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Google bus: trickle down economy at its best February 14, 2014

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Atmosphere tense at a Google bus stop in San Francisco

This is the headline of a CNBC story on Google employees who live in San Francisco but take their morning buses to Google offices in Silicon Valley. A typical Google bus rider, according to a UC  Berkeley study, is “a single male about 30 with an annual salary of $100,000 or more.”

CNBC reported that many people protest the affluent class of high-tech workers at bus stops. The complaint that these high-pay Google employees have changed the make up of the neighborhood in places around San Francisco. Reads: Poor folks have been driven out of the neighborhood.

Source: http://www.cnbc.com/id/101415989

“Gentrification stops here,” reads one protest sign. 

“Are they too delicate to take public transportation? I take public transportation all the time. I’ve lived here 50 years. I’ve taken public transit for maybe 45 of those 50 years. I’ve turned out just fine,” said a protester.

Yet, you can not deny the trickle down effects here; an economic fact loathed by Obama, Democrats and liberals in the U.S.

Bob Linscheid, president and CEO of the SF Chamber of Commerce, expressed this political taboo the best: “tech is a job multiplier,” which means that every well-paid engineer is supporting restaurants, retailers and a range of personal services, from yoga sessions to health clubs.”

He continued: “Taxi drivers, people working in restaurants and in hotels are jobs created in and for San Francisco,” he said. “If you want to solve unemployment, then good-paying high-tech jobs create other jobs, too.” Mr. Linscheid forgot to mention the jobs for those bus drivers.

You can’t deny this, can you?

Yet, Obama and the Democrats hate this economic facts. In public, that is.

They vilified the haves to win votes from the have-nots.  They created class envy first and fans the emotion fire to start a public fight among the classes: pitting the 99% against the 1%.

Obama will use what we called “阶级斗争“ to attack the Republicans and he will gradually raise the profile of this issue as we are near the Mid-term election. There is no doubt that many so-called “black leaders” will gladly pick up the issue to raise their own public profiles and energize the Democrat’s base. I am sure that DNC is mapping out strategies and allocating funds to mount a high-profile attack against the Republican candidates right after Summer is about to end.

Of course, the elite liberal media will be Democrat’s willing participant by default.

To fight against DNC’s tactic, RNC may want to consider drafting Linscheid as its spokesman and uses Google bus in their TV commercials during the campaign season.

Well, you probably don’t believe trickle down because you might think inequality is sources of all evils in the society.

But have you even seen jobs created by a poor person ?

I am still looking.

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