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Trump will lose the war against the liberal media February 16, 2017

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Out of control or not, the liberal media will eventually win the all-out-war against the White House and Trump. Trump is destined to lose the fight because the media has nothing to lose.

The reason is very simple: Trump has baggage he can’t get rid of and the media hates him. 

Not even a month in the White House, Trump has provided the media with a trail of bloody foot prints which media loves to follow. The media loves to see Trump thoroughly embarrassed in front of the entire world. 

Besides, Trump is totally out numbered against so many liberal media outlets: AP, NYT, WP, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, the Daily Show, PBS, NPR, Bloomberg, Google News, HP, Politico, Slate, NewYorker, BuzzFeed, Soros and the list goes on. 

Trump, on the other hand, can only call a few conservative media outlets friends: Fox News, Breitbart, Drudge Report and Rush Limbaugh.

Trump’s arrogrance, his frequent outbursts, his timid temperament, his inexperience at the job, his lack of knowledge of how government works, his inability to handle complicated data, his countless retreats from his campaign tweets, his troubled immigrant ban, his leaky subordinates, his troubled cabinet candidate, his name-calling tactics and his limited use of vocabulary in front of the cameras give his enemies plenty of fire power to attack him. Trump is out in the open and fully exposed. He is at the mercy of the liberal media which questions his every move, his every word and his every tweets.  

Poor Trump, he has no place to hide.

Trump’s biggest problem will be the liberal media January 23, 2017

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Yes, Trump has his way of tilting a press conference to his advantage and often deny unfriendly reporters their chances of asking pointed questions. 

Source: Fox News Opinion Section

But the often condescending and always belligerent Trump has made himself the No. 1 enemy of the liberal media. He can’t avoid hostile questions forever which will making him look childish or hiding something. 

His words will be openly dismissed, his tweets will be totally ignored, his policy will be repeated ridiculed, his personality will be constanly attacked, his administration will be regularly defending every move it makes, and the daily news briefing will look like two childs fighting a war on trivial things.

People like Soro will fund an all out war against Trump because Soro wasted $10 million supporting a damaged good, Hillary, with no residual value left. And don’t forget the $1 billion Soro lost after Trump was elected.

Just wait and see. 口水戰已經開始了。

Americans should read BBC News more often November 10, 2016

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Major news meadia outlets in the U.S., such as CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, NYT, WP and LAT are overwhelmingly liberal in their editorial commentaries and day-to-day reporting. 

They are basically mouth pieces for the Democratic Party, Hillary and liberal, or progressive agenda. Some also viciously attack GOP, Trump, and Conservatives.

It is said that people working in the news media are mostly Democrats, maybe as high as 85% by some accounts.

When it comes to reporting on matters regarding foreign countries, these media outlets are foremost American centric. In other words, they are, more often than not, biased.

BBC News reporters, on the other hand, are more objective on their reporting because they analyze American politics and American soceity as outsiders. They don’t have a personal stake on what comes out of an event such as the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

Read for yourself and see if you agree.

You will never read a headline like this on any American publication.

Will Trump be any differen? We will see.

The New vs Old: 7.4% Jobless Rate August 13, 2013

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US July 2013 jobless rate is down to 7.4%.

Great! The number shows the job market is improving.



Well, the 7.4% jobless rate isn’t what it used to be.

Here are some facts and charts the liberal media will not tell you

  • Growth of New Jobs Declining

The trend is very clear!

7.5 million fewer people looking for jobs

  • People who are working in US: 155.80 million. But people who are NOT working: 89.96 million

Almost 90 million people not working in the US. Amazing!

Almost 90 million people not working in the US. Amazing!

More part time jobs created due to Obamacare

  • Obamacare cut $716 billion from Medicare – Slows down healthcare job growth
  • New jobs under Obama are low paying jobs
    • Retailers: 47,000 jobs
    • Restaurants: 38,000 jobs.
  • Obama’s policy is hollowing out America from the middle 

Check this out yourselves!


Double Standard June 23, 2010

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Tony Hayward was criticized by the White House and liberal media  for attending a yacht race on Saturday because that damn hole wasn’t plugged.

Obama got a free pass from liberal media on his golf game on Saturday and Baseball game on Friday night. But on the day of “top kill”, Obama was implying that he was responsible for plugging that “damn hole.”

At last count, Obama also has the following thorny issues to deal with:

  • North Korea’s sinking of a South Korean battle ship.
  • Detection of high radiation levels of Uranium near the boarder of North Korea on May 15th, 2010.
  • Iran’s Nuclear weapon program.
  • Wars on Afghanistan and Iraq.
  • Domestic terrorist attack.
  • Gaza naval blockade by Israel.
  • Turkey turning its back on the U.S.
  • High unemployment rate.
  • Lousy economy.
  • Mounting deficits.
  • Soaring national debt.
  • Double dip on the housing market.
  • Arizona Illegal Immigrants law.
  • Cleaning up oil spills from beaches in LA, MS and FL.

Would you call that a “double standard?”

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