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Is a book from McCabe coming? March 20, 2018

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This poor guy, McCabe, was savagely fired by Sessions under pressure from Trump two days before his 50th birthday.

The number 2 guy of the FBI, or the COO of FBI, was publically humiliated by Trump and, because he was terminated 2 days before he was eligible for retirement, he will lose his government pension. As the deputy chief of the FBI, his pension is estimated to be as high as $1.8 million, or about $60,000 a year.

Trump was so thrilled of McCabe’s dismissal he called the firing of McCabe “a great day for Democracy.”

The real reason McCabe got fired by Trump was because he has been involved in the Mueller investigation. In other words, he knew too much.

In reality, Trump got rid of McCabe to set an example for all top level officials in the Justice Department and, of course, the FBI, that if I, Trump, don’t have your loyalty, what happens to McCabe is what you can expect too.

We call this kind of political assassination “殺一儆百”。

We also have a perfect name for Trump too: 暴君。

Although Trump got rid of McCabe, it may be too late for Trump.

Is McCabe working on a book deal? He should if he wants to get some of that pension money back at the expense of Trump.

Comey was fired By Trump. His tell-all book has been the #1 book on NYT’s best selling list even though the book isn’t out until mid April.

McCabe should begin to make contacts with NY’s publishers by now.

內戚掌權,白宮裏面雞飛狗跳 February 26, 2018

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Source: Yahoo News


Source: NYT


不知道德國的 Merkel 怎麽看這一齣美國鬧劇?

Trump has no class firing Comey May 10, 2017

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Since Trump isn’t doing a good job either, should Thrump be fired too?

Trump did this to the FBI top guy: 

Fired Comey behind his back first. Said that he no longer trusted Comey. Told the world that Comey was incompetent. Stabbed Comey in the back with a stick of dynamite on national TV. Above all, accused Comey committed atrocities on the job. 

What comes next, Trump decides to resign from the WH because Comey helped Trump defeated Hillary?

What’s between Trump’s two ears? 豆腐腦袋?

Is it possible that Rod Rosenstein had told Trump that Comey has found the smoking gun on Trump’s tie to Russia?

Let’s have a special proscutor to investigate Comey’s firing and stir the Trump pot some more. The messier America gets, the better it is for other countries to get ahead.

Comey, hurry up March 21, 2017

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Trump should tweet this line every day to remind FBI director that he better finishes his investigation soon. 

If Comey drags his feet into late 2018 or even into 2019, Trump will be in big trouble should Democrat win the control of the Senate. Democrat will for sure appoint a special prosecutor to conduct a separate investigation into Trump and his campaign’s connections to Russia government.
And there will be no mercy in the search of any wrongdoings by the POTUS.

Impeachment? Resignation? Everything is possible because liberals hate him.

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