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Big trouble for Trump and Republican majority May 14, 2017

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If Democrat took the Senate in 2018, Trump will be in troubled wster until he leaves the WH in 2020. If Democrat took the House, Trump might get impreached. The liberal judges on the Supreme Court won’t retired until Trump is out in 2020.


房奴 Slave of the house October 2, 2015

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Work around the house,tough labor type of work,is non-stop。

Do you know what are these bags for?


They are 18 bags of leaves,twigs, dead branches and trash from the back of my house and my parents’ house。

Let‘s see what else are tying me down to the house day in and day out all year around:

Property tax:my kids are all grown and have left the house。But,I am still paying the full amount of the property tax every year。No discount。No grace period。Hefty penalty if I am late。Can you say 25%?

Leaves:There are bags of leaves to rack every November. You like trees, don’t you? You better like racking leaves.

Small plants growing in gutter: The gutters are too high to reach no matter what kind of tools you have. Unless you are not afraid of height or you don’t mind the risk of falling 20′ to the ground, you better have someone else do it for you. $150. Several thousand dollars if you want a leaf guard.


Mowing: Two hours if you want to do it yourself. $40 a week if you get a Latino to do it for you. Six months. 26 weeks. You can figure out the total amount.

Weeds: There is simply no end to fight the weeds in the yard. Fertilizer. Weed killer. Weed out. Roundup. You name it and I have tried it. Of course, there is manual control technique: pulling them weeds over the weekend instead of enjoy your life.

Payments: 30 years. Paying more interests for the first fifteen than paying for principle.

Insurance: Fire. Universal. Umbrella. Flood. Pay through your nose for something you’ll probably never use. X my fingers.

Snow removal: Hard labor. There is no other words to describe it. Of course, you can get someone else to do it for you. If you don’t remove it, some one may report you to the government. If someone falls on your snow-covered sidewalk, you’ll get sued.

Empty rooms: Some rooms you probably will never use: living room, kids room after they leave the house.

Trees: It can easily cost you $1,000 to cut a big (15″ OD, 70′ tall) tree down.


Landscaping: Endless work. Limited benefit. Pouring money on something others see when they jog passing your house.

Fish pond: Pump cost $300. Remove leaves if you want the water in the pond clear. Installation cost $$$.


Upkeep: There is no end in sight until you switch from a small house to a bigger one. The process starts again but the work load gets bigger and the cost gets higher. Deck needs new layer of paint every four or five years. Power wash when it needs it.

By the time when you want to get rid of it, you make it pretty and neat so others can enjoy it. If you get out at the wrong time, you lose thousands of dollars and no one pity you. If you got in at the wrong time, you’ll be under the water all these years until it is about time to sell it.

If you pay cash for it, you’ll get no tax deduction on mortgage interest.

Well, about 65% of the Americans have a house under their names.

Are we fools?

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