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Samsung has a grudge against 台灣? October 8, 2013

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Is it just me or am I actually too paranoid to look for bones out of an egg, 所谓的”鸡蛋里挑骨頭?”

Samsung’ s 中文输入軟體 on its iconic Galaxy S4 smart phone is decades behind Apple’s iPhone 3 in terms of user friendliness to someone who wants to communicate using 繁體中文。

At least, that’s what I have experienced so far.

For instance, when I want to enter 台灣 on S4, I have to to enter tai and scroll down to find 台。I then enter wan and scroll down to pick 灣 from the options given.

In many cases, S4 will offer 简体字 first. I have to scroll down to find 繁體字 if it is offered.

On iPhone 3, all I need to do is enter tw and pick either 台湾 or 臺灣.

Simple like that.

If I want to enter 台北, I need 5 strokes for 台 and 3 strokes for 北.

On iPhone 3, enter tb and 台北 is the first option.

If you enter tb on S4, 台北 is not an option even if you scroll down to look for it. 

Am I missing something here or Samsung 三星 is actually having a grudge against Taiwan?

Maybe I need to use other software to input Chinese on my S4.

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