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Obama is as liberal as one gets March 10, 2010

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The young voters were cheated by Obama. And they knew it.

Obama campaigned as a centrist with a lot of help from the main street media such as CNN, CBS, NBC and ABC. The young voters were so gullible that they believed what he said but failed to check who he really is.

He cheated them and acted like an extreme liberal once he’s in the office.

Words don’t mean a thing. Character counts!

Tiger Woods Scandle December 29, 2009

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Who or what was behind the packaging of Tiger Woods to be the most admired sports star over the last 8 to 10 years?

The Main street Media.

I think that they were also the ones behind the cover-up of Tiger Woods infidelities with so many women?

How can the media not know what was happening between him and these women? I guess there was a lot in stake: the big money sponsors and probably more important the image of a successful black man.

Now, his sponsors are rushing to the door to dump him.

Tiger Woods 自做自受 “zi4 zhou4 zi4 sou4”. He did it to himself. I wish his wife gets at least 50% of all his previous and future earnings. Another example of  因果 “yin1 guo3” at play here.

Chinese has this saying: 若要人不知, 除非己末为 “ruo4 yao4 ren2 bu1 zhi1, chu2 fei1 ji3 mo4 wei2”; if you don’t want other to know what it, you shouldn’t do it in the first place.

Tiger Woods 罪有应得 “zui4 you3 ying1 de4,” i. e., he deserves to suffer the consequence.

Now, who did the packaging of the current president of the United States, another black person? Is it The Main Street Media again?

Have you heard anything negative about him guy in the campaign season? No. Because the Main Street Media didn’t do their research like they did on Republican candidates.

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