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Weiners and Clintons: A Combination made in Heaven. July 25, 2013

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Watch out, New York! Clinton junior is asking for your votes. And Hillary junior is helping him out.

Weiner, or Carlos Danger, along with Huma have taken a page right out of Clinton and Hillary’s play book.

Listen to Weiner in case you’ve missed it: “I love her.” (smiles exchanged.) “She loves me. We have a son. Nothing else matters.”

Source: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2013/07/25/huma-abedin-faces-employment-questions/#ixzz2a7IiiNQm

Yeah! Except Weiner’s political career, Huma’s salaries and Weiner’s perversive life style.

It appears that traditional family value isn’t that important to American politicians

Here is why:

Thomas Jefferson                            President of the United States

John F. Kennedy                        President of the United States

Bill Clinton                                President of the United States

David Petraeus                         CIA Director

Newt Gingrich                          Speaker of the House

Arnold Schwarzenegger           Governor, California

Gary Condi                               Representative, California

John Edwards                           Senator, North Carolina

Anthony Weiner                       Representative, New York

Mark Sanford                           Representative, South Carolina

Barney Frank                            Representative, Massachusetts

Eliot Spitzer                              Governor, AG, New York

David Wu                                  Representative, Oregon

John Ensign                               Senator, Nevada

Henry Hyde                               Representative, Illinois

Robert Livingston                     Representative, Louisiana

Dan Burton                                Representative, California

Gary Hart                                   Senator, Colorado

Collectively, these famous American politicians have set a great example for American teenagers and young kids. We call it”以身做则“ or watch what I do not what I say.

I hope young parents have a good answer in mind when their kids are old enough to raise questions on these politicians’ behaviors. Oh! infidelities among movie stars or athletes such as Tiger Woods, are a given. That’s just the way it is. It’s the American way. No explanation is necessary.

No wonder the divorce rate in America is approaching 40% for all married couples; down from nearly 50% in the 1980’s.

What a great country America is! It probably ranks no. 1 in this category as well!

Well, an improvement is an improvement! Can’t argue with the trend, can I?

Is this the product of feminism or is there more to it than that? I guess this qualifies as one of the “progresses” of a progressive civilization.

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