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Should you laugh or should you cry? February 3, 2016

Posted by hslu in Social Issues.
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Is this the testament of moral decay in the United States or is it simply a sign of an advanced society in action?


Maybe the San Francisco school board leaders want to establish a new trend in the classrooms of American middle schools.

It is only natural to expect such a development in American schools after cities in the United States decided to distribute free needles to drug users to prevent the spread of AIDS.

What’s next? Free birth control pills for American Middle School girls?

By the way, who will receive the free condoms; middle school girls or boys?

Just curious.

And how will them distributed?

And will their parent(s) be notified?

Just curious.

Fortunately, I don’t live anywhere close to SF and I don’t have kids going to SF middle school, or high school, for that matter.


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