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Trump hates Latinos April 4, 2018

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And most if not all national guards have nothing better to do anyway.

What are the orders to the guards from the chief: kill first and report later?

To keep this action effective, let’s station them along the border for one whole year, 3 shifts a day, 24/7/365 to begin. We need tens of thousands of guardsmen and guardswomen to cover the entire border at one guardsperson per 5,280 feet. Any coverage less than that is simply a waste of money exercise.

Young Americans and Republicans “Eat what they sowed” December 8, 2013

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You already knew what’s going on with Obamacare, the software.

It’s a mess.


You already knew what’s going on with Obamacare, the policy.

The worst is yet to come.

You already knew how Obamacare makes people losing their full time jobs.

You already knew that Obamacare drags down the US economy.

And, finally you already knew that Obama was forced to admit that he had lied.

Yet, Obama is still in the White House and Obamacare is still the law of the land. 

If you voted for the liar and have to pay for your mistakes by way of higher insurance premium and fewer work hours, you have no one but yourselves to blame.

We call this: “自食其果.” “Eat what they sowed.”

The others got the shaft because of a failed political system: Democracy. Obama, Pelosi, Reid and Democrats worked hard for their party. They were supposed to look after the benefits of the majority of the American people. They didn’t when they have the White House, the Senate and the House.

They blatantly abused their power to benefit their own party.

This is wrong and this is the inherent flaw of this failing political system.

Republicans have no one else to blame but themselves too. Chief Justice Roberts defected to the Democrat Party. As a result, the Republican Party lost everything. With overwhelming majority of Latinos voting for Democrats, the Republican Party will be marginalized for years if not decades.

We call this  自食其果” for the Republican Party as well.

Democracy, like human nature, is fundamentally flawed and the flaws are showing up in many democratic countries in the world.

In the long run, democracy equals socialism and is doomed to fail.


20% of Americans are Liberals June 26, 2010

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Gallup recently announced that 20% of Americans called them liberals based on poll results.


I think about 50% of that group are blacks who got used to sit on their collective butt and collect welfare from the government for the last 50 years.

Of the remaining 50%, many work as news reporters in the news media companies such as MSNBC, NBC, CNN, Post, NY Times. You name it and they are there.

Some American Jews who for some reasons support Democrat and do not support Israel.

.A good portion of that remaining 50% are in the Academia as liberal professors in many colleges all over the United States.

Some are young folks just got out of the college who are naive and short-sighted. They do not know the true faces of liberal. They got confused by liberal and Democrat’s message of big government is the solution to all the problems in the world.They care about the the poor. They want to save them. They think the conservatives has no heart.

Many public school teachers are liberals and they have poisoned the minds of many young children who grew up under their influence. They continue to produce many young liberals who don’t know better.

Quite a few are celebrities such as movie stars and musicians who have a lot of money and think they are superior to the rest of us. They like the fact that they can spread their money around to poor people.

Government works may be liberals too. They depend on their fat government salaries to feed their children, live in their air-conditioned houses, drive their SUVs and entertain their families.

Many Latinos, especially Latino politicians are liberals because they wanted to get re-elected. What’s better than show the Latinos with federal money and free benefits from the federal government?

Many Chinese may call themselves moderates. But I submit to you that  they are really Democrats in disguise. I am not sure what the real reasons are but I suspect they want something free from the federal government such as citizenship, social welfare, Medicaids, free medical insurance  for them and for their relatives.

Many liberals stay as liberals until they start paying taxes. Especially when they do not have any deductions except interests on their student loans. Year in and year out, they got to question where did all their tax money go?

I like some of that money too.

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