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It is the law, stupid. October 12, 2017

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What’s great about the United States is that all U.S. citizens are protected by the law equally; to a certain degree unfortunately. 

America has a sound legal system and the law is carried out to the fullest in many cases. Of course, rich people have a leg up in front of the prosecutor, juror or judge because their money can buy the brightest and the sharpest lawyers to defend them. Lowlifers get public defender fresh out of the law school if they are lucky.

Well, I have been told many times that all Americans have the right to freely express themselves. 

So, is “taking a knee” protected by the constitution? 

Source: The Denver Post

Here is the definitive answer from judge Andrew Napolitano. Take a few minutes and get the answer yourself.

The next questions are: 

  1. Can Jerry Jones of Dallas Cowboys compell his players who have “taken a knee” to stand?
  2. If these players defy Jerry Jones’s order to stand, can they be sidelined or penalized financially?


FYI, here is Supreme Court’s opinion on freedom of speech:

Source: Fox News

Freedom of Speech September 9, 2010

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No one gives it a damn  if someone burns an American flag or a bible. That’s freedom of speech, according to the high court.

If someone try to burn a Koran or a bunch of Korans, according to Obama, Hillary, Petraeus and a bunch of others, it becomes a national security issue.

Now Imam Rauf has said that unless the mosque is built at the site in the Lower Manhattan, “The headlines in the Muslim world will be that Islam is under attack.” And, if you read between the lines, American heads here in the US and abroad will roll.

Hmm.., Is that a threat to the American people?

Let’s raise the national security threat level to orange then, Obama.

What does this have to say about the religion of Islam? And more importantly what does this have to say about the mood of American people who have had it up to their eyes with the threats from the so-called religion of the peace.

What I do not understand is:

  • How come the leaders of Arab countries didn’t come out and ask Muslims in the world to tone it down?
  • How come the so-called moderate Imams all over the world  in the world didn’t ask their followers to respect majority of American people’s will?
  • How come the so-called moderate Imams all over the world or Muslim leaders didn’t ask Imam Rauf to move the Cordoba House to a different location?
  • How come Obama didn’t call the leaders of the Muslim countries and tell them that Freedom of Speech is the Law of the land here and is protected by the constitution of the United States?
  • How come Hillary Clinton and Ambassadors to the Muslim countries didn’t call these Muslim nations and educate these Muslim leaders of the American way of life and ask them to come out and ask the radicals, as Imam Rauf has put it, to put their saif, or suicide bombs, down for a change?

Now you see how big a mess Obama did with his”right ot build”  iftar speech in front of many Muslims in the White House. He really kicked it up a notch, didn’t he?

I say Obama is a Muslim in front of other Muslims. At least he acted as a Muslim and seek approval from his fellow Muslim brothers at the White House iftar dinner.
The next day when asked of his comment he tried to have it both ways and said that he didn’t question the “wisdom” of building a mosque so close to ground zero. May I ask you Obama, whose wisdom did you refer to? Surely you didn’t question the wisdom of Muslims, did you?

Are there anyone out there looking for world peace?

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