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16 more years or $3 trillion spent August 22, 2017

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The U.S. has been fighting against some people in Afghanistan for 16 yesrs.

Trump has said that there will be no timetable to withdraw American GI’s and they will be there for as long it’s necessary.

So will America be out of Afghanistan 16 years from now?

Since time will no longer be the deciding factor to pull American troops out from Afghanistan, may be it is wise to set a dollar limit instead. America should begin pull its troops out as spending on Afghanistan reaches $1.5 trillion. The pace should increase as spending passes $2 trillion. When the cost of Afghanistan war reaches $3 trillion, all American soldier should be out of that country forever. 

However, let’s not forget that another reason America is in Afghanistan is that a military presence in that region is part of America’s “Pivot to Asia” strategy designed to contain China. Its military installation there also serves as a monitoring post on Russia as well.

As to the “nation building” business in Afghanistan, as long as greenbacks continues to flows into that country, its nation is being built by American tax dollar no matter how Trump denies it.


Obama is to blame for the rise of terrors in the world December 20, 2016

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As the leader of the Democrat Party, Obama, with Hillary’s assistance, is also responsible for its demise.

It is regretable that I see a parallel between Obama and 馬英九.

Both men were in the office for eight years. 

Both men were dealt a difficult task to revive their stagnant domestic economies which were severely damaged by the Great Recession.

Both men had to face unfriendly, in 馬英九’s case, hostile, oppositions during their terms.  

Both men ran their respective party to the ground which was then thoroughly decimated by the opposition party.

Both men have caused unrepairable division within their respective country; racial discrimination in the U.S. and ethnic hatred in Taiwan.

Both men appeared incompetent while in the office because they were afraid of or incapable of making tough decisions.

Both men left a legacy which will be downright ugly and will stay with them in infamy. 

Obama’s legacy: failed Obamacare, a disastrous Libya, rise of the ISIS, Middle East immigrants in Europe, terror activities worldwide, the infamous red line in the sand, loser of a proxy war in Syria against Putin, thousands upon thousands dead civilians in Syria and a crippled Democrat Party.

馬英九’s legacy: a stagnant economy, failed “6-3-3” agenda, 22K, 9%, “我把你們當人看,” “那你需要再多吃一個便當,” “讓我講完再救好不好,” 馬習會 and a decimated and irrelevant 國民黨.

John Kerry: It was climate charge’s fault December 15, 2015

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America’s Secretary of State John Kerry said this about ISIS:

“I’m not telling you that the crisis in Syria was caused by climate change, but the devastating drought clearly made a bad situation a lot worse.”

Obviously a not too wise guy with no brain.

Senator Murphy’s faulty logic November 22, 2015

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Senator C. Murphy, Dem.-Conn. is not making sense. He said that he opposed sending American ground troops to fight against ISIS for one simple reason:


Source: USA Today Opinion, Nov. 19, 2015.

He voiced his opinion in a USA Today opinion piece on Nov. 19, 2015.


However, Senator Murphy is not making sense at all! It appears that the good Senator from Connecticut thinks bombing ISIS and killing innocent muslims in Syria and Iraq will make ISIS hates the US less than killing them in the trenches.

What a joke, Senator C. Murphy!

Bombing ISIS will make them hide from American bombs and missiles  and will probably make them faking as displaced immigrants and move to a  safer place such as Europe and the US. They simply will wait it out for a latter date to make their moves.

It is easily understood that the biggest target for ISIS is the United States.

Bombing them will delay the attacks. Killing them all will prevent them.

This is common sense and the Senator from Connecticut just doesn’t get it.

A typical anti-war liberal.

引狼入室 November 18, 2015

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The title of this post, which is in Chinese, means inviting wolf into the hen house.

What is this about?

Obaba’s foreign policy and his desire to abandon America’s role of the world police are largely responsible for the unrest in the Middle East, escalating civil war in Syria and the growing threat of ISIS to the world. Obama wants Arab countries solve their own problems and focus America’s attention on containing China and defeating Putin.

The fact of the matter is that Iran has taken advantage of the power vacuum and expanded its influence over its archrival in the Middle East: Saudi Arabia.

In the mean time, Obama’s indecisiveness on ISIS for the past 2 to 3 years has made ISIS the regional power it is now.

The direct result of this development is millions of Syrians fleeting their war-torn country seeking a stable and better life in Europe and other places. Obama has agreed to take 100,000 migrants and settle them in the US.

But, do we know how many of the 100,000 migrants are closet terrorists? How many of them have ill intentions on the US? How many of these migrants will be recruited by radical Imam in the US and in the world?And how many years will take them to strike soft targets in the US?

Many Republican and some Democrat governors have refused to take their allotments because they don’t want troubles down the road.

But, I read that the states have little alternative to refuse them legally. Looks like it will be a hot potato issue for the 2016 presidential election and we will know which side Hillary will be on pretty soon.

Diversity has been a strength of the United States for the past hundred years. Unfortunately it has been a point of contention in recent years.

Many years ago, black was the only sensitive racial issue in many American communities. Recent violent riots and sensitive killings by blacks on policemen on duty have bought the racial issue to the forefront of daily news. It has made Americans uneasy and neverous.

Latinos has gain considerable inflence on the politicsl landscape in recent decades and illegal immigrants, mostly Latinos, have dominated political debateS all over the nation.

Now, we have a new problem on hand and it relates to discrination against Muslims.

It appears that American governments, both on the federal and local level, are ill prepared to deal with these issues and the nation is being pulled away by radically different forces.

Americans have little confidence on its governments to solve many pressing issues: political, social, fiscaland economical.

The prospect looks dim.

Nation building or destruction? September 30, 2015

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America wants Syria’s al-Assad out of power because al-Assad is a friend of Iran.

America, under Obama’s twist logic, didn’t face ISIS head on in the beginning because Obama wanted to use ISIS to get rid of al-Assad so that America can achieve its objective w/o actually commit any force on the ground.

Well, Obama’s strategy didn’t work: 1. al-Assad Is still in power,
2. ISIS got stronger because they took over American weapons left behind by the fleeing Iraqi soldiers, 3. hundreds of thousands of innocent people got killed by American drones and fighter jets,
4. Europe got more immigrants thanit can handle, and
5. Russia’s Putin got a perfect excuse To send in Russian tanks, fighter jets, ground troops and Naval vessels.
6. Even China’s air carrier got a chance to practice its war fighting plans.

What does Obama have to say at UN other than admiting defeat? Well, he said that US is no longer the super power of the past years and begged other nations in the world to help the U.S. because America can’t do everything by itself anymore.

Are you surprised? You shouldn’t be.


ISIS的後備指揮部 June 5, 2015

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伊拉克軍隊穿的制服是美國給的。他們身上的裝備是美國給的。他們拿的槍是美國給的。 他們槍中的子彈是美國給的。他們開的裝甲運輸車是美國給的。他們開的炮是美國給的。他們的反坦克火箭弹也是美國給的。我猜他們吃的都是美金買來的。






Bomb or not bomb Iraq? August 8, 2014

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Here is what Obama the Community Organizer has to say about sending in fighter jets to Iraq:

“Today, America is coming to help,” he said, noting that although the United States “cannot and should not” intervene every time there’s a crisis in the world, it must act when innocent people are facing violence on a horrific scale.

Syria is killing a lot of innocent people and the scale is horrific. Obama should send in fighter jets too. How come he has not?

Israel is killing a lot of innocent people in Gaza and the scale is equally horrific. Should Obama drop a few bombs in Israel too if you follow Community Organizer’s logic?

So many innocent people have been killed all over the world.

Look at Africa. How come the United States isn’t in Rwanda? How come the United States isn’t in Congo?

Look at Middle East. How come the United States isn’t in Syria?

There are several very simple and straight forward answers:

  • These countries don’t have oil.
  • These countries don’t have nuclear bombs.
  • These countries don’t have strategical value at all.
  • These countries don’t have natural resources US needs.
  • These countries don’t have new governments America built.
  • These countries don’t make things that can’t be sourced from other countries.
  • These countries have too much mountain terrains for their soldiers to hide from bombs.
  • There countries don’t have friends in the world who care about what’s going on out there. In short, there isn’t enough public outcry to force the US gets off from its butt to do anything.

Let the killing go on. America doesn’t care. America has double if not triple standards. They choose bombing targets very carefully.


The Kingmaker has failed miserablly in Iraq July 30, 2014

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America has for decades played a ‘King Maker’ role with other countries’ governments in the world. It financed the opposition party of the govrrnment in power. It invaded other countries. It set up military bases and selected persons loyal to the U.S. and made them ‘King,’ all in the name of national security and in the name of promoting democracy as the supreme government system for the affected countries and the peace of the world. America then showered the new ‘King’ with American tax money and used billions of green backs to seal off oppostions’ objection hoping the new ‘king’ can fortify his new-found power under the protective shield of American military prowess.

The ‘New World Order’ or ‘The Rule of Governance’ envisioned by the US for the world is ‘democracy’ in countries that’s important to the US and it has never been shy about its intentions.

The problem is that it seldom works. Take Iraq for instance: Maliki was put in power as a puppet for America. Maliki believed he has enough power and a strong military force to protect his power base. He asked US to leave because the opposition don’t want America in its country. It also believe that their oil production and export will be big enough to do without American’s financial support. The trouble for Maliki and American’s ‘democracy everywhere’ dream is that the religion got in the way.

It looks like that we’ll have a morden version of ‘新三國演義’ in Iraq. ISIS will not stop making its move toward the south because that’s where the money is. We’ll see how it will play out in years to come. 0

Iran was like that. Iraq was like that. Egypt was like that. Libya was like that and the list goes on. Saudi has rejected the ‘democracy’ call because America for 40 years had to relied on Saudi to keep the oil flowing. American presidents have learned their lessons and they dare not to ‘pull tooth from a lion’s mouth’ or ‘在老虎嘴裡拔牙.’

Well, I am not sure America will stop ‘making Kings’ around the world. They probably will avoid the Middle East and change its targets to South East Asian countries.

America has a new ‘Cold War’ to fight with China.

Mark my words! It is happening now no matter how much American government denies its intention.

Well, the problem for America is that Obama has made Putin America’s enemy No. 1. Worse, there is no country in South America which can call America friend.

The fundamental problem

Putin against Obama on Iraq June 28, 2014

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Putin offered Russian military aids, including attack helicopters, armored personnel transport, ammunitions and heavy weapons, to Maliki to assist Iraqi Army in the war against ISIS.

Obama sent in a big mouth; John Kerry.

The reason: Saudi Arabia wants Iraq’s Shiite-dominated government weakened by Sunnis. Saudis don’t want Iran gets the upper hand by forming an  alliance with Iraq.

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