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What is a government? December 9, 2014

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The United States federal government means different things to different people:

Obama &            Power and control
Politicians          Re-election

Government      Iron rice bowl 鐵飯碗 &
employees         fat pensions

Government      Revolving door to
officials and      private jobs
managers          after retirement

Political              Access to government
donors                contracts and grants.      .                           ambassador to Togo

47%                   Entitlements, handouts
Middle class      Pay taxes all your life

US citizens        Big brother is watching

Illegal                 Amnesty, green cards
Immigrants       Medicare for parents
.                          Food stamps for kids

40, 29 and 50 September 27, 2013

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That’s all you need to know about Obamacare‘s impact to you if you work for a small business:

1.   You will work 29 hours per week instead of 40 in the past.

2.   Your employer will keep the headcount below the magic 50 number. No expansion. No new hires. No health insurance to you.

You are on your own starting January 2014.

A big reminder: if you do not buy health insurance from the government, the IRS will track you down. Fines. Penalties. Back taxes. You name it.

According to some estimates, IRS has hired at least 4,000 more new agents to do just that and you don’t have to worry for them. They have health insurance from the government (that’s you and me; thank you very much.) and it’s not Obamacare.

Obamacare Is reserved for us whether you like it or not.

Watch out, doctors! Your payments from the government will come down as dust settles in a year or two. You thought dealing with the insurance companies is bad. Just wait for the forms from Obamacare. You have to justify this charge and justify that procedure. You’ll have to wait for approval before operating on your patients too.

Eventually, private health insurance companies will cease to exist because they won’t make enough money when they have to compete with the almighty government.

That’s just the way it will be.


馬英九’s government is a no-gut, middle of the road, government December 30, 2011

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馬英九’s government is a no-gut, middle of the road, government

Taiwan has been plagued by elections at many levels: they cost too much, they raised the hatred between party loyalists; the blues and the greens, and they kept the society in general on edge because of constant uncertainty in the political system.

A few months back, the current government, under 馬英九, decided to look into combining the upcoming presidential and legislator elections. Instead of deciding the outcome based on its own merit, the government chose to conduct a survey to see how popular this idea was. And to raise the bar a little further, the government conducted a press conference to make sure every voting citizen knew about this.

Well, the survey came out positive as shown by this picture from the Chinese World Journal and sure enough the elections were combined into one to be held in mid January, 2012.

Chinese has a perfect term for this kind of behavior: “牆頭草” “qiang2 tou2 cai3,” or grass on top of a wall. It bends both ways depending on the directions of the prevailing political wind.

Same can be said about 馬英九’s decision not to continue with the chemical plant in central Taiwan because he catered to the demand of the environmental group before the election. Ditto on Taiwan’s nuclear power plants.

The decision was also influenced by the decision of the opposition party which came out against both projects. I thought this was a very unwise move because it will

  • Further reduce the Taiwanese economy to a serviced-based economy for generations.
  • Continue relying on imports for necessary chemicals from foreign countries such as Singapore, and
  • Eliminate high-paying jobs which are desperately needed in a society filled with low-paying jobs such as taxi drivers and foot massagers.

It demonstrate once again that politicians such as 馬英九, have a pair of weak knees and they bend easily just like a “牆頭草.”

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