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Tofu Competition in Annandale? August 16, 2015

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Not too fast!

I thought Lighthouse Tofu in Annandale has a competition when I saw the ad of Mr. Tofu House and BBQ on a local Chinese newspaper.

Of course, we have to check it out.

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Well, I think Lighthouse doesn’t have to worry about the competition just yet.

For one thing, the seafood tofu stew we ordered was a disappointment. The broth was bland and lack of taste. The seafood was fishy and the batter for the seafood pancake had too much water.




The cold tofu dish was second rate which I would not recommend.

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We did like the multiple choices of banchan and we had the best Japchae that we have ever had.


Lighthouse Tofu got bigger September 27, 2013

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It’s been a good six months since we went to Lighthouse Tofu in Annandale, Virginia and we found out late August 2013  that the store got bigger by about 2/3 of its original size. It also added several items to its menu too.

This section is new.


These haven't changed.

These haven’t changed.

All these combos are new

All these combos are new




Two sizes are offered now.

Two sizes are offered now.

You got to try this.

You got to try this.

Galbi. Tender, juicy and slightly on the sweet side. Very good and a thousand times better than Boolgogi.

Galbi. Tender, juicy and slightly on the sweet side. Very good and a thousand times better than Boolgogi.

Two (small) fresh eggs were offered. Used to be one small one.

Two (small) fresh eggs were offered. Used to be one small one. That’s why it was a little watery.


The Light House Tofu in Annandale, VA August 24, 2009

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The Light House Tofu – Annandale, Virginia

If you like Korean spicy tofu in a hot stone pot, try Light House Tofu first. We have been there many times and we liked it a lot. You’ll like it like we do. I promise.

Before xiaobao left for Taiwan on August 20, 2009 we took him there for a quick lunch. He had been here too with his Korean friend, JJ, and other friends in the past.

The restaurant has very simple decorations: wall paper with Korean characters, Korean oil lamps on the wall, fake paper windows, white ceiling fans, old style wooden tables and chairs and a waitress station in the corner. The restaurant shares a restroom through the side door with other businesses in the building. The waitresses wear traditional Korean dresses and most of them don’t speak English. The Banchan included only four dishes: home-made kimchi, cucumbers, bean sprouts and oyster bits in spicy sauce. The menu is very simple with only 14 items including 8 tofu dishes. Other dishes are BBQ ribs or beef, seafood pancakes with green onions, soup noodles and stir-fried squids. Do not order the soup noodles or stir-fried squids. You won’t like them. We usually order a tofu hot pot: seafood or beef, seafood pancake or BBQ ribs. Do not order vegetable tofu hot pot because it is not a very good deal unless you do not eat meat or seafood. The restaurant can adjust the spiciness of each dish and their services are usually very attentive but not very personal probably because we are not Koreans. The restaurant also serves beer and Korean soju. Hot roast barley tea is served with the meal.

On the day we were there with xiaobao, we ordered a seafood tofu hot pot, a beef tofu hot pot and an order of BBQ ribs. All three dishes were excellent. We have never had any complaint, not even once, unless we ordered something else. The restaurant used to have stir-fried rice noodles but I think they took it out of the menu. The prices of these dishes have gone up by about $1 to $2 from those a year ago. The tofu and BBQ dishes come with white rice also served in a hot stone pot. The waitress will serve the rice in the customary steel bowls. The left-over rice in the hot pot is soaked in the traditional roast barley tea and you are welcome to eat the rice and drink the tea. It is surprisingly good especially after consuming a heavy meal or some Korean BBQ.

We like the restaurant and you will like it too.







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