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The Downfall of the United States November 28, 2010

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Michael Elliott of FORTUNE asked in a recent article these questions:

“But will the American middle class ever again be massively more prosperous than that in other countries, and will the U.S. have the dominance it once had in scientific and technological discovery?”

His answer to these questions were: No, and no.

He also suggested that the United States should “Get over it.”

Is this not the “Downfall of the United States” I talked about in the following blog?


The sad true about this is that, along with a weaker United States, there is a huge amount of wealth transfer out of America that has no hope to reverse any time soon.

What’s worse about the whole thing is that Obama is gladly helping out the transformation. He thinks that the US has had its glory days and he had traveled around the world apologizing for the pain it has inflicted upon people of other countries.

His wish is about to come true and he still has two more years to make it worse for all Americans.

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