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The New Jersey suckers May 16, 2018

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Hello, the NJ suckers, be ready for more illegal immigrants flocking to the great State of New Jersey.


Your state representatives want the illegals so badly that they are spending your money freely to secure Latino’s votes for their re-elections.

I don’t know the logic behind this piece of legislation signed by the governor of New Jersey. New Jersey already has one of the highest taxes, highest debt obligations and largest exdous of people to the other states in the United States.

Free tuitions may not sound much, but be worry about what they will bring in a few years.

Lawful or not, more hands for handouts December 2, 2014

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I don’t know whether Obama’s action on ‘deferred deportation’ to keep illegal immigrants in the US is legal or not, one thing is clear though: more hands for government handouts on all levels of governments: federal, state and local.


Government spendings on social security benefits, disability benefits, food stamps, healthcare subsidies, Medicare and Medicaid benefits, free lunches at schools, free school breakfast, SSI, CHIP, housing assistance, WIC, CSFP and 70 more programs will increase.

Once these immigrants become ligit under the directive, they can legally get jobs in areas previously prohibitive to them. After they become green card holders, they’ll apply for more family members to come to the US which will further strain the welfare system.

Democrat Party will gain that many voters while Republican Party, no matter what it says and does, will be that much more difficult to overcome Democrats Party’s majority.

Well, the lawyers will fight it out in court on the legitimacy of Obama’s action. It will take years and by the time we hear anything, the family members of these immigrants will be getting their checks from the government already.

The politicians work for their parties. They don’t work for the people. They see tax money and have no regards on the deficits or rising national debt.

That’s American’s democracy at its best and us tax-paying loyal servants are the poir suckers in the game of control.

I am not surprised. Are you? September 27, 2014

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The ‘Great Takeover’ is happening right in front of our eyes. You know what I am talking about. Thanks to Obama and his amnesty program, the pace has really picked up speed in recent years.


Source: WSJ.

The trend points to a downhill slippery slope and the point of no return has already passed. America is going down sooner rather than later. Someone has to pay for this terrible drag on American’s economy and the U.S. will lose the globalization war.

Mark my words.

Illegal Immigrants? sent them to 90210 July 7, 2014

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Liberals are by default passionate people. t’s well known that the more money people have, the more liberal they get.

Obama by-passed the Congress and sent an open message to Central America illegals that if you are a minor and if you are in the US illegally, you can stay. Obama wants you to stay because the Democrat Party wants your votes in the future.

Well, low and behold, Obama wants  kids, Obama get kids dumped at American’s doorstep.

You can’t really blame these kids or their parents. They know that once they are in the US, they’ll get free meals at schools, they’ll get free ESL lessons, they’ll get food stamps, they’ll get free schools, free books and free health insurance thanks  to Obama care. And finally they’ll get a greencard.

Well, we will get more illegal kids whether we liked them or not. Most likely, they each will wear an Obama t-shirt like this one I copied from a website: Obama is my man.


Since liberals are a passionate bunch, let them have these kids.

Bus them to zip code 90210 and everyone will be happy.

They came because Democrats will let them stay May 31, 2014

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Last year, the border patrol agency caught 154,453 illegal immigrants entering into the US.

They came here because they knew Obama, Pelosi and Reid will let them stay.

Just read the attached report.


More Democrats are coming! More Democrats are coming! July 2, 2010

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Obama told the illegal immigrants yesterday that they can become a U.S. citizen only if they do the following:

  • Admit that you broke the law,
  • Pay a fine and back taxes, and
  • Learn English.

There is no mention of sending them back home or into the jail though.

The problem has been caused by the unspoken policies of both Parties: Republicans wanted cheaper labors and the Democrats wanted more voters.

Even if Obama’s pandering effort does not become law, it will achieve the intended results in the upcoming mid-term election.

Do you see any Latinos voting for Republican in November?

More Democrats are coming! More Democrats are coming!

Small Business Owners – Why don’t you hire more people? November 13, 2009

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Small Business Owners – Why don’t you hire more people?

Let’s see a show of hands please!

Yes, you!I am talking to you!

Stopping hiding behind the Closed sign on the front door of your business.

Yes, I am talking to you, the small business owners all over the U.S..

Why don;t you hire more people to work for you in 2010?


How come? You’ve been the engine of U.S. economy for as long as I can remember.

What? You are not hiring?

You will go with what you have, let the federal government do the hiring and kick start the economy.

I see. Why? Don’t you want to make more money with more employees?

Are you concern that they will goof off on the jobs?

Oh! I see.You don’t think you’ll be making more money with more employees.

Because of what?

Oh! you will be asked to pay for their health insurance benefits.

Hmm.That’s too bad. I am sorry that you feel that way.

What? Plus paper work!

Plus dealing with federal government on insurance claims!

Is that it? You can work over time to do paper work at home. No big deal. Are there any other concerns?

What? I don;t understand. Can’t you pass the cost on to your customers?

Oh! They are not buying the way it is now.

I see. What? They will buy even less if you increase the price of your products.

Hmm. That’s a big problems. Isn’t it?

Don’t tell me that you will let some people go!

Oh! I see. You’ll hire the illegals instead.

I guess you don’t have to pay for their health insurance. Yeah! let the emergency room deal with these people.

Hmm. What about the US economy? The high unemployment rates?

I am deeply disappointed in you.

What? You don’t care?

Well, I guess you are right: it is not your problem.

Well, BHO will answer our calls and comes to the rescue.

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