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I told you so August 3, 2017

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Just like what I’ve predicted that a grand jury will be formed by Mueller for Trumps and their cohorts a day or two ago.

Grand jury assembled in Trump-Russia investigation http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-40820863

How come a grand jury is panelled so fast into Mueller’s invedtigation? What Mueller have on Trumps?

Is it all Sessions’ fault?

Will indictment be next for Trump Jr. and/or Kushner?

Will immunities be offerred to Flynn and Manafort to get a bigger fish?

Will Trump, Trump Jr. and Kushner be forced to answer questions under oath?

Is it too late to fire Mueller and Rod Rosenstein?

Will Trump be impeached by the House after 2018 election after Republican lose the House to Democrats?

Will Trump resign?

All interesting questions and Trump probably can’t help but ask himself in days and weeks to come?


Shit has hit Trump’s fan February 15, 2017

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The smell of blood has permeated Washington DC for several weeks with names like Flynn, Pence, Kislyak, Spicer and Conway popping up like flies. Democrats just can’t wait to pounce on Trump because blood has spilled out of the White House after weeks of denial and outright lies.

Source: BBC News. 2/15/2017. Author: Anthony Zurcher

Unfortunately, Democrat doesn’t control the House nor they have the majority on the Senate which limits what Democrat can actually achieve. They have to wait until after the 2018 mid term election.

It seems to me that the key is when Trump knows about the conversation. A lie by Trump takes many lies by his subordinates to cover it up. Trump’s WH will be bogged down fending against relentless attacks from the media (WP and NYT) and Democrats (Schumer and Pelose) for weeks if not months. Someone who doesn’t like Trump will spill the beans and we all can enjoy the drama playing out CNN, MSNBC, Twitter and on the Fox News.

Issues like tax reform, trade wars, repeal of Obamacare, Trump’s beautiful wall, Israel, Russia, Crimea, Sanction, Iran travel bans and North Korea will need to take a number and wait for their turns.

Trump wants his beautiful wall finished in two years. It will be four years at the earliest.

Trump the boss with an outsided ego usually could get away with what he wanted when he ran his company. If things didn’t go the way he wanted, he’d either fire the bad guys, curse his adversaries into oblivion, take someone else’s deal or declare bankruptcy.

Trump the president unfortunately has only a few people who report to him directly: Secretary of State, Ambassadors to foreign countries, national security advisor, Defense Secretary, etc. He can fire them just like he did on his TV reality shows.

But, Trump the president has many bosses: 435 House Representatives, 100 Senators, many state and federal judges and nine (only eight are working fulltime now) people in black robes. 

Then there are hundreds of news reporters who are hungry for blood at the first sign of Trump’s trouble. There are world leaders who will stand up against Trump for political reasons back home. Then there are heads of nations such as N. Korea’s Kim and Iran’s Supreme leader Khamenei who basically don’t give a damn of what Trump says. Other Trump bosses are environmentalists, tree huggers, LGBTs and millions of Hillary supporters.

Trump no longer gets what he wants after he starts to call WH his home. What’s even more disturbing for him is that he’s been watched by everyone day in and day out. His every move will be questioned by the left and his every action will be analyzed by the so-called experts. The worst of them all is that “all shits stop at his fan.” 

It seems to me that Trump is in it beyond his pay grade and given his ego he may not be able to last the entire four years.

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