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Native Foods, Falls Church, Virginia August 17, 2015

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Out of curiosity we came to this restaurant and see what it was about. Well, I didn’t know it was a vegan restaurant until it was too late. If you are not into vegan, please avoid it.

Apparently, it has two  other locations in DC. The Falls Church location is the only one in the state of Virginia.


Guacamole was great but I had a lot better salsa before. Chips were good but we need more of it for the price we paid.


Don’t bother to try this. It was bad: lousy presentation, bad combination, too much beans and the sauce was terrible. It was way too over-priced. Stay away.

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Dogfish Head Alehouse September 1, 2013

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I probably won’t come back because the food was ordinary.

We stopped by around 10:30 Friday night and the restaurant was winding down. The bar was still busy but there were only a handful of tables left.

Our waiter was polite and personal. He treated us well and wanted us to come back. He may be disappointed.

The food wasn’t bad but it was kind like standard bar food and there was nothing to write home about.

The batter of the spicy calamari and onion rings was way too heavy and they were over deep fried. Both probably came from their suppliers Instead of home made. The calamari wasn’t very spicy either.






We also shared a cheeseburger and our waiter asked the kitchen to cut it in two halves which was very nice of him. Well, I didn’t realize it that we had to pay $1 extra for that.

Our cheeseburger was good: medium; the way we liked it. It was juicy in the middle and taste great.

I was also disappointed that our beer came in small brandy glass which was very weird. For that 6 oz of beer, we had to pay $9.50.I say that was a little on the stiff side.

I am now very sure that we won’t go back.


Sign of Recession October 28, 2011

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I was going to buy a piece of ham from Honey Baked Ham store across the street from my restaurant yesterday for the up coming Thanksgiving dinner party but found the store closed for good.

The sign was taken down from the store and the inside was empty.

It is yet another sign of the terrible recession, yes, it felt like a recession to many of my customer, which forced many national chain stores to shut their doors.

I knew the store manager who used to buy food for his employees at Christmas time in the past.

He told me that he usually couldn’t break even for many months of a year and had to rely on November and December to make up the volume holiday shoppers and from corporate clients. His sandwich business wasn’t too good because his selection was very limited.

Jason’s Deli opened its NV location in the same shopping center almost 2 years ago which must have taken away many of his lunch sandwich business.

With people buying hams from Costco and Sam’s for the holiday, Honey Baked Ham just couldn’t wait for the next Thanksgiving to save it from bankruptcy any more.

Time is tough and it really shows at the shopping center across the street from ours.

I now wonder what will come to that location next. The rent has to be about $40 and not many business can afford this kind of rent in time like this.

There is another empty space in the same shopping center. Ut’s been empty for a year now.

Tara Thai, Falls Church May 28, 2010

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I got a post office flier from Tara Thai on Leesburg Pike, Falls Church. This was the first time I saw any form of ad from this popular Thai restaurant. It has been in business more than 10 years at the same location. They must have done well in the past.

Post office fliers are the most expensive form of advertisement; more than Money Mailer; more than Clipper’s and more than Falls Church News Express ads.

Is their business down to the point that they have to do an ad through the post office?

A good deal for $19.99 March 8, 2010

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If you like Hispanic food, you need to try this big plate of BBQ beef, ribs large shrimps, and chicken with flavorful rice, lettuce, pupusa, corn, yam french fries and deep-fried plantain. All for $19.99 plus tax.

We had a good time at Southern Fresca in Falls Church near 7 Corners. Originally we’re planning to try Dim Sum at Mark’s Duck House but decided to have Spanish food instead.

Customers at Southern Fresca was 清一色 “qing1 yi1 se4” Spanish people; except us. The place was clean, the counter service was efficient, the pretty young lady who took our order didn’t speak English, the selections were plenty and the restaurant had a steady flow of customers at 3:15 on Sunday afternoon.

The BBQ beef was juicy. The baby back ribs were tender and the meat just came off the bone. The chicken breast meat was a little dry but I haven’t tried the chicken leg yet. The 20-25 shrimps were nicely done and fresh. The corn was super sweet and rice rice was superb; nice flavor, fluffy, tender and enough for three or four people. It was simply the best rice I had in any restaurant.

We tried our best and still couldn’t finish what was on the 15″ plate.

It was a great deal and we’ll come back for sure.

New Tenant at our Shopping Center September 28, 2009

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New Tenant at our Shopping Center

Tysons Pharmacy is coming to our shopping center in Falls Church. The small space (about 800 to 1,000 sq ft) was previously occupied by Citi Bank’s service center. During the financial crisis, Citi Bank shut down the store front and the space has since stayed vacant for almost two years.

Over the last several weeks, I saw some activities there and noticed that Tysons Pharmacy is renovating the small store. It appears that  the palce is about 70% finished. I guess it will soon open its door for business.

I do have some questions for the brave souls who still want to be their own bosses: how much business it will bring to the shopping center and how much foot traffic it will bring to our restaurant.

I wish it can stay in business longer than a year.

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