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豫園小籠包, You Garden Xiaolongbao, Flushing, NYC September 29, 2017

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We flew from Linkou, Taiwan to NYC to visit our daughter and son-in-law and our son and daughter-in-law in late July, 2017. Our daughter-in-law was expecting her first child in early August and our granddaughter, Claire, 浩梅, our first, was born on August 12, 2017. 

In the following three weeks, our lives revolved around the baby and we tried to help the young father and mother as much as we could. In our spare time, we explored around Manhattan and Queens looking for good restaurants to try and good food to eat.

In early September, we rented a car from the JFK Airport and drove to Virginia to visit my siblings. After a short and busy four days in northern Virginia, we drove back to NYC and stayed in a hotel in Flushing for five days before flying back to Taiwan in mid-September, 2017.

While in Flushing, we walked around looking for restaurants to try because parking was problematic at times. 

We’ve tried food court but we didn’t like there. We’ve tried 南翔小籠包 which we like a lot. But, the one we liked the most, as far as Shanghai and/or Jiangzhe cuisine is concern, is 豫園小籠包, You Garden Dumpling House, on 40 Road. 

In fact, we liked it so much the first time, we came back the next day for lunch because there were a few dishes we just had to try before flying back to Taiwan.

Unique design of the dinning room ceiling shows the classic side of the owner. 

The Chinese writing was a poem by 張若虛  from the Tang dynasty and the name of the poem is 春江花月夜. This is how this poem begins: 春江潮水連海平,海上明月共潮生。灧灩隨波千萬里,何處春江無月明? So beautiful.

Not too nusy at 7:30 pm on a Tuesday night.













八(除以二)寶飯。好吃。雖然只有四寶。糖漿真好。有些人吃八寶飯,怕糖太多。我則相反:叫八寶飯就不要怕糖多。就跟吃pancake一樣,maple syrup 一定要從 pancake 的四邊流下來,才行。不然別叫。吃兔子菜算了。不過八寶就該八寶。不然在菜單上寫四寶飯。


一个 54-stroke 怪字:Biang! September 30, 2013

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西安名吃 logo, New York

西安名吃 logo, New York

Xian Famous Food

Xian Famous Foods

A board in the restaurant describing some of their famous offerings:xiaolongbao, dumplings,hand-stretched noodles and hotpots。 All very good。

A board in the restaurant describing some of their famous offerings: xiao long bao, dumplings, hand-stretched noodles and spicy hotpots. All very good.

Biang3, this is how you pronounce this word!Biang3, this is how you pronounce this word!

I don't like the second to the last sentence.

I don’t like the second to the last sentence.

I actually don’t like the second to the last sentence “两个贼娃立在旁.”

“刂” is a radical,or 部首, and it means the the same as 刀 (dao); a knife or a blade. We usually call “刂” “立刀旁”,or “立刀;” a knife standing on its pointing end.

Instead of “两个贼娃立在旁” may be we can change it to this: “一把利刀立在旁.”

You will see this “word” or symbol at Xi’an Famous Foods restaurant or Biang! on Main Street in Flushing, New York.

They have fabulous food if you like spicy taste.

My daughter and her husband bought us to its Chinatown place (original) a while back and we we liked it a lot. It was small and busy but it has a great reputation and attracted a loyal clientele, including a few very famous ones.

Their Flushing location is bigger and newer and it was equally busy. Its “红油抄手“ or ”wontons in red pepper oil“ was the best I’ve ever tried. You have to try them yourself!

Cold weather is coming and their food is perfect for that.

BTW, may be you can come up with an alternative to that “second to the last” sentence.

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