe that Roche missed a key fact about the relationship between the U.S. and China: America has been in a cold war with China ever since Chinese oil company Cnoon was forced out trying to buy Unocal in August 2005 in a $18.5 take over bid. 

America treated China as a threat to its national security and put up a wall to slow China’s progress down. 

That’s when the cold war between America and China started.

Trump lost the war against Kim Jong Un January 7, 2018

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But, the narcissistic Trump just couldn’t stop patting himself on the back.

Source: The Guardian

What Trump forgot to say was this: ‘However, even with my menacing tweets, my rhetoric, my tough stance and the bigger nuclear bomb button on my desk, Kim Jong Un repeatly ignored me, tested ballistic missiles many times and threaten South Korea and Japanese with nuclear weapons.’

‘Now that they are talking about Olympics and I saved my face, I am going to stop tweeting because my tweets didn’t stop North Korea from becoming a nuclear power in the region.’

Shouldn’t Trump insist that South Korea leave North Korea out of the Olympics instead because Kim Jong Un has been such a bad boy ever since Trump started living in the WH? The rocket man has given me such a bad time and even called me a dotard.

Maybe Trump has forgotten all those unpleasant insults from Kim Jong Un already.

And above all a bellicose and unpredictable Trump September 8, 2017

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The statement below by Jens Stoltenberg, the head of NATO, is true but Stoltenberg should have added bellicose Trump to the mix too.

But, Jens Soltenberg fogot to mention that the U.S., Russia, Israel, India, Parkistan and China, among others, have thousands of nuclear warheads pointing to each other at all times.

That’s a real perliferation of weapons of mass destruction indeed.

Military options against North Korea won’t work August 31, 2017

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North Korea: What are the military options? – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-41095772

You have to love this! August 12, 2017

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Source: Yahoo News, Popsugae


Trump vs Kim: A pictorial primer August 3, 2017

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First of all, take your pick to put the contest into context.

  1. 30 somthing vs. Grandpa.
  2. Happy face vs. sad face.
  3. 80後 vs. 歐吉桑


Trump to Kim: 

We’ll take you out by force. 


Trump to Graham: 

Tell Kim that I an dead serious about what I intend to do to Kim.


Kim to Trump: Take this and shove it.

Self explanatory. No further explanation is needed.


Trump to China:

It’s China’s fault because you are not doing your job and I, the president of the most powerful nation in the milky way galaxy and the leader of the world won’t allow it. Go talk to Kim and tell him to behave.


China to Trump: 

It’s not my problem. You started it and it’s up to you to solve it. 

Btw, China has a saying about you: 解鈴還需系鈴人. Use Google translation to figure out what we mean. You might learn something.

Well, China declares that North Korea is not a Chinese problem. It is a U.S. problem. China also points out that it was Trump who started the conflict in the first place. Trump can solve the North Korea problem himself and China will step aside and watch with amusement.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Trump to Tillerson

Damn it, Rex. It appears our show of force isn’t working. Tillerson, do something! Let’s fly you to Pyongyang to talk to Kim instead. Rex, it is up to you now. Go do your job or I’ll fire you.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Tillerson to Kim:

I am going to use the good cop/bad cop routine to deal with you.
First of all, Trump was just kidding when he said that he’ll kill Kim. Actually, he didn’t mean it. He want to be friends with Kim. He said a lot of stupid things like dreaming up phone calls from Boy Scout and president of Mexico. Don’t take Trump too seriously. He has a big mouth and lousy memory. He dreams a lot too.

Trump has a change of heart because Trump has all the fire power at his disposal but can’t fire a single shot. It’s all because of you (Kim). You doesn’t give a damn about Trump’s empty threats and keeps firing missiles to the sky. Can’t you just take a break and stop firing misdiles for a week or two. Trump needs some quiet time and peace of mind. Leaders around the world see him as a joke. Just ask France’s pretty face. He won’t let Trump’s hand go.

My job here is to find a ladder for Trump to climb down from without losing too much face? Can you just do that for old Rex. We can talk about having ExxomMobil do some work for you in private after dust settles. You know I have great 關係 at XOM.


So what now, Trump? 

What are you going to do with Carl Vinson, Ronald Reagon and 20+ warships currently carrying out drills around Korean Peninsula? Was it 60+ warships instead of 20+? Isn’t there is a third aircraft carrier coming to Korean water to form an “armada”? 

What will happen to your “ironclad commitment” to protect South Korea and Japan since North Korea keeps sending missiles into the sky? You know that “IC” phrase is very catchy. It has that powerful ring to it when you say it so forcefully.



Wait for my tweets. That’s when I tell the truth. I have a country to run.



Busy working on another ICBM test.


Working on 一帶一路


Hacking into U.S. 2018 election headquarters and dig more dirt on Hillary and Bill. They deserve to go to jail. Chinese call this: 吃幾天牢飯。


This Saturday may be the day of reckoning April 14, 2017

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Has nuclear missiles. Will use them.

That’s bottom line.

Source: CNBC

North Korea has 70 submarines. Most of them are antiques but a few, according to news report, may be capable of launching missiles equipped with nuclear war heads. There is no doubt that they pose considerable threat to South Korea and Japan. Some may cruise along the west coast of the U.S. as well.

Source: CNBC

And the U.S. too?

Source: CNBC

Two bullies with no brain between them is a very, very dangeous combination.  

I only wish cool heads prevail.

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