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Anti-Trump sentiments, THAAD and Moon May 12, 2017

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Trump believes that being the president of the most powerful nation in the world entitles him to demand other nations to do whatever he wants. 

It doesn’t work that way.

Trump wanted South Korea to pay $1 billion for the deployment of THAAD which angered South Koreans because THAAD wasn’t really designed to protect South Korea against missiles from the North. America forces THAAD on SK because it needs to monitor China and Russia as America “pivoting to the East.” In the end, the State Department quietly announced that America tax payers will pay for the deploytment. Trump ate his own words again.

In fact, 56.5% of South Koreans, according to a recent poll, want the deployment of THAAD suspended and leave the decision to the new government. 

But, after SK and the U.S. agreed in July 2016 to deploy one THAAD battery in SK, U.S. sent two mobile launchers to a U.S. military base in SK in March 2017 because America wanted to speed up the installation before a new government comes into power in May 2017. 

However, THAAD deployment has been under fire from the get-go because it was made without parliamentary approval and discussions by the public. The heavy-handed approach by the U.S. government against the will of majority of the South Korean people angered the opposition party which swept Moon Jae-in (文在寅) to the office. Of course, Park’s indictment decimated her party which also helped Moon won the election.

Trump’s bullying personality and his unorthodox foreign policy maneuvers destablized the balance of power in many countries and upset other nations’ politics because Trump’s ascent to power emboldened the populist movements worldwide.
This isn’t good for the U.S. because the strategic alliances cultivated by the U.S. over the past five decades are in danger of breaking apart. Many new governments, e.g., Phillippine and South Korea, may adapt anti-U.S. foreign policies and several pro-America royal family rulers in the Middle East might face renewed oppositions at home. 

None of that is good for the United States. America is threading dangerous water now. It will get worse and the end isn’t near at all.


Total Failure – Obama on Iraq June 17, 2014

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Obama on 12/14/2011 at Fort Bragg in North Carolina said that US left behind an Iraq that was “sovereign, stable and self-reliant.”

Iraq today is no where close to “sovereign, stable and self-reliant.” Iraq is “divided, chaos and self-destructing.”

Another dissatrous foreign policy move by a flawed US president who was, and still is, totally not qualified to the post.

Americans touted democracy and spreaded the concept to the entire world as the only way to govern.

Look where it leads the US into: US elected a community organizer to the WH, who was truthful to his black voters and his own believes, leaded the US into a socialist country vis Obamacare and abandoned American’s leadership position in the world.

Look at Egypt, Libya, Iraq, Turkey, Taiwan, Thailand and soon Afghanistan. These countries are suffering from the ills of the democratic process and the originator of the uprising is no other but America.

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