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Who will win on the religious war near the ground zero? August 17, 2010

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Who win?

Feisal Abdul Rauf and Muslims win.

If Imam Rauf is not allowed to build the mosque near Ground Zero, the Muslims will say that religious freedom in the United States is not worth the paper it is written on.

If Imam Rauf is allowed to build the Ground Zero Mosque, he wins too.

Who lose?

Americans lose.

World peace, anyone?

Who will actually build the Ground Zero Mosque? August 17, 2010

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Where will Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf find workers in NY to build the Cordoba House near ground zero assuming he gets enough money from Muslims and approval from NY liberals to build it?

Obama and Ground Zero Mosque August 6, 2010

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Will Obama speak out against the construction of a Muslim mosque and Islam activity center called Cordoba House two blocks from ground zero in NY’s financial district?He won’t because he’s a Muslim in his heart.

I am sure that NY and NJ fire fighters have something to say about this place because 9-11 was such a hideous attack on innocent people and what United States stands for. Unfortunately many fire fighters died trying to save other innocent people’s lives. All for the name of a religion! (Anyone wishing for world peace should talk to these people.)

One of my long time customers has written a book about how Muslims wanted to take over the United States and if he’s still alive today would have a lot to say about this issue.

I wonder:

How many fire fighters will come to the rescue if the Cordoba House is caught on fire?

What other activities will the proposed new mosque be used for behind closed doors?

  • Hmm, may be an observation deck to see the new buildings at ground zero.
  • Hmm, may be they’ll preach Sharia to other Americans.

Will the money we spend at gas pumps finds its way to Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf via Saudi, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, etc. who is looking for $100 million to build this mosque?

Do you care to spare a few bucks, brother?

, a proposed 13-story Islamic cultural center

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