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IAEA and Iran’s secret side agreements July 26, 2015

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Kerry admitted to Congress that he didn’t know the details of these secret deals between Iran and IAEA but he signed the much hyped nuclear agreement with Iran anyway. What Kerry alluded to was that what IAEA and Iran have agreed to isn’t America’s business.

Kerry hasn’t read them. The White House doesn’t have copies. The State Department doesn’t have copies. The Congress didn’t know about this secret side deals until four days ago.

Isn’t this a bit strange?

America signed the deal with Iran but IAEA is the one who will investigate whether Iran is truthful in carrying out its end of the bargain.

What can IAEA do if Iran hide the nuclear secrets of its military sites from IAEA?

Why was Obama so anxious to get a nuclear deal with Iran anyway? He’s got a Nobel Peace Prize before he sent more American soldiers to Afghanistan already.

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