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以色列大開殺戒,中東和平遙遙無期 May 18, 2018

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以色列的 Netanyahu 有 Trump 撐腰,以色列用它從美國買來的精密武器把伊朗在敘利亞的軍事基地和巴勒斯坦的 Gaza 打的一塌糊塗。

Trump 不顧國內和國外大多數人的反對,把美國駐以色列的的大使館從 Tel Aviv 搬到 Jerusalem。不服氣的巴勒斯坦人能怎麽辦?沙烏地阿拉伯的小王子罵他們,美國的 Trump 嫌他們,以色列人想殺他們。

面對著頑強卻脆弱的敵人,以色列 Netanyahu 的鷹派政府採取一連串的軍事行動打擊伊朗和巴勒斯坦,企圖鎮壓 Gaza 示威的民眾和伊斯蘭教的激進份子。


誰叫這些巴勒斯坦人沒有一個有錢,有勢,有槍,有炮的老闆在後面頂著。你沒槍,沒炮,沒飛彈,沒飛機,沒坦克,怎麼跟以色列的 sniper 抵抗呢?

Source: BBC News

Source: BBC News

Source: BBC News

這個世界就是這麽不公平。中東亂了一千多年,信仰伊斯蘭教的 muslims 被信仰基督教的歐洲人打敗了。中東被歐美各國劃分成不同的國家,還硬把以色列插在中間。這也造成過去七十年中東動盪不安的形式。身爲 muslim 的 Obama 想盡了辦法將以色列邊緣化,跟伊朗訂了核子條約,解除了對伊朗的經濟制裁,給伊朗一點生機。沒想到 Trump 一上臺,就極力的挺以色列,交好沙烏地阿拉伯的年輕繼承人,打擊伊朗,企圖推翻敘利亞的政府。你看看美國做的好事,把中東搞得亂七八糟,一塌糊塗。


2009 年美國一手造成的世界財務危機和相繼而來的 Great Recession 使得過去八,九年的利息大幅下降。許多國家在這幾年借了許多美金,如今美金上漲,這些國家慘了。


可憐的巴勒斯坦人那有時間管這個呢?他們能夠躲開以色列 sniper.的子彈就夠幸運了。

引狼入室 November 18, 2015

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The title of this post, which is in Chinese, means inviting wolf into the hen house.

What is this about?

Obaba’s foreign policy and his desire to abandon America’s role of the world police are largely responsible for the unrest in the Middle East, escalating civil war in Syria and the growing threat of ISIS to the world. Obama wants Arab countries solve their own problems and focus America’s attention on containing China and defeating Putin.

The fact of the matter is that Iran has taken advantage of the power vacuum and expanded its influence over its archrival in the Middle East: Saudi Arabia.

In the mean time, Obama’s indecisiveness on ISIS for the past 2 to 3 years has made ISIS the regional power it is now.

The direct result of this development is millions of Syrians fleeting their war-torn country seeking a stable and better life in Europe and other places. Obama has agreed to take 100,000 migrants and settle them in the US.

But, do we know how many of the 100,000 migrants are closet terrorists? How many of them have ill intentions on the US? How many of these migrants will be recruited by radical Imam in the US and in the world?And how many years will take them to strike soft targets in the US?

Many Republican and some Democrat governors have refused to take their allotments because they don’t want troubles down the road.

But, I read that the states have little alternative to refuse them legally. Looks like it will be a hot potato issue for the 2016 presidential election and we will know which side Hillary will be on pretty soon.

Diversity has been a strength of the United States for the past hundred years. Unfortunately it has been a point of contention in recent years.

Many years ago, black was the only sensitive racial issue in many American communities. Recent violent riots and sensitive killings by blacks on policemen on duty have bought the racial issue to the forefront of daily news. It has made Americans uneasy and neverous.

Latinos has gain considerable inflence on the politicsl landscape in recent decades and illegal immigrants, mostly Latinos, have dominated political debateS all over the nation.

Now, we have a new problem on hand and it relates to discrination against Muslims.

It appears that American governments, both on the federal and local level, are ill prepared to deal with these issues and the nation is being pulled away by radically different forces.

Americans have little confidence on its governments to solve many pressing issues: political, social, fiscaland economical.

The prospect looks dim.

Easy for the US to say October 3, 2015

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The official term by the spokensmen of the WH and Pentagon is ‘collateral damage’ of the war.


Thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of civilians in the Middle East and centrai Asia have died because of American’s drone attacks, bombing by US fighter jets and invasion by American soldiers.

Why do they have to die?

Is anyone keeping a record for the relatives of these unfortunate poor people?

Did any of them get compensated for the tragic loss?

Where is the useless UN when it is truly needed?

Is this a war crime and will any politicians in the US and other countries be criminally responsible for the crime?

Life is never fair but why these innocent civilians have to die because American is ‘defending its ‘national interests’ thousands of miles away?




America and al Qaeda August 3, 2013

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Why some in the Muslim world, such as al Qaeda, hate America so much?

Osama bin Laden, Ayman al-Zawahiri and thousands of al Qaeda associates have tried to attack American’s interests here and abroad for decades. Some have succeeded in spectacular ways such as 9-11 or attack on Benghazi. Some have blew themselves up in order to kill a few Americans, mostly soldiers, here and there. Of course, according to US government, many attempts have been avoided due to good intelligence on the part of America government.

But, why were these people willing to give up their lives? For what purpose?

I have to say that I do not understand their deep-rooted believes and I do not understand their religion at all. All I can say is that they answer to a higher calling that is beyond my comprehension.

But, why targeting America primarily?

Is it because America is paying for all the bad deeds it did to other people and other nations either militarily and culturally for last several decades?  Iranian’s occupation of American’s Tehran embassy in 1979 came to my mind. Iranians called it the “Conquest of the American Spy Den” if you care to know.

America is now trapped in this perpetual holy war and it has few options to get itself out of this mess. It has been 20 years since the 1992 bombing attack in Aden, Yemen and 1993 World Trade Center bombing in New York City.

How many more 20 years this holy war has to go on? The Crusades (十字军东征)last more than 200 years. I wonder how long this holy war will last.

Just look at what it has cost American people and America in wars, in dollars and in life style changes (e.g.; have you caught a flight lately?) , not to mention all the threats and mental anguish we all have to go through each time NSA detected something from chatters, phone conversations or emails. Remember the Green, Orange and Red lights of the past years?

Alas, what this nation has come to?

All the tax money we have spent on this and all the lives American soldiers gave in wars have not contributed to the future growth of this country. They merely kept the homeland of America from large scale attacks so that we can go on with our daily “New Normal lives.”

The American people have no choice but to accept this “New Normal.” Unfortunately, it seems to me that this “cat and mouse” game will continue for a long while.

America is in the open and plays defensive for the most part. The drones appear to be effective according to claims from the US government. Of course, we don’t have anything to not to believe our government. But thousands of innocent civilians in Muslim countries died during these attacks. These unilateral military actions didn’t improve America’s PR in Arab countries and the death of children and others only piled on the hatreds Muslim people already had against America.

al Qaeda and their associates, on the other hand, are in the dark. They play cat and mouse with American soldiers who died from IEDs and in the hands of Muslim soldiers who have been trained by American security forces. It isn’t a fair fight but that’s the way it is. America called al Qaeda’s actions terrorist attacks. The al Qaeda is at war against the United States where ever they perceived to have a tactic advantage.

美国是 “防不胜防,穷于应付.“ 到头来只有 “挨打”的份。

Now, let’s talk about our tax money hard at work.

Yes, the trillions of military spending, printed from the thin air but borrowed from institutions and foreign countries, grew American GDP in leaps and bounds. It also contributed to the development of advanced military gadgets for this kind of warfare. There is no denial on these. Well, technically, it also grew other countries’ GDPs from US spending in hundreds of military bases around the world.

But, seriously, I have always believed that these are bad GDPs. They grew the GDP but, thanks to Osama and al Qaeda, these GDPs didn’t improve America’s competitiveness and American standing in the world. On the contrary, these bad deeds done by the US made America even more hated by people in the Muslim world.

I submit to you that, had Osama bin Laden and his loyal followers choose not to attack America but to live peacefully with the American people, these money, trillions and trillions and counting, could be used for better purposes to grow American’s future. For instance, these money could be used to reduce American’s tax burdens, slow down the growth of American national debt, save future generations from crushing debt burden, improve K-12 education, invest in aging and crumbling infrastructures, develop life-saving medicines, spend on researches in advance technologies (batteries, anyone?,) or increase funding in next generation energy research.

Well, if Congress can’t think of anything better to do with the money, it can simply give each and every one of us some money instead.

Well, let’s go back to al Qaeda and the so-called terrorist attacks.

it is a “holy war” America didn’t initiate but it may be a “holy war” resulting from decades of America’s bullying in the world.

In case you don’t know already, here is a definition of bullying from Wikipedia:

“Bullying is the use of (military) force or (diplomatic) coercion to abuse or intimidate

others (countries.)”

Note: I added the words in parenthesis.

If you don’t believe me, check out yourselves and see how many countries America has invaded or interfered in other nations’ internal affairs in recent history. You might also want to find out how many civilian casualties or collateral damages America has inflicted upon other countries.

They are beyond believe!

I am not religious and I am not taking sides. But I think America can use some help from god!


With Libya, China wins and U.S. loses March 31, 2011

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With China’s decision not to veto US and other countries’ UN resolution to establish a “No Fly Zone” in Libya, Obama is firmly wedged between a rock and a hard place.

And China wins on the energy front.

No fly zone means about 100 or 200 dead Libya soldiers who were unfortunately enough manning Libya’s radar stations, flying Libya’s fighter jets and operating Libya’s tanks when American, yes most sorties were flown by American fighter let pilots, played video games with their missiles around Eastern Libya desert.

It is a minor inconvenience to Qaddafi and the killings are continuing because Qaddafi soldiers are now using Toyota trucks instead of tanks to do the killing. Well, this is equally effective albeit a bit slower than tanks. But the American fighter pilots couldn’t tell which side the Toyota trucks are on.

Qaddafi soldiers use their AK-47 and machine guns (bought by our gasoline money) to kill the rebels who are ill equipped and ill advised.

Obama is in a hard place because he, nor Hillary, nor Defense Secretary Gates know who the Rebels are. It is reported that some of the so-called “rebels” are actually al Qaeda and Hezbollah members who aren’t exactly Obama or American’s best friends.

Obama is also under a rock because air war will not help “rebel” after Libya’s air defense targets are taken out by fighter jets. Gaddafi will stay and will likely win the war in the end.

This means Obama loses. Sarkozy loses too. But this is expected because France never won anything.

If France with Obama in tow dares to go back to UN requesting a change of the original “no fly zone” mission to “Kill Qaddafi” and “Establish a new government,” China will use its veto power to block the resolution.

At the end of the day, Obama and America will become Libya’s enemies. China and Russia will be Qaddafi’s friends. Russia don’t need Libya’s oil but China does.

Guess where Gaddafi’s oil will flow once this is over. And which country’s oil company will be allowed into Libya? Definitely not ExxonMobil or ChevronTexaco because their assets may be nationalized like they did at Vezenuela.

Obama, a closet black Muslim, managed to bomb another Muslim country without telling American why and without Congress’s knowledge and without killing it’s president, NATO taking over control or not. He managed to start a third war for the United States without telling Americans how this will end and how much this war will cost the American tax payers.

Now you know how incompetent Obama and Hillary are . And you know how Obama and Hillary were out-matched by China at the UN now at UN’s security council. I bet you $5 that Hillary probably called China’s foreign minister before the resolution came to a vote and asked him not to veto this resolution. She is probably asking Obama for a raise for her achievements at the UN.

As for the game Obama played with NATO taking over the control of the military action, he tried to wash his hands and walk away from this mess, just think about this:

The head of NATO is an American Admiral and most of NATO fighter jets are American fighters jets.

And don’t get me started on who are paying for the most of NATO’s bills.

That’s YOU and ME.

Only a liberal can come up a war with this kind of half-baked strategy. He takes credits for starting the so-called humanitarians mission but wants the American people blaming NATO, instead of him, for the ultimate  failure of the military action.

Thanks to all the young people who voted Obama into office. Now get ready to pay for his mistakes if you manage to hold on to your hamburger flipping jobs.

I am going to take my social security checks a few years later so that I can get as much as I can from Obama and this soon-to-be-Greece US government.

Muslim Terrorists have won November 19, 2010

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Don’t believe me?

Try not to take off your shoes as you go through security check manned by “qualified” TSA employees.

Try sneak in a bottle of water or coke through the check point.

Try come to the airport 30 minutes before your flight.

Try to hide a box cutter through a TSA employee at any airport.

Try to refuse to go through the detailed pad-down procedure by any “qualified” TSA employee.

Try to refuse a scan by the “see-it-all-including-your-tampon” scanner if ordered to do so by a TSA employee. Well, according to the head of TSA, you have the right NOT to fly if you refuse.

Try to guess how many “qualified” TSA employees are needed to move those plastic trays around a check point.

Do “qualified” TSA employees contribute to the long term growth of the United States?

How much tax money we have to pay to keep them moving those plastic trays around? Do not forget their pension and health care insurance benefits. I don;t think they have to take the ObamaCare like the rest of us have to.

How much tax we have to give to TSA in order to buy those blue nylon gloves every “qualified” TSA employee wear while pad you down?

Well, someone is making off nicely from TSA: I wonder who made a lot of money by selling TSA all those plastic trays?

Obama Justice for His Muslim Brothers November 19, 2010

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Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani:

  • A Muslim
  • An explosives expert
  • An Osama bin Laden bodyguard.
  • Knew some of the 9-11 Muslim hijackers.
  • A member of the al-Qaeda terrorist organization
  • Had been officially classified as an “enemy combatant”
  • Involved in the 1998 US embassy bombings that killed 224 people and left thousands wounded.

Trial in Civil Court instead of Military Tribunal

  • Not a US citizen.
  • Not a New York resident.
  • Obama treated his Muslim brother like a US citizen.
  • Transferred to NY to face a jury trial in a civilian court.
  • Said that he was exploited by al-Qaeda operativesand he’s sorry.
  • 1st Guantanamo detainee facing civilian trial instead of military tribunal.
  • Obama and his AG Eric Holder did not wish to seek death penalty even though 11 people were murdered.
  • Eric Holder bought 284 charges against Ghailan hoping a smooth trial and conviction of all charges serve as a model for the civilian trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the mastermind of 9-11 attack.

His Denfense

  • He was tortured by CIA; an outrageous government misconduct
  • He was innocent at the time of the attacks
  • He was an immature, trusting, naïve “creature of his surroundings” who enjoyed watching cartoons
  • He had been duped by a group of men who turned out to be part of the East Africa terrorism cell.

The Verdict

  • Guilty of one count of conspiracy to destroy US government buildings and property.
  • Not guild of four counts of conspiracy, including conspiring to kill Americans and to use weapons of mass destruction.
  • Not guilty of all murder charges.

Obama is cheering

Obama and eric Holder claimed victory because Ghailani was convicted of one count which may keep him in jail for 20 years.


  • How can liberals and Democrats got away from stupidities like this?
  • Do liberals and democrats not have brains?
  • Was it a favor to Obama’s Muslim brothers?
  • Do you know that the charges was almost dismissed by the judge on the grounds that Ghailani’s long extrajudicial detention denied him the constitution right to a speedy trial?
  • Hmm, when did foreign combatants have constitution right?


Obama threw US Christians a bone to chew on September 20, 2010

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For the third time in more than 80 Sundays since January 2009, Obama went to a church in DC on a Sunday morning.

What was the point?

No golf yesterday. No basketball yesterday. No party yesterday. No new chefs yesterday. It was a day to tell the Christians in the United States that Obama is not a Muslim.

Jews all over the world are still in the dog house.

Sorry, Obama, you are not smart enough August 25, 2010

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Now, if Obama is really smart, he’ll have the tea/wine summit at Ground Zero and have a friendly AP reporter take a few photos from far away for evening prime time news.

He’ll then have his Press Secretary send  our a statement saying that the White House will appoint a “Blue Ribbon” inter-Faith  panel and Obama will go by whatever the panel recommends.

The controversy will then be off the prime time news for at least 6 months.

In the mean time, a wealth Jewish buyer with connection to Bloomberg will pay $20 million to the developer for the property. Sharif El-Gamal will be happy because he walks away with a nice $15 million profit.

NY Governor Peterson will then offer a piece of state property 10 or 8 blocks away from Ground Zero not in the line of sight from the Twin Towers free of charge or a 70-year and $1/yr lease to Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf and Daisy Kahn.

Obama will then help Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf and Daisy Kahn raise the $100 million needed for the mosque. The agreement between Imam Rauf and Peterson is that  the new and bigger Cordoba House can be bigger and taller and it doesn’t have to be called a community center either.

Sharif El-Gamal is happy because of the $15 million profit.

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf is happy because he got mosque built not too far from the hollow ground. He also didn’t have to call it a community center and the mosque will not be open to the Jews or Christians.

Daisy Kahn is happy because she didn’t back down from the Muslim haters.

Bloomberg is happy because his liberal reputation was upheld and he comes out stronger than ever.

Peterson is happy because he is looked upon as a effective negtiator.

The families of the 9-11 victims  are happy because the mosque is not pretty far away from the twin tower site.

The tax payers get the bill but the amount of the money involved is so small that the tax payers have no reason to complaint any more.

The American Muslims are now friends of Jews and Christians and everyone live in a big happy family called the New York city.

Taxi drivers from Egypt or Pakistan are happy because they no longer have to be afraid of Christian terrorists slashing Muslim drivers’ throats.

Finally, Obama is happy because Muslims like him and the conservative have no reason to hate him on this issue. He comes out as the Great Healer and somewhere in the Middle East, Muslims may erect a Obama sculpture to commenmorate this once-in-a-life time event. The wise Brother Obama may  even be included in Muslims’ text book and young Muslim school children will forever respect Brother Obama for his courage, wisdom and passion for world peace.

The 21th century crusade is no longer a threat and thew Jihad is also avoided. Muslims, Jews and Christians will live .happily after.

One thousand years from now, Muslim kids all over the world will still talk about Brother Obama.

Well, by that time, the crude oil will only be sold to countries friendly to Muslims because they will be the only countries (other than Canada) still producing oil anyway. The United States may be conquered by Muslims anyway, economically if not by force. And most of the citizens of the United States will be converted to Muslims if they want their daily rations of gasoline.

Barack Hussein Obama August 14, 2010

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Is Barack Hussein Obama a Muslim?

I think he is. Haven’t you checked his middle name?

Will he cut the ribbon when ground zero mosque opens its door?

I think he should.

Did he care where the mosque gets its funding from?

I think he doesn’t give it a damn where the money come from.

Should his picture be hung in the mosque?

I think it should. He has said that he’s a friend of Muslims. He has shown his true color. He deserves it.

Does it matter that he just picked up millions of Muslim votes for his re-election in 2012?

Hell no. He did it without spending any of his campaign money.

Does he care about the people who were murdered by radical Muslims at ground zero?

I don’t think so. His re-election is more important. Dead people don’t vote anyway. There aren’t that many firefighters in NY city either. If they are pissed off, so be it. New Yorkers voted  Democrat anyway.

Barack Hussein Obama succeeded in dividing the country. He has just pushed the American Muslims into a corner.


Who benefits from Barack Hussein Obama’s support of the ground zero mosque?

Are American Muslims better off with Barack Hussein Obama’s support of the ground zero mosque?

Is America more or less divided because of Barack Hussein Obama’s support of the ground zero mosque?

How come the majority of the American Muslims do not speak out on this issue?

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